Children are our future! Congratulations to the 2018 "HERO" Scholarship award winner 8th grader Cara Craig. This student has been building cars to help the handicap to get around, volunteering at the food banks,starting summer camps for deserving teens etc..!! Thank you to all the other student essays as well that came in! Continue to be HEROES in ur community and schools! Also special thanks to 4th grader Rayne from a local elementary school who wrote the book about my life that Ms.Clarke-Greene read that lead her to reach out on social media and invite me to share and perform at their @btmstigers middle school. Rayne your future is bright! This day was electric and I just pray that with my remaining days of life that God will create more opportunities to show how amazing he has been and encourage, and remind people of their incredible worth, value and ability to be the best version of themselves! Love Without Borders for ALL people!! DeeMo
#ChildrenAreAmazing #PurposeOverPopularity
#CameFromTheAshes #EveryLifeMatter
#ToGodBeALLTheGloryInThisStory #SITL

There is a lot eyes👀 behold that mouth failed to utter.

However the storms might be, beloved hang in there and keep pushing.

Life is all about struggling and surviving.


Sad day in Ireland when they legalized abortion, I saw women on the news hugging and cheering, celebrating the killing of innocent children. My big question through all this where is the voice of church silent as usual. Who is going to speak up for the innocent,? #lifeisprecous #abortion #innocentlivesmatter #GODISWATCHING #preciousliveslost #everylifematter

Until you stand up and fight Back. Our men and woman deserves better! Fight back . Speck up Never use violence violence isn’t the answer... just to think if a group of people set out to really change the world try understanding and listen. Your life your life what you get in 24?hours is for u. O u never Imagining the Unimaginable? happens everyday. They brainwashing you to fight for everything else But - yourselves ( self. Don’t matter your not a big impact it’s ok if this happens to you) you don’t matter.. but stand with us ?.. help? but your one little life don’t matter... it’s ok for injustice to happen to You! #everylifematter. Why should we care about You if you don’t care about US. #Boom!


Date : 22 June 2018 (Friday)
Time : 7.30pm - 10.00pm
Venue : LDK 3
Ticket price : RM10.00

Please do contact or message;
Edward Gan (018-5750201)
Sin Yee (014-7580761)

Kindly fill up your google form to book your tickets:

Collection of ticket will be started at Week 3 (11/6/2018 - 15/6/2018)
Please stay tuned on our facebook page for further information.
Come join and listen!
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With all my respect to traditions and culture, this will never be excepted by me again and never ever more. The only thing i have to admit - playing with the bull is really fascinating show and to see that there is special type of corrida (which i could recommend to go to everyone), to traditional corrida there is my big "NO" for ever and ever. #everylifematter #ventas #spain #madrid

Today is World Preeclampsia Day and I chaired an event organized by Ghana Action on Preeclampsia and UNFPA at the Greater Accra Regional Hospital.
The First Lady Mrs Rebecca Akufo Addo was the Special Guest of Honour.
Ladies, too many women and babies are dying due to eclampsia and Preeclampsia.


There are very good cops out there. Respect to this off duty policeman for saving a life #goodcops #savingalife #everylifematter #smanQ2

Dear Mr. Noah Crowley,
As a black citizen I feel like it is my duty to inform you that this is 2018 and slavery has been abolished since 1865 and cotton is actually picked with machinery now.

#racism #racist #blacklivesmatter #weneedchange #everylifematter

regram @kd_loveshiphop
Support The Orphans. Yo! @yungkheengz ALMAJIRI is pure inspiration. Someone got to say something #supporttheorphans #hiphopcares #everylifematter

Support The Orphans. Yo! @yungkheengz ALMAJIRI is pure inspiration. Someone got to say something #supporttheorphans #hiphopcares #everylifematter


Have a little flash back to your primary or Secondary school days if you attended one. You might still remember your class prefect putting down the names of noise makers in class.
Woe betide you if you're not in terms or in the same circle as your class prefect.

Now do me a favour, relate it to the list of the RELEASED ALLEGED LOOTERS in the batched released so far.

Seriously, I don't know what you're thinking but you are not wrong.

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Sleeping amd waking up in our modern day Nigeria to news that even the dead are anxiously waiting to hear from 6 fit below is nothing of a surprise to any Nigerian. The young ones are starting to get the chill as well.
It is not strange that people no longer show concern as even more stage managed activities surface. I'm one way or the other, it affects us all.

The latest being the idea of granting "Boko Haram", a notorious terrorist group, amnesty.
It is only in Nigeria that her government proudly negotiates with terrorist and this group have other sub divisions. Please do the math.

This group or groups have kidnapped and claimed lives, brought disharmony and chaos with no one having an idea of the plans they still have in their armory.

If we are not already finished in this country then we're almost there.
This is news you will hear no where in the world with the exception of Nigeria.

Even as I did like to say 'may God help us all'.., we also need to help ourselves.
#BetaVibez #theobserver #Liveyourtruth #EveryLifeMatter #governance #thethingswehear #PositiveVibez #BetterTomorrow  #TheInterpreter #Hopeful #Believe #NeverAlone #GoodVibezFromHere #Writer #GetOutandGetIt #Don'tBeAfraid #Grace #OnlyPositiveBibez #BitterTruth #AheadOfYesterday #Believe #Writer #LoudMouth #Voices #Nigeriagovernment #BadLeaders

O segundo Círculo do Silêncio teve lugar ontem, em Braga durante uma das procissões integradas na semana Santa.
12 ativistas enfrentaram o frio e a chuva para sensibilizar as pessoas numa altura considerada de amor e paz. Em Portugal, é tradição comer bebés (borrego e cabrito) no domingo de Páscoa. Bebés que foram retirados das mães, atirados para um camião, forçados a caminhar no corredor da morte e degolados para chegarem ao teu prato. Eles sentem medo, eles sofrem!
Não celebres o triunfo do amor sobre a morte com mais morte, muda a tradição. Há cada vez mais opções sem crueldade, sofrimento ou morte. As tradições somos nós que as fazemos, escolhe a compaixão.
Sabes mais em: @mesvegetariano

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