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Sometimes it sucks. The air pollution drove me to the treadmill and I couldn't take more than an hour and a half. My foot hurt after five, and I stretched and retied my shoe, sipped some water and tried to make it work but the combination of frustration and fear of aggravating an old trouble spot wasn't worth two more miles.
Luckily I'm married to the most supportive man in the world! He encouraged me through one last mile via text and made me an ice bath (wowee was that ever terrible and also weirdly incredible!) and a cup of tea when I got home. Now I'm going to make him a dinner that is mostly butter and cheese. ❤️

Keep forgetting to post my workouts. Abs yesterday and Kettlebell today with treadmill. Low mileage week on my training plan for some reason which is good since it rained all week in DFW. I was suppose to run my first marathon tomorrow, The Cowtown, but I decided earlier in the week I’m not ready yet. Hoping I will be in April for the next marathon that is available. Like one of my favorite pictures, the road is long and many miles to go (photo cred:me, my county road) #everymilematters!#marathon2018 #brooksendorsed #movewithpurpose
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Summer ‘15 was my & the fam’s very first trip to Cali, and one of the things we did was visit griffith park👟 Ten months ago, we were in socal for spring break & checked out the #lovewall in venice💗 (last year’s #LookforLOVE challenge made me discover these beautiful @jgoldcrown love murals existed!) If during any point of those family adventures u’d tell me I’d be back doing those things, but on the same day & with some of the greatest #TIUcalifornia babes I’d form such special friendships with, I’d think u had no idea what u were talking about lol! So I’m over here feeling incredibly blessed for all the people in my life & opportunities I’ve come across✨
💖Special shoutout to these babes who helped make today extra amazing @tiu_melissaariz: thanks for taking us thru an awesome 6.5 #CharityMiles hike & making me realize I need hiking shoes when I’m with u lol... ur bad🍑 & I love it! @tiu_jessica8384: great meeting & chatting with u today girl, ur hysterical lol! @tiu_christak: loved how there was more time for us today to chat, just hangout & learn more about each other! @jessandpup_tiu: thanks for driving us thru crazy la, letting us join one of your infamous car dance parties lol & having us experience that avocado essence! @tiu_catey: my fellow #TIUmama who shares my tiu & avocado obsessions lol... love our 6am #studiotoneitup classes & workouts/meetups, but getting to play with u today too was so much fun!
Thank u @toneitup for helping bring these beauties into my life & allow me to discover incredible women to look up to & strive to become because of their values & way they view this lifestyle. This #TIUcommunity has so much potential to change the fitness industry & just the world really... it already has in so many ways! We motivate each other, are proud of each other’s accomplishments & support one another thru our ups & downs... it’s something I’m so grateful & proud to be part of 💕Love, Stepha #TIU #TIUteam #TIUmom #TIUwife #TIUca #TIUsocal #TIUoc #TIUcheckin #TIUgirls #TIUhike #TIUsisters #TIUworkout #TIUlove #TIUlife #TIUmember @CharityMiles #EveryMileMatters #AWFSquad #operationsmile #bleedinghearts @avomuse #shopavocado #asyouare

All around excellent Saturday, even though my nutrition could have been better. My husband let me sleep in because I was coughing my lungs up during the night. I guess taking care of all those flu positive people finally catches up with you. Decided to get a little family time and had a diner breakfast with #tinyboss . I had a whole wheat wrap with egg whites, salsa, turkey sausage and a little cheese. I left those potatoes behind because home fries are not my fav and I don't feel like paying extra for canned fruit.

M2 skipped
Afternoon workout:
Since #LG30by30 is in its final days and the love your body series is over, I've been thinking about what to do next to keep myself challenged and motivated and I decided to start a 10K running program but to be smart about it and not put too much pressure on myself since I am 27 weeks pregnant and a small person is taking up more and more real estate in my body.
Today was my first day, also my longest run time and mile wise since before I even had surgery which is coming up on a year ago soon!
M3: peach frozen cauliflower smoothie bowl
M4 skipped
M5 : ragda petis before seeing Black Panther. My mother-in-law is so nice, and she always makes healthy versions of her home food for me since she knows I try to stay in shape!
M6: split med fries and 4pc chicken tenders with #tiuhusband definitely #nottiuapproved but that buffalo sauce! It's all about that #balance

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“Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us, or we find it not.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Just Passing Through.

