Body Jumpers "Resurrection" character Nucleon fan art by Terance Baker...great job.!! Having a blast playing this evil role. Thanks Alex..! 👍🏻💀👍🏻 #scifi #acting #hollywood #actorslife #spfx #evilroleplay #fun #superpowers #comicart #comiccharacter

(song: blue skies, lenka. revoke remix)
name: Bethany Rose Anland (alias: Trinity Wallis)
age: 26
ethnicity: caucasian (white)
gender: female, she/her
sexuality: monogamous bisexual
relationship(s): single (0/3)
creature: human
hair: blonde
eyes: hazel
height: 5'7
addictions: alcohol, slight drug use (ritalin)
extra: flower tattoo on wrist
occupation: assassin turned murderer
"My mother, she was always a drunken fool.
No matter how hard she tried to raise me properly, she always ended up sitting on her fat ass with empty bottles of her strongest beer in each hand and regret on her breath.
She somehow got me to school, and I learned much from that wretched place.
I even wanted to be a registered nurse.
But all of that useless knowledge never got me anywhere, even after I almost got my doctorate degree.
So, I became a hitman.
Yeah, it was rough at first.
I couldn't be too famous, but I needed enough recognition to earn some income.
It started off with frustrated couples and crazy teenagers, but over time I became more and more interactive with my prey.
My customers soon became my victims.
I now roam the back alleys of New York City, waiting for someone to catch their eye on my "hot, young piece of ass" and then I strike.
It gives me a rush, you know?
Seeing their warm blood drip to the ground, it just makes my heart rush with excitement."
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(song: you make me wanna, somo)
name: Liam Kane Reese
age: 24
ethnicity: caucasian (white)
gender: male, he/him
sexuality: monogamous homosexual
relationship(s): single (0/3)
creature: human
hair: brown
eyes: green
height: 5'10
addictions: none as of now
extra: dollar sign tattoo on chest
occupation: male stripper
"Great, now you get to hear my backstory.
Well, as you can clearly see, I am your stereotypical gay male stripper.
Just what every flaming homosexual guy and slightly confused heterosexual husband needs on an average Tuesday.
You're probably thinking, 'How is this guy a villain, again?'
And honestly, I don't quite know.
Just because I steal from my customers and... sometimes drug them on a regular basis doesn't mean that I'm a bad person.
Besides, I like to think of it as... an unconscious tip.
They seem to enjoy their stay, anyway.
You could say it's selfish and I'm like a siren without a cause, but hey, who gives a damn?
I get a fuck ton of money which makes my boss, Angie, really happy.
Again, I'm not sure why she runs a gay strip club when she herself is married to a beautiful woman named Julia, but I guess to each his own.
If you want to end a nice day or something you just need to forget, don't hesitate to give me a ring.
~(###) ###-####, Liam Reese."
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(song: gold, imagine dragons. jorgen odegard remix)
name: Julian Trey Harris
age: 22 (immortal)
ethnicity: caucasian (white)
gender: male, he/him
sexuality: monogamous bisexual (leans towards men)
relationship(s): widowed, single (0/3)
creature: midas, human
hair: brown
eyes: brown
height: 6'1
addictions: smoking, gambling, greed
extra: golden lip piercing, paranoid, golden gloves
occupation: former king, now casino owner
"You all know the story of Midas, right?
Well, if you don't, long story short: the guy accepted immortality and the ability to turn anything gold with the touch of his hands, which was a miracle for about two hours before he realized that he couldn't even hold his wife's hand without turning her into a statue.
Because of that incident I was convicted of accidental murder and removed from my royal status of King.
Many people believe that I touched my wife's hand on purpose to run away with a servant, and maybe they're right.
When I was given the power, it was overwhelming and I wasn't thinking straight. Everything that was wrong turned right and those that I loved turned to enemies.
Others believe that I turned my heart into cold, hard, gold. And perhaps they're right too. I don't seem to feel much, anyway.
Now, just like the famous Elsa, I wear gloves everywhere.
And of course, they're gold."
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(song: wild things, alessia cara)
name: Alexis Vee Dewalk (deh-walk)
age: 19
ethnicity: caucasian (white)
gender: female, she/her
sexuality: panromantic asexual
relationship(s): single (0/3)
creature: shapeshifter
hair: red
eyes: brown
height: 5'4
addictions: none as of now
extra: food preferences changes with animal, freckles, changes depending on her mood
occupation: hunter killer
"As a shapeshifter, its super easy to frolic around in the woods as a doe and then change into a 30-year-old man when I smell those terrible hunters.
I hate them.
All of them.
You're probably expecting a sob story of how they killed my mother or some shit like that, but no.
I don't have any grudge.
I just absolutely hate it when I see someone eating another life when that life has just as much of a will to live as they do.
Sometimes, when I'm in any carnivore form, I can get really... hungry. I usually just drag them back to my shed and hang them from hooks like butchers do with pigs.
It's what they are, anyway.
Filthy pigs.
Anyway, I roam forest to forest, mostly alone. Whenever I meet someone I don't know I stay a far distance and try to sense whether they have that animal killer instinct.
Oh! And nothing can hurt me except silver.. and Mother. You can cut off my head and decapitate my body as much as you want, but it will do nothing unless you hurt me with silver.
We don't talk about Mother."
#roleplay #rp #villainroleplay #villainrp #darkroleplay #darkrp #evilroleplay #evilrp #villain #roleplaybios #bios #openroleplay #openrp

