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I could just squeeze her💗💗
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Just a girl and her best friend Sheeba 💕#evie#sheeba#lab#bestfriend

I love the two of them❤❤❤❤❤ #mal #evie

The two bff in descendants #mal #evie

As a mum I'm consistently reminded of how bloody proud I am 🙌🏼 A big thing these days in schools is participation. I totally dont get it, and neither do my children. The last 5 weeks has been about preparing and improving their abilities and fitness for this day. The school triathlon. I have not once said, right girls get up outside and go for a run or a bike, they've done it themselves to better themselves and make today more of an accomplishment by pushing their limits. And they both pulled it off. These two are completely different in nature, Isla is full on competitive and wants to be the best at everything she puts her mind to. I love her determined mind for a 8 year old. Evie is the kindest laid back kid you'll ever meet, she has so much natural talent she barely needs to try but she is the type of kid that has to be challenged in order to push herself and succeed. As a mum I've really had to step back and watch what works for each girl, it's been trying, but I've finally found what works. Evie had a really rough start to her schooling, and she completely hated going. This year her turn around has amazed me and she jumps out of bed so willingly to get on the bus, when she gets home she talks about her day, and what shes learned. And she's HAPPY 😁 Kids are so different, whether we need to give a little push or not time always tells, just let them be kids. They're only little for such a short amount of time, make it fun, keep the smiles alive and let them breathe in their own way. They'll get there and so will you x
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Our beautiful Evie is 3 months old! 💕#3monthsold #babygirl #evie

Harry Potter party!! Snuggling my muggle all night! #harry #pjparty #allthesnugs #alohamora #evelynrose #evie

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