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@breadmanswagger randomly found this group awhile back and we have fallen in love with them. So much so we get to have them perform LIVE in our backyard this coming September. First off, you locals all need to come (I’ll keep you posted on the date-should be about 2nd weekend of sept.). Second, go on Spotify and listen, or better yet, support them and download from their website. Their most recent work was compiled with sounds and beats they collected while traveling across America’s state parks. They have an exclusive set of beats from the redwoods 😱. Go listen now, then keep your eyes out for our backyard event this fall🙌🏻

When you get an email from @spotify reminding you about a concert tomorrow night. #EverythingIsSound #PaperLights

🇪🇸 La música le da sentido a todo. Gracias @natashayauger por el arte.
🇺🇸 Everything is sound. Everything is music. Thanks @natashayauger for the art.
#EverythingIsSound #LargaVidaALaMusica #Musician #Singer #Cantante #Cantor #NowPlaying #MaleModel #Music #Musica #YouTube #YouTubeMusic #YouTuber #SergioTheOne

Im so unbelievably proud of these guys! They work so hard at a thankless craft & they’re literally just some of the smartest & most artistic guys I know. So naturally I tagged along and stole those shiny trophies as soon as I could get my hands on them. Thanks guys! I’ll take good care of them, okay?! Ok, thanks bye. ✌🏻#imeaawards #alternativealbumoftheyear #alternativesongoftheyear

Soundcheck for the #imeaawards tonight!

#PowerOfideas #VforVendetta
금공강인데 하루종일 방에서 공부만 한 나에게 찾아온 영화&맥주 타임~!~! 사실 밤에 맥주 마시려고 낮에 열심히 사는 것 같아,, 종강하려고 공부 열심히 하는 것처럼, 휴가 가려고 일 열심히 하는 것처럼,
제이슨 므라즈가 ‘너가 피하고자 하는 것이 없다면, 넌 휴가가 필요 없어’ 라고 노래했지만
‘무엇가’를 바라보고 좀 더 힘내서 열심히 치열하게 달리는 우리들의 삶이 꼭 비겁하게만 보이지는 않는다!! 자기 자신을 제어할 줄 알고, 또 제어한 대가로 더욱 행복할 줄 안다면 그게 아마 열심히 살아가는 원동력이 아닐까용구르구르용요르용
결론 : 맥주 타임 #너무좋아요
#JasonMraz #EverythingIsSound
#YouDontNeedAVacation #WhenTheresNothingToEscapeFrom #Singing
#italianVegetables #chickenNuggets

i was able to see my favorite person in the world @joshst3wart play for the first time with @paperlights over the weekend at @eddiesattic and release the album he has dedicated so much of his time producing over the past year to a sold out venue and an honored audience. PROUD is the biggest understatement.

I like to be the light that's missing,
And remind you every minute of the future isn't written....Not yet #atxlifestyle #icedmocha #coffeefordays #cametobelieve #jasonmraz #everythingisSound #dayoffvibes 🌞☕️

Thanks @mikepack27 @emilydunlopacts @janiejevans and @kimsey for these pics from our release show.

Truly grateful for this team and everybody who came to help us sell out @eddiesattic & spend your Saturday evening with us! So excited for the upcoming tours.

@paperlights being amazing at @eddiesattic tonight! Way to be lads!!! This album is simply brilliant! .
#weloveatl #decaturwhereitsgreater #lavitaèbella #nationalparks #atlantamusicians #everythingissound

Tour rehearsal day. It all starts at @eddiesattic tomorrow night at 745! (Ticket Link In Bio)

When I'm calm, I feel good.
And the joy it brings makes me feel good
And when I feel good, I sing. 👌

#freedomsong #everythingissound

"You don't need a vacation when there's nothing to escape from." #JasonMraz #EverythingIsSound #Saturday

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