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Good evening everyone. If you hadn’t heard already we are missing a horse in the park. Last Monday morning I hiked out to spend some time with Copper and quickly realized he was missing a family member. Mare Firefly was not there but her 2017 Colt we call Silverado, was still with the band. It is very unusual for a mare to be gone and her baby to be left behind. Thus began the week-long search to find her. Some other locals and I have been checking every band and bachelor since last Monday to see if she was stolen by another stallion. We have checked off all but two bands and four young bachelors. Late Tuesday afternoon, I did see a horse in the center of the park alone. It looked very similar to her but was so far away I cannot be 100% positive it was Firefly. It was almost dark and I couldn't make the hike out and back before sunset. I came back the next day and hiked out to the same area but couldn’t find the horse. So with the loop road still open, we are hoping that park visitors can help us in keeping an eye out for Firefly. We will continue to search but if you do see her please let us know. I will include photos of her in this post to help identify her. The first is an older photo to show a good view of her face and the second is what she would look like now with her winter coat. In the meantime, her Colt is doing fine and is being well taken care of by the two best foster parents he could ask for, Copper and Daisy (pic 3). Thanks everyone and I will keep you updated as we continue to search for her.


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