(song: somebody told me, the killers)
name: Nick Benjamin Kyle
age: 27 (immortal)
ethnicity: african american (black)
gender: male, he/him
sexuality: biromantic heterosexual
relationship(s): single (0/3)
creature: demon
hair: short black
eyes: brown, red
height: 6'3
addictions: smoking, murderous tendencies
extra: none
occupation: former soldier, CIA agent
"I know, I know.
Demons equal bad, right?
Well, you're not wrong, but we're not mindless animals that kill whenever we want to. (There are a few of us that do that, though).
I actually have a reason to kill the people I do... but I don't really wish to say what it is.
I wasn't always a demon, by the way.
I was born a normal black boy in Michigan and I joined the army to be the good little soldier boy my mama always wanted.
However, while I was serving in Germany, I was shot and killed.
Turns out I was better suited for Hell over Heaven and after years of torture, I finally accepted the role of "demon".
I possessed my old body and changed a little bit about my appearance so people wouldn't notice a dead guy walking around, and got a new job with a bit of my.. persuasion techniques.
I'm a killer, sure.
But like I said, I have a reason."
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Father, I will be seeing you soon.

Prepare the gates of hell for a warm welcome. This visit will be one to remember.

Her passion burns bright
her fire catches me
igniting my soul
aroused by lust violently
her flames engulfing me
consuming my mind
body held in captivity
submitting mentally
enchanted by her majesty

Happy Belated Smexy Wednesday. Enjoy.

Blood dripping from my fingers
Blood dripping onto my feet
Blood slipping through my fingers
From the once live carcass
Laying in front of me
The body, dismembered, battered and bruised
Hair ripped and on the floor next to me
My clothes are bloodstained
Ripped, tattered and torn
The knife on the floor next to me
The blade stained with crimson
Lifeblood which was once the carcasses
The blood. Pooling at the bottom of the table
And do you want to know the most important thing?
Your next.


name;; Johnathan Emerson
callings;; The Vessel of the Dead, Voice of the Dead, Devil's Spokesman

age;; 21
gender;; Cisgender Male
orrientation;; Heterosexual
profession;; Paranormal Medium
location;; Bridgewater, Massachusetts
ethnicity;; American
spoken languages;; English, Latin
specie;; Human

eye color;; Blue Grey
hair color;; Plain Brown
physique;; Slender, Lean

father;; George Emerson
mother;; Lucinda Emerson
siblings;; Anna Emerson & David Emerson
children;; None
significant other;; None

moral allignment;; Chaotic Neutral
skills;; Contact The Dead, Appear As The Ghost, Contact The Devil, See Ghosts

personality;; Introvert, Paranoid, Temperamental, Reckless, Intelligent, Abnormal, Arrogant, Cold, Curious
adores;; Ghosts, Jessica, Books, Other Paranormal Enthusiasts
abhors;; His Parents, Seances, Speaking With The Devil, His Siblings, People Crying