For the first time in forever, nothing’s in my way 💘 I said that someday I want to run a half marathon, and dress like a princess. I’ve already crossed a few half marathon finishlines so tomorrow is going to be simply about crossing something very special to me off my bucket list. There’s gonna be tears, you’ve been warned. #flatazzy

#Repost @whovianrunningclub with @get_repost
Our second event of 2018 honors the Doctor's longest-serving companion: Handles! For 300 years, Handles was with the 11th Doctor on Trenzalore, keeping him company as he defended the town of Christmas.
The Doctor couldn't get the parts to keep Handles going, but through our partnership with @enablethefuture, we're going to provide the parts to raise up dozens of children!

We are honored to announce that our charity partner for the #Handles5k is Enable the Future (e-NABLE) - a global community of amazing volunteers who use 3-D printers to create custom hands and arms for those who were born missing fingers or who have lost them due to war, disease or natural disaster. The e-NABLE Community is made up of teachers, students, engineers, scientists, medical professionals, tinkerers, designers, parents, children, scout troops, artists, philanthropists, dreamers, coders, makers and everyday people who just want to make a difference and help to “Give The World A Helping Hand.” And Whovian Running Club plans to use the Handles 5k to give these children an "upgrade" with the proceeds going to their backlog of requests for prosthetics in Sierra Leone, India, and South America where the needs are greatest!
All participants will get this amazing 4" 3D molded Handles medal, on a full-color sublimated satin ribbon with Velcro closure, and a customized digital bib to download and print at home.

The suggested run date for this event is Sunday, 11 March. Why? Because it's the birth date of one of our favorite actors - the amazing John Barrowman! This is just a fun suggestion, you are welcome to complete your 5k whenever you want! All medals will be mailed after registration closes in March.

Find us on Twitter @WhovianRunners

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Hogwarts Running Club is proud to announce our second race of 2018, The D.A. 5k!

With the return of the Dark Lord and in the face of Ministry interference at Hogwarts, the students turned to Harry to teach them how to defend themselves against the coming darkness. Due to the need for secrecy, Hermione created enchanted galleons to update Dumbledore's Army members on the date and time of their next meeting. The finisher's medal for the DA5k celebrates that magical ingenuity with this beautiful 2-sided 3" medal which hangs from a full-color sublimated ribbon featuring silhouettes of our favorite characters’ wands and a velcro closure!

But you can't fit a 3" medal in your pocket! So, we will also be offering smaller 1.75" galleons as an additional purchase, so you can carry your own HRC D.A. galleon everywhere you go!

We are pleased to announce our charity partner for this event is @DebateMate! In January 2016 after the death of actor Alan Rickman, we decided to honor him by fundraising for Debate Mate, a charity that he had enthusiastically supported during his life.

Debate Mate uses the power of debate to give disadvantaged youth the skills they need to become exceptional young leaders. Through debate, kids learn confidence, interpersonal communication skills, and higher-order thinking. Though founded in the UK, Debate Mate has grown to have a strong global presence, operating programs in Nepal, Africa, Jamaica, the Middle East, and the United States. They believe that every child deserves equal access to a top education and wants the youth of today to find their voice so that they can become the leaders of tomorrow.

