There is not a day that goes by that @evansisley doesn’t fix my hair in some way.

I have the cutest nieces in the world.
Photo by @geoffduncan

Another candid pic from #evianwed. So happy to see @iamcarrico and @evansisley on their big day. #givemechapstick #🥂#👬

Tearing up the dance floor during Ian & Evan’s wedding. Honored see @iamcarrico on his big day as he marries the man of his dreams @evansisley. Love these boys. #evianwed #evianwedding

I love this man.

Repost from @geoffduncan using @RepostRegramApp - “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” —Anais Nin #evianwed

Because I love him, and I know the kind of boxes he likes to see under the tree.
#christmas #filson #love #evianwed #gifts

Such a fun weekend celebrating #evianwed
Our girls loved being princesses :)

Golden hour with my favorite guy at the wedding of the year. #EvianWed

“Alright, you only have a few minutes to get the perfect photo in this light.” #nailedit #evianwedding #evianwed

Congrats #evianwed !

Taking this whole #EvianWed pre/post-gaming thing seriously.

Tomorrow, I marry the man I love.⠀

We have already been together for almost 5 years, and in that time we have laughed, cried, fought, and grown together as people. I am beyond excited to see what this next phase in our life will bring, and cannot imagine doing it with anybody else. I am an incredibly lucky guy.⠀

So this one is for you, Evan. The future is bright, and I am glad you will be there by my side for the rest of it.⠀

#Day30 #Acadia #EvianWed #Wedding #love #EvanAndIan #30DaysOfLove

Off to a good start! #evianwed @iamcarrico

Our most recent Christmas card— where we might have gotten into a little bit of trouble with Santa. I want to be very clear: both of us got coal after this shoot. Evan is an amazing man, and his creativity and eye brought this photo shoot to life. ⠀⠀
#Day29 #EvianWed #Wedding #love #EvanAndIan #30DaysOfLove⠀⠀

Evan has perfect hair, all the time. If you've hung out with us enough, you might have even seen him fix my hair on occasion. He takes immense pride in being presentable always, something I am less skilled at. To celebrate the perfection of Evan's hair I have this photo of us, where my hair is all sorts of messed up.⠀

#Day28 #EvianWed #Wedding #love #EvanAndIan #30DaysOfLove

Evan and I have many places that we consider dear to us, but one of the most special is Marfa, TX. We have grown to love the wide-open spaces of West Texas, the ability to get away from the chaos of the city, and the amazing creative spaces that have been built in the area. I'm very grateful to Michael for introducing me to Marfa, and Eugene and Steven for bringing us back on several occasions. On a special note, this photo includes our minister for the wedding, Steven, one of our dearest of friends.⠀

#Day27 #EvianWed #Wedding #love #EvanAndIan #30DaysOfLove

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