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My 2 loves 💕 #everydollarcounts

Hey Legends, I’m really proud to let you know I just signed up to take part in YGAP’s 2017 Polished Man campaign. I’ll be painting one nail Polished Man Blue and raising awareness and funds to end violence against children this October. Why? Because globally, 1 child dies every 5 minutes as a result of violence. I really encourage each of you to join me and sign up at www.polishedman.com or make a donation to my page at:
Thank you in advance for your support. Every dollar counts!

THANK YOU @wonder_kat_woman for being our latest @patreon supporter! 👊🏻💗 Check out the link in our bio when you have a minute. Suggested donation is $1/month and yes, a buck goes a long way in supporting women. #everydollarcounts #womensupportingwomen #patreon #themaoshow #podcast

Join the ITTF to #SupportLariba to help raise the needed $60,000 for the Philippines #TableTennis star Ian Lariba's Leukemia treatment --> https://igg.me/at/OsbrCmdco7U. #EveryDollarCounts #40000ToGo

This is me and my brother Woody. He had to have spine surgery to fix him up to walk again. Please help him out by donating on his Go Fund Me page, any amount will help. Find the link and his story on his bio @goodboywoody or mine. 😘
He goes home tonight!💚. #ivdd #dachshund #woodyandfinn #manypawsmakelightwork #everydollarcounts

A Hi5, or $5 can go a long way! 👋 Please support me on my pursuit to happiness...or well actually starvation to raise awareness for Syrian refugees.
5 fun facts: 1. I am an advocate for access and equality (especially healthcare, education and nutrition), 2. I eat like a horse, 3. I drink too much coffee, 4. I exercise like I have nothing else to do with my time, and 5. I love a challenge with purpose.
I am basically giving up all of this and will go incredibly HANGRY to support a worthwhile cause, and I would greatly appreciate your generosity and encouragement! ☺️✌🏼️ link below:
https://actforpeace.rationchallenge.org.au/fundraisers/lhyrielsmith #rationchallenge #hangry #everydollarcounts

Be on the look out for my new music video coming soon #clientele #edc #everydollarcounts @skinnywhiteboi

Kimberly cool!!! 😎👍🏾 #getup #nothingleftinthepaddock #everydollarcounts

Have you bought your @rednosedayusa nose yet @walgreens ? Together we can help change the lives of kids affected by poverty around the world!🌍Red Nose Day has already raised over $35 million to fight child poverty!👊🏽You are still able to donate by visiting www.rednoseday.org #rednose #noseson #dosomegoodtoday #everydollarcounts


Kara is running in honor of her cousin, Ryan, who passed away in 2010. I am hosting this in honor of my nephew, Caleb, who is celebrating more than 20 months sobriety! #shatterproof5knyc #lularoe #lularoefundraiser #drugaddictionawareness #everydollarcounts

My special friend. Trying to rescue him from the zoo #gofundme #onedollartosaveaspecialasian #everydollarcounts #saveachink #saveapanda #zoo #wild

You know what it is Grind time 🔐🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾#bossbabe #everydollarcounts #cleanupboss #queensthatclean #jackofalltrades

What are you willing to cut either forever or long term?? ✅cable
✅eating out

👋🏼IG family!! Help me in supporting these amazing kids thru @fpk.canada #FuturePossibilitesForKids by sponsoring me in the Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon! I've committed to doing the Half Marathon!!! My very first half marathon! It is for such an amazing cause! Please check out FPK's page and click on the link in my bio to sponsor me! Every $500 I raise allows one kid into the program where they are guided by a KidCoach to give back to their community! ❤️🙌🏼 Thank you everyone for your support (and prayers for me doing a half🤦🏼‍♀️)

{minimalism} I can honestly say, hand on heart, that I was one of the biggest consumers there ever was! I bought everything and then when I had everything I bought it in every colour or style. I was OUT OF CONTROL. My turning point was actually staying in an Air BnB - the people who owned the house were quite obviously minimalist and they had children. If they could do it, we could. The house was beautiful, their things were stunning and their decor was so calming. I knew after spending a week there I had to EDIT my life. And edit i did. The mind shift to not needing 'stuff' is SO EMPOWERING. I buy with intention and only when required. I've honestly never been happier (or had more money in my bank)! 😂😂 #minimalist #minimalist

Thank you all so much for sharing the love and helping us show our film all over the country. If you want to help please head over to the @bravotiporpay app and tip our project @playthedocumentary #everydollarcounts #thankyou

{hit me with it} having an amazing (pod free) coffee machine has been by far our greatest gift, other than our children of course. Well it comes in at a very close second. 😂😂😂

I want everyone to take a minute to read baby beau's story.
Such a tragic loss
One of my old school friends had to go through the pain of loosing her son.
She made the devastating decision to turn beau's life support a month in.
Beau had a very rare condition in which unfortunately his intestines were not encased in his body. He underwent operations to try to save this little boys life. He was also born quite early 9 weeks early so there was a lot that the Drs could not do
Unfortunately my friend has had a lot of financial stress with trying to save up for beaus memorial plaque. Please donate for a memorial plaque for beau. Unfortunately the funeral home/place does not do payment plans so on top of losing her son she could not afford a plaque. Let's help shawny get her son what he and her deserve! Help let her put her son in his final resting place ❤️❤️❤️ it only take 5 minutes to donate. Please share this story so we can help her! Here is the #gofundme link #kindness #babyloss #letshelp #babybeau #pleasedonate #pleaseshare #followloop17 #openfollowloop #followforfollow #ifbalways #ifb #followtrain #mummyblogger #mumpreneur #frommyhearttoyours #mamaloop5 #mumfollowbackloop #mumsfollowbackloop #angel #angelbaby #tragicloss #gastroschisis #everydollarcounts #donate #pleaseshare #pleaserepost #pleaserepostthis #sharethisstory #letsmakethisviral #socialmediamoms17 @gofundme #gofundme

I love ❤❤challenges!! Lets get this one going!! Day 1 Challenge
Check your bank accounts and see where your money 💰💰is going!! Print a statement and look through it!!! Perhaps you find a transaction that you are not aware of or subscription you forgot you had and now you have to cancel it!

Look at your money and report back to me!

If you’re looking for a way to #help with #hurricane #relief, please visit our @AmericanRedCross #donation page at: redcross.org/honeydewdonuts-pub. We will match the total donation up to $50,000! #RedCross #Community #ComeTogether #Fundraiser #EveryDollarCounts #HurricaneHarvey #HurricaneIrma #Harvey #Irma

Week #10 of the $2000 x 2018 saving initiative is in the books. Are you on schedule? How did it go? How much 💰 were you able to save? Let us know how you are doing and share any great money saving tips you may have!. . . #2000x2018

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