The suggested run date for the D.A. 5k is Saturday, March 10th which is the birthday of Professor Remus Lupin who taught Harry many of the spells he later passed on to the rest of D.A.! __________________________________

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What do these 4 photos have in common? Things I love about Charity Miles!
1. We can walk, run, bike, ski, rollerblade, or snowshoe outside or inside...and support amazing non-profits for free. (My personal preference is outside.) 😊
2. You can do it alone or ask a buddy to join you.
3. Companies like “Kettle and Fire”contribute financially to the non-profit of your choice. Their Bone Broth is sooo good for you and it tastes delicious! 🙌🏾
4. If you sign up to be a member of Sole Hope’s team in February, I will gift you a small bag of granola. You can choose your variety. ( Gluten Free is an option as well.)
Here are directions on how to download the app and join our team: www.solehope.org/charitymiles. By joining Sole Hope’s team and accumulating miles, you will be helping us inch closer to becoming a recipient on the list.
#everymilematters #zerojiggers #solehopeadvocate #ChooseHopeTakeAction

Is anyone running the Princess Half Marathon weekend? I ran the 5K yesterday. It was a great experience. Congrats to all the 5K and 10K runners and Half Marathon runners tomorrow! 🏃🏽‍♀️💪🏽👑
#momlife #runner #run #running #disney #fitness #healthy #bling #medal #rapunzel #rundisney #everymileismagic #everymilematters

Happy Saturday!
Just taking a moment to check in after this busy day! Saturday mornings are all about wrapping up the past week (aka laundry) and setting the stage for the coming week (aka meal plan and groceries). And today I also had a massage booked for some extra unwinding, yay! Then I did some mini food prep (homemade granola, yum!) PreWO: Meta-d
BC: HIIT with @studiotoneitupkristina + Mindful Meditation - Change
M1: Blueberry Pecan ONO, Fruit, PB, Granola and Coffee, Vitamins
M2: Chocolate Beet Muffins
M3: I decided to try this Poke Bowl from Whole Foods - it wasn’t quite enough for me, so I had 2 PFP Cookies with my coffee
M4: Sweet Potato and Beet Chips
M5: Chicken, Sweet Potato and Brussels Sprouts
M6: I forsee some popcorn!

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Is your "upgrade" in progress every time you hit the treadmill or trail? You've got to get the race shirt for the #Handles5k! The front reads "Upgrade in Progress" and the back features an illustration of a Cyberman head and reads "You will be upgraded". As always, proceeds from sales of shirts will go to our charity partner, @Enablethefuture. e-NABLE's global network of volunteers create custom 3D-printed prosthetic hands and arms to give away for free to those who have become amputees due to war, disease, and natural disasters!

Help us and e-NABLE "Give The World A Helping Hand” and give a free "upgrade" to the people on the long backlog of requests for prosthetics in Sierra Leone, India, and South America where the needs are greatest!
Don’t forget to tag #AllonsyForCharity and #WhovianRunningClub when you post your sweaty selfies!

To learn more about how you can download @charitymiles and start earning miles for your team, visit the link in our profile and find the FAQ page. Our CRC TARDIS closed group on Facebook is also a great resource to answer any questions you may have. Read the pinned post and instructions in the files section for the answers you seek.


Download the @charitymiles app, choose a charity that motivates you, then join our team named @WhovianRunningClub to start doing #SoMuchGood!

If you want to join the Whovian Cup competition, join one of the following teams:

WRCCompanions 2018

Find us on Twitter @WhovianRunners

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#DoctorWho #Whovians #TheDoctor #TrainingToKeepUpWithTheDoctor #CharityRun #EveryMileMatters #InstaRunners #VirtualRun #GeekFit #NerdFit #FitGeek #GeekFitness #geekgirlfitness #RunningMyAdiposeOff #InstaRunners #enablingthefuture #prosthetic #3dprinting #3dprinter #opensource

Trying to get my stress down and find some balance in my life. So this morning Molly and I went for hike...just like old times. It felt good to get outside in nature and get away from everything. When we got home the rest of the family wanted to go for a walk. So we headed out again! Molly is a trooper cause even though she hiked the hills she still pushed through for a family walk. #thatsmygirl #aimforhealthy #balance #goals #grateful #motivation #blessed #faith #vulnerable #brave #mindfulness #workinprogress #love #healthylife #girlsgonestrong #charitymiles #yesfit #floridakeyschallenge #goldenretriever #labradorretriever #boxer #everymilematters

Yeah, we know 😆💖 #enchanted10k

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