It’s almost midnight, my packing is done for tonight (oh yes, still more to do tomorrow! 😂😭), and y’all...I’m so dang EXCITED about this new chapter.
I know in my previous posts I’ve talked about grieving passing seasons and anxiety about change, but this morning when I went over to my cousin’s house (soon to be my house too!) to drop off the kitty and another load of stuff, I was hit with a wave of total excitement. This new chapter is going to be so. freaking. fun.
I’ve talked a little bit about the move in my Stories but not as much in a post, so here’s a quick recap...
I’m moving in with my cousin (@jamieorear_fitnessfoodie) and her kiddos out on Wilmington Island, which is still technically Savannah, just a little farther from downtown. My cousin and I didn’t know each other super well when we were growing up, and it wasn’t til I moved to Savannah that we got close. Our moms are sisters, and neither of us has a sister, so our relationship is really special and she honestly feels like a sister to me.
Anyways, I’ve been wanting to save up money to either put a down payment on a house or who knows what I’ll end up doing - I just wanted to take some financial pressure off, and when Jamie suggested I rent her spare bedroom, it made sense for even more reasons than just the money I’d save - I get to live with family (which is comforting and less lonely), I get to spend more time with my little cousins (who call me Aunt Wendy 😭), I get a change of scenery (without actually moving away), and the list goes on! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
In a nutshell, barely a month ago Jamie was suggesting I move in, and now I’m spending my last night in my apartment before this big new adventure. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
And I’m so, so excited.
Life is crazy, good, and crazy-good sometimes, y’all. ❤️

How’s that for some truth? 🙌🏼

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I am not saying that I control the weather, but may be, just maybe, all the blues were just a precursor to this afternoon's much needed rain shower ☔☔☔... Just saying! 😇
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Workin’ on a thing over here.... stand by! 😘

Life is not meant to be boring. You are not born to dread mornings or Mondays.

Purpose is your natural state. So is authenticity, creativity, abundance, love and self-worth.

When I used to wake up dreading my job, feeling disconnected in my relationship, living with social anxiety and low confidence, and dreaming of more magic, meaning, adventure and pleasure… I thought I just needed to suck it up, be more realistic and look for the upside.

Don’t get me wrong, appreciation is a magnet for miracles, and deep joy and worthiness comes from within.

But if you are waking up too many days in a row, feeling blah or unfulfilled, it could be that your life is not in alignment with YOUR unique soul.

So no matter how many gratitude lists you write, your life still feels like an uncomfortable itchy sweater… because it does not FIT you. You are ignoring your soul.

You can design a life that feels like a silk robe or cute tee or flowing dress, something that feels like it was made for you.

You do this by honouring your gifts, values and desires. You calling or truth. Putting your alignment first.

That’s when life begins to flow with more ease and grace, things just start to manifest. You start waking up with excitement and inspired ideas.

You start to feel like YOU... the fierce badass capable self-loving true you, not the fake-smiling people-pleasing one.

You don’t need to know HOW to make things happen, the Universe has your back, and there are fantastic coaches out there (like me). But you do need to decide… I am not going to end up with regrets. I am going to live an authentic life, give my gifts, and create my dreams. The world needs my light.

And you need to back up that decision, with actual action that shows you are truly committed to change.

6 months from now you can be in a totally different place… mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially.

That feeling in your heart that you were meant for more… is your higher self calling you on the phone. It’s time to answer the call. Let another version of you emerge. 💖💵📝🌴🌏 📷 via @spiritualgangster

I don’t show my actual work on my feed that often, but I was literally laughing with delight as we shot this, and the girls killed it...so I had to. @royalandreese

✨JOY✨It’s a constant state of being identified completely in Jesus. It’s about not what happens, not our circumstances or our ability to accept or not accept the things that life throws (sometimes in our face). It’s the sacrifice of praise even when we’re losing it. It’s the sacrifice of prayer even when we’re not sure He listens. It’s the knowledge that in Him we are more than conquerors. It’s the peace that comes when we make our home in the Holy Spirit. It’s the assurance of an eternity sweeter than anything we could ever wish for on this earth. Ask Him for peace & joy beyond all circumstances & beyond all human understanding. Seek Him through the pain, trusting that He’s God, not because your life is good, but He’s also God when life is hard. His word doesn’t change and He will still pull you from the darkness into light in timing we can’t fathom.
Wishing you a joy that looks as beautiful as bundles of hydrangeas all day every day... http://liketk.it/2wpbV #liketkit @liketoknow.it

D R E A M || My late dad used to say that we will never be given a dream, without being given the power to achieve it 💪😍 Every dream we have, no matter how small or big was planted in our hearts for a reason, and it continues being a dream if we choose not to believe 🌈❤️🧠✨ Choose to believe and choose to go for it! You’ve got what it takes, and if you don’t you’ll figure it out 😉Remember - fortune favours the brave! Hustle gently my love and go for that dream✨💃🏻🌎 *
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A little thought nugget for your week ️ ☺️
What do you do everyday to take care of yourself? Do you allow yourself Simple Pleasures such as and iced coffee or as soak in the bath? Remember to be kind to yourself so you can have the energy to be kind to others.
xo April

At The Knot Pro workshop with @joanna_fisher and @corajanep today! I love me some learning (for real I had to put a limit on how many photo classes I can buy) and it’s been a real treat to hear some amazing info from some amazing and inspiring people in the wedding industry, especially the marvelous @jovemeyer. 😍🏳️‍🌈#theknotproworkshop

Christmas in July showed up in the firm of two big ole boxes from Young Living. Got my monthly order in, and this month, I’m even more excited because I got more products free than I paid for!!!⠀

I purchased: NingXia Red, Mindwise, Thieves cleaner (x2), peace and calming, cedarwood, and Cool Azul Pain Cream for my husband. ⠀

I got FREE: four of the oils you see (aroma life, lavender, valor, geranium) and lavaderm spray (all part of July's monthly promos)⠀

I also got FREE: thieves laundry soap, thieves toothpaste (x2), lavender mint conditioner, and thieves dish soap (using rewards points I earned on previous purchases...and I still have over $50 available in credits, too!)⠀

Soooo tell me again why you haven’t jumped on this with us?!⠀

Tuesday Twist: a great way to disrupt your day, move your body and find some chill 🤗 📷: @breemccoolphoto

I couldn’t stop talking. Words flew from me like in such rapid succession I felt like I was spitting bullets.
As I taught a live class, I was so caught up in rant I didn’t breathe for 17 minutes straight.
Slight exaggeration, but still.
I was so entrenched in my thoughts that my words became a webbed mess, but I spoke my truth.
It doesn’t matter if you’re underqualified.
It doesn’t matter if you’re undereducated.
It doesn’t matter if you’re underconnected.
It doesn’t matter if you’re the underdog.
The only thing that’ll determine your success if your ability to believe your dream into existence, even if others do not.
To remain undaunted in the face of fear and opposition, is to earn your rightful place amongst the unicorns.
You are special, unique, and ready. So, go and DO. And never forget sweet friend, you are enough.

Lo que niegas te somete | Lo que aceptas te transforma 🍃✨ What you deny leaves you feeling subdued | What you accept transforms you. 📷: @friedchicken10

Today’s mantras. Coffee. Long talks with good friends. this Tuesday is pretty sweet... even if I’m 4 hours behind on my “work to do” list.
Relationships > work any day of the week 😘

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