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please , yes something should be done.. Operation Hunt.....#blacklivesmatter #everylifematter black white Asians Mexican what ever race.I woke up thinking bout the men who suffer nd their families including the men n my lifee nd son.. Seem like other celebrities are not stepping up because they worrying bout there reputation, shout out to these 2 tryna make a difference in the community

Thought I'd help someone who needed it more Than I did. You need two broo! #onlyright #everylifematter

Hope this year go much better. I would love to grow up in a world where everyone love one another #everylifematter

The world will be a better place for all and less frustrating if we really feel each other pains and help them out.


The recent unfolding events have truly proved our deviation from who we truly are.
This article attempts to beat it back into us:

Share this article until everyone else reads it! #EveryLifeMatter #IAmHuman #blacklivesmatter


When Muslim women defends Islam.

Jesus please what is this?

This guy was reaching for 10k and then got banned. Help him get back on track by following him! Ik just got lika 100 followers but everything helps I guess! 🛇🛇🛇🛇🛇 @theapostateprophet

Got a point there boy!

Religion of peace. Peace. Peace. PEACE!

So fucking true

I was so mad at authority while watching this video you cannot get away murder unless your a cop some how that legal in the USA #USA #punk #antiauthority #antipolicebrutality #everylifematter #anonymous #antifa #revolution #usa #trump #obama #hillaryclinton

Islam for women😉

Don't people realise this?!?!?

Yeah! Dumb fat people! #atheistontheinternet

I'm starting to wonder if I am wrong. Hehe


This is so damn frustrating!!!!

Well this explains a few things..

Sheik precisa fazer um raio-x porque além da doença ele também foi atropelado. Por favor alguém poderia ajudar ???? Custa 150,00

Sheik has distemper and besides that he needs a x-ray because he was also ran over. Please consider donate and help us to save his life. ➡Contas autorizadas abaixo: ▪ Paypal - https://goo.gl/4swK2L (danimaricato@hotmail.com) ▪Banco do Brasil – AG 0051-5 C/C 69055-4 (Thaís Fagundes) ▪ Bradesco - AG 0232 C/C 0136646-7 (Itana Sobral) ▪ Itaú – AG 7926 C/C 16943-9 (Thais Fagundes) ▪Caixa Econômica– AG 0184 C/C 00030575-8 (Marcos Paulo Paixão) ▪Mercado Pago- casadosanjosmacae@gmail.com ▪Ou ajude diretamente na Petclin: (Santander)- AG 0800-0 C/C 13000526-7 CNPJ 17109900/0001-74 (Crespo e Muniz)

#iloveanimals #bethevoiceforthevoiceless #everylifematter #instadog #dogsofinstagram

Not too sure about the "too old" shit though.

Do ANYONE else see the irony in this post? #atheistontheinternet

Damn this had a good clang. @triniatheist

Fuck! I don't know. Is it bcz we ain't flying? Nah too simple.

If they just didn't get forced at the end...

Am I too racist now or?

Yeah! Smh! Dumb.

Why haven't I realised this before? Smh! 😮

Just letin y know 😉

I am literally laughing😂

This is disturbing.

This is how I fucking feel debating people. Or watching a debate!!

Funny one😂

It's a bit rough, however it's how it started.

I don't understand how Christians only obey the "rules" that fit them. They're all going to hell anyway.


If you sing it it sounds much better 😂

And you sooooo just wanna correct em all.

Join the fight let's curb the manace #libyanslavery #everylifematter A post can do a lot by creating attention of #UN #unicef

Get one yourself TODAY! ONLY 99$$$ WE DARE YOU TO ACCEPT THIS EXTREME OFFER. LOWER PRICES ON FAKKIN CHRISTIAN SHIT HAS NEVER BEEN SEEN BEFORE. BUUUUUY NOOOW. *this is not in cooperation with Jesus or any of his long gone followers. god do not care wether or not you wear this. it is just a visual effect. *offer ends today 16:00
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People actually still uses this argument.

This says it all!


I found this pleasing😂

Found this a bit funny hah. People actually write stuff like this...

Pretty sure our friend here is right. 😎

Such an amazing time at Dugbe Market with other amazing Corp Members of WOTCLEF (Women Trafficking and Child Labour Eradication Foundation) CDS Group. @wotclefcds

We touched on issues of "Rape, Child Labour, Child Trafficking, Domestic Violence, Abuse of the Girl Child.
The most exciting thing is enlightening people and sharing different perspectives.
And I spoke so much in "Yoruba"🙌🙌 #FunChangingTheSociety #RightOfTheChildGirl #EveryLifeMatter #ChangeBeginWithYou

This is sad.. even though it's not a 100% true.

That would be dumb smh

Anyone got any thoughts on this? Haven't heard too much of it on the news lately..


Well show them this next time they try something!

Well you're doing it wrong...

I fucking love these😍😍😍 @apostateprophet

Haven't seen anyone, and I am from Norway hah. 👐

Yeeaaaaaaaah right!

I feel the same for Jews as I do for Christians and Muslims. And I feel anger.

So keep looking for ways out😉


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