face claim;; Robert Pattinson
background;; Ever since he was a child, Johnathan knew there was something wrong about him. At nights, he would be awaken by voices without faces and sometimes he would see ghastly looking people stroding before his bedroom door. Some even visited him in bed, conversing with him. Some were good, and some were evil. He tried to tell his parents, but they only saw him as mad and mulled over whether to send him to an asylum or not. But when word got out that Johnathan claimed to see and speak with the dead, many sought out the family to ask Johnathan if he could contact their dead, beloved ones. At first it was hard for him to force ghosts to him, but soon they came likes flies to the light, some stronger and more eager to make contact than others. The family made money of the seances and therefore treated Johnathon much better, but he knew they used him for the money. Though the more frequently they had seances, the more did the ghosts want to take over his form to speak with their living family members, but some weren't always ghosts. His parents of course did not bother if their son was speaking for demons, as long as they made money of it. [CIC]


name;; Fei Shizuka
callings;; The Black Dragon, Longwei, Orochi, Tatsuya

age;; Unknown
gender;; Cisgender Female
orrientation;; Heterosexual
profession;; Maiden
location;; Beijing, Hong Kong
ethnicity;; Chinese
spoken languages;; Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, English, Korean
specie;; Shapeshifter

eye color;; Auburn
hair color;; Raven Black
physique;; Lean, Flexible, Curvacous

father;; Unknown
mother;; Chao Fei-Yen
siblings;; None
children;; None
significant other;; None

moral allignment;; Chaotic Evil
skills;; Change Into a Great Dragon, Control Fire, Sword Fighting

personality;; Cunning, Vengeful, Malicious, Stubborn, Fierce, Manipulative, Arrogant, Proudful
adores;; Vengeance, Her Mother, Power, Authority, Victory
abhors;; The Emperors, Being Underestimated, Losing

face claim;; Fan BingBing
background;; Chao Fei-Yen was born in the temple, belonging to the Emperor's maid. The Emperor was infuriated by the child and made her life a hell both for her and her mother. Once Fei-Yen was of age, she fled to Japan to form a cruel plan to destroy the Emperor and all those that was to come after. It was then she contacted a witch, begging for her to grant her a child that would be the destruction of the dynasties and their emperors. Fei-Yen was given this, because of the sympathy from the witch. Shizuka Fei, a healthy, beautiful girl, was born. Though she was unlike any other for she could shift into a fire breathing dragon who could desolate every city and land she so desired. Not only was she gifted with this, but a ravishing beauty that put most queens to shame. When Shizuka turned 18, she was sent to the temple of Beijing to work as a simple maiden, but little did the emperor know she connected with rebels on the outside to bring down the emperor once and for all. To bring down the emperor would never quench her vengeance. No, Shizuka has her mind set on becoming the next empress of all of China.

Anyone... I'm lonely and can't sleep I work so desperately on my works of literature... and I feel as if no one appreciates the creatively I use...oh well your lose my friends! t(°^°t)

Running foot claps echoed off the morning dew covered asphalt he was rapidly panting for breath, covered in blood spatter. His thin arms rested on his upper thighs, preparing to regurgitate from the absolute horror he witnessed. Suddenly the light pink haired male stepped out of the viscous ink like shadows, revealing an outrageous spectacle of cannibalistic grotesqueness. Angel quietly stalked him while he was occupied. A hulking paw grabbed the back of his head whipping his neck into an appalling contorted shape the petrified glow in his big grey eyes, gave away to the dark of night. SNAP...the sounds of breaking bones echoed throughout the neverending darkness as Angel ripped flesh from bone and dug inside the victims stomach for their entrails "So...warm..and mushy" a deep laugh escaped the void of his mouth before chunks of flesh occupied his teeth. Gnawing away at the blood dripping organs he found himself in a better place; a feeling of wholeness having other people inside his gullet.Pulling out of his back pocket a long razor like object the deranged Cannibal began slicing away at Vic's face, peeling back layers of pink and white skin until at last bone "You had such a pretty face...now it's food for the masses...how deliciously mundane "his voice cracked as more insane giggles erupted from his blood stained mouth, spewing bits and pieces of chewed up flesh and organs on the ground beneath his feet. No one ever ventures this far into the back streets of the city the boy boy will not be missed and located ever again. -

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