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This is Cassie. She's on baby number 8! This mama is amazing and has lots of Plexus energy to keep up. 😊 I love what she shares, "Plexus baby on the way!!!! Pre-approved by my OBGYN, maternal fetal specialist, Naturopath, my midwife, and Pediatrician😍 Just a few things it offers me and TONS of expecting and nursing mamas I know👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 ❤NO artificial dyes or synthetic caffeines
❤️minimizes constipation and substantially improves digestion
❤️contains natural folic acid, methylated folate
❤curbs unhealthy cravings
❤increases healthy cravings (not binging on gallons of ice cream!) ❤perfectly healthy weight gain
❤️helps balance my blood sugars and blood pressure ❤️ safely and gently detoxifies my body
❤️ improves my immunity ❤️ improves memory and CLARITY
❤️ fat/sugar free ❤ I chase seven kids around all day long!!!
❤ I'm sleeping SOUND!!!
❤ ENERGY!!!!! I get excited making this list😍😍😍 I take Slim, Biocleanse, Probio5, XFactor & MegaX (for my Prenatals), and use Ease Cream for my round ligament discomfort.
These products are Game Changers. PERIOD.


Not everyone needs to lose weight.
Not everyone wants to exercise every day of the week.
Not everyone wants to cook organic meals at home every day.
*Everyone wants to be healthy.
*Everyone wants to have more energy.
*Everyone wants to sleep well at night.
*Everyone wants to be the best person they can be.
That’s why Plexus is for everyone – it fits so easily into your daily routine and doesn’t take any time or effort away from the things you want to be doing—the products do so much of the work for you!
With more energy, you will want to move and exercise more.
With better sleep, you can be more productive during the day.
With balanced blood sugar and a healthy gut, your body will start to crave healthy foods!
Health takes time and effort, and Plexus offers a great way to start the process.
Message me for more information.

Which one do you need!? PM me on how to order. 60 day money back guarantee...but you won’t want to use it!!! 😊

#legacyplexus join me. We are the health and happiness company. Don't miss this rocket 🚀 ship!
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Why do I Plexus? ~ Because it helps me feel amazing & healthier.
~ Because I'm able to help get people their lives back. ~Because it's providing extra income for my family. ~ Because I'm reconnecting with friends and making new ones.

Wow!! How exciting to be in the HOLY LAND and receive notification that you were #16 in the company last week for sharing plexus with my friends. James and I have been involved with this great company now for almost 6 years and meet people every day who have never heard of PLEXUS or folks who are desperate for what we have to offer! If ever in doubt this is syill a great opportunity!!n 👏👏#holyland #topenroller #everyoneneedsplexus #blessed #stillgreatopportunity #workfromhome #retireearly #retiredat55 #lovewhatido

Maybe someone can help me understand something….🤨
I am confused why people dislike direct sale companies so much....or aka MLM’s…
What is so wrong with sharing a product you love and making money from it?? Everything we buy profits someone….whether its bananas at Publix or shampoo at Whole Foods. I don’t share the product to make money…I share because I love watching people get healthy and happy. I love hearing my friend say her headaches are gone or that she doesn't need a nap every day or they have been able to get off medication. I give away so much product with nothing expected in return. I give it to people who can’t afford it. I give it to friends, family, skeptics… I believe in it that much. Plexus has never been about the money to me. I definitely didn’t join to make money (it’s just a added bonus). So it baffles me when people who have never even tried Plexus go out of their way to bash it. They accuse us network marketers of scheming to make money... There is no scheme...you pay money, you get product...if you’re not happy, you get your money back and keep product....🤷🏼‍♀️
I don't know about you but I'd much rather buy my 💄 lipstick or leggings from my friend than from the store. Someone tell me what's wrong with that...🤔
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Conversation I had today (and almost every day):
"So I pay $34.95 to join? What else do I have to do?"
Me: "nothing, just pay the $34.95 and you'll be a able to purchase the products at the cheapest price."
"Well, I don't want to sell anything though."
Me: "You aren't required to. No monthly minimums, you can just buy for yourself."
"Do I have to keep product on hand or host parties?"
Me: "No, and no."
"So it's seriously just $34.95 and I can get the products at cost?"
Me: "yes." I guess people are so used to joining network marketing companies for hundreds and thousands of dollars that they can't believe Plexus is only $34.95. Who's ready to join?
Message me!

Why might you need Plexus?

1. You don’t eat well
2. Soil depletion
3. Water depletion
4. Low calorie diets
5. Non organic foods
6. Synthetic/hormone filled meats and dairy
7. Toxic exposure
8. Declining nutrient absorption
9. Exercise increases needs
10. Supplements may help you live longer

Remember if you are taking the TriPlex there is a good chance you will experience some of the following symptoms at some point. The general rule is whatever ailments you have in your daily life can get stronger during the die off process. Usually symptoms don't last longer than a couple of weeks. I've experienced symptoms that have lasted as little as 2 days. Then I've also had some last 2 wks. Don't panic and stay the course! It's part of the healing process!

Samples going out🤗🤗
Love sharing Plexus ❤❤

Did you know?? It takes ONE WHOLE YEAR for your gut to recover from ONE round of antibiotics on its own. Think of all the antibiotics little kids are on when they get sick!
Not to mention, the processed foods and sugar we put in our bodies on a daily basis that compromises our gut health. It makes a lot of sense that some people are on antibiotics over and over again... their good bacteria that gives them any kind of immunity is completely gone!

If you’re not on Probio5, you need to be! It's an anti-fungal that focuses on yeast overgrowth in your gut (you know the stuff that makes you crave carbs and sugar)

VitalBiome also helps anxiety & stress! Probio5 and Vital Biome are both amazing! #somethingtothinkabout

Plexus also has a kids multivitamin WITH a probiotic blend #winning!
Let’s chat right now and add Probio5 or Vital Biome for you, and the Kids multi for your littles!

I posted this last year! And today I got paid!! Such a #blessing this #opportunity. So many #health and #financial #blessings through Plexus!!! One of our cars is paid off, we use the extra $ to donate for causes, help others, savings, vacations and anything extra we need or want. I know that lots of my #friends can use this #extra #income to cover they basic needs and more. But for them is so hard to grasp this opportunity. It is so #hard to #believe they can do it. It is so hard to #think that it could happen for them to.

Like my kids says.... #DUDE this opportunity is for you too. You just have to try it and work hard like you work to build your #boss #dreams! The only difference is that this is for you and your family!! Don't tell me that you don't have $34.95 to invest in your own dream! and work hard for it. That's a complete #excuse!!!!!
This was the best $34.95 I have invested! I can show you the way!!! Just #join #me!!
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Attention energy drink consumers💥
Did you know that too much caffeine could:
Increase anxiety😬
Cause acid reflux
Affect our moods and not in a good way 😡
Affect blood pressure
Increase menstrual symptoms😱
Cause irritability
Disrupt normal sleep patterns 😴
Cause an energy crash (fight or flight mode)
Have an effect on the strength of our bones💪🏼
Who knew there were so many nasty side effects? And this is just some of them😳. Of course there are tons of medications out there to help with all of the above 🤦🏼👆🏻 Do you want to know how I get and maintain my natural energy? Message me 😁
#everyoneneedsplexus #guthealthiswholebodyhealth

Many quit without allowing enough time for it to work for "their" body. It takes months, years, and sometimes decades for our bodies to get in current state, how can we possibly expect desired results in days, weeks or few short months?
You are worth it. Message me for more information!
#everyoneneedsplexus #consistencyis key

#Cancer cannot survive in an oxygenated #Alkaline cellular environment. 🔬

If you want to make your body inhospitable to cancer cells, try to keep your body pH on the slightly alkaline side (80%/20% is a good ratio) as opposed to the more acidic side. That means lots of fruits and veggies, limited grains and dairy, almonds, maple syrup, raw honey, green tea and lemon water. Avoid highly acidic foods such as coffee, soda, beer, soft drinks, wheat, peanuts, white and brown sugar and artificial sweeteners. 🥑🍋🥗🍯 Helping to oxygenate the cells also makes it more difficult for cancer to invade the body. #Plexus #BioCleanse works to help oxygenate the cells with #magnesiumoxide, #vitaminC and #bioflavonoids. And guess what else? It also promotes #alkalinity! Double score! 🙌🏻 I have never been more convinced that I’m doing the right thing by giving my family Plexus than I am RIGHT NOW! This article is a real eye opener! I hope you’ll take the time to read it. 🙏🏻 #plexusstrong #plexusbiocleanse #letsoxygenate #oxygenatetheblood #alkalinediet #fightoffcancer #everyoneneedsplexus

Pink Drink ready on fake Friday! Cheers to a 3 day weekend!

Raise your hand if your kiddos take the Xfactor chewable Vitamin and Probiotic in one!!🙋 Flip to page 24 of the February issue of Parents Magazine and read ALL about how your child's GUT HEALTH has an impact on his or her overall health. Gut health matters!! For US and our KIDS! 👐🏻 "The bacteria in your child's gut are driving her immune system - and everyday, scientists are figuring out more (and miraculous) ways to grab the controls to cure sick kids." ❤️🤗 "Early childhood is prime time for establishing a healthy microbiome. The more good critters that move in now, the more likely they'll crowd out or compete with bad bacteria your kid will encounter down the road." 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 I love that Plexus offers a multivitamin and probiotic specifically designed to meet so many of their needs!! Free of sugar, artificial sweeteners, and all common allergens! 🙌🏻💁🏻‍♀️👌🏻 #xfactorkids

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