Dinner tonight was a @quorn_uk chicken risotto with broccoli, courgette & mushrooms with some salad 🥦 See my stories to see how easy this is to make! 🍴 #everydaywithreay

This sun has got me craving aaaaall the simple meals ☀️ This was the simplest of salads with lettuce, tomatoes, red pepper, red onion with some grilled halloumi and courgette and my fave homemade dressing (apple cider vinegar, olive oil, sriracha). Happy Friday everyone! 🍴 #everydaywithreay

What’s that? Guilt free burger and fries? Count me IN! I’ve been babbling on and on about @strongrootsuk after they sent me some of their frozen goods recently to experiment with and I can genuinely say these babies are going to be a constant in my freezer from now on. Heathy and affordable frozen food that takes 20 mins from prep to plate ❄️ These were the Kale & Quinoa burgers with the Sweet Potato Fries and some beet hummus made using their Beetroot Wedges (which are 👌🏼) 🍔🍟 #everydaywithreay #ad

Time for a long overdue little Instagram chat with you all! The past month has been a bit of a transitional period of time in my life. I left my job, found a new one, spent time at home home, signed for a new house in London and got to know myself a bit better. I’ve taken having a timeout from a full time job as a blessing in disguise. I mean, don’t get me wrong, until I found a new job and house I was a stressy mess (soz to my boyf, you deserve a medal). However, things have worked out perfectly, and I’ve taken some time to do all the things that you’re either deprived of while working full time, or just too damn tired to fit into one day. I’ve got back into running, I’ve meditated, I’ve cooked (a lot), I’ve baked, I’ve been on long dog walks, I’ve been to the beach, I’ve been to the gym, I’ve drank coffee and actually enjoyed it, I’ve spent time with all my loved ones, I’ve slept 8+ hours a night and I’ve just generally taken care of myself. Me a year ago would have done the opposite and thought of this as a chance to go blow a load of well earned money on things I don’t actually need (nights out, weekend trips, clothes etc.), but I feel a lot richer having gained back a few of the pieces of myself that I’ve lost along the way. Feeling very lucky and proud of myself and everyone else I have in my life and I can’t wait to get stuck into my new job and get settled into my new home. Positive vibes all round. 💛 #everydaywithreay

Is there anything better than mashed banana and peanut butter on toast? The answer is no. 🍴 #everydaywithreay

Bowl of drrreeeeaamms for my tummy this lunch time. Rocket, avo, tomatoes, olives, broccoli, @quorn_uk chicken pieces aaand a big dollop of hummus and hot sauce. I am now about to dive head first into a pizza. Happy Friday all.🍴 #everydaywithreay

Tomato, Sweet Potato & Basil Soup 🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅
Soup is THE easiest, speediest, cost effectivenniest (🤷🏽‍♀️) meal EVER. Check my story and see just how easy it is. All you gotta do is pop your leftover veggies to simmer in stock for 30 minutes, add some spices and seasoning and blend it all up. 🥄 #everydaywithreay

Ah Sunday, the day of roast dinners and food prepping. I love making a big batch of roasted veggies and adding them to my lunchbox throughout the week. Roasted sweet potatoes, courgette, red onion and red peppers with some shredded chicken aaaand quinoa, olives & feta. 🍴 #everydaywithreay

Friday doesn’t get much better than chocolate and raspberry muffins 🍫🍫🍫🍫 Half healthy, half naughty. Had to fill two of the holes with filling because I already ate two before I took the photo #sorrynotsorry 🤷🏽‍♀️ #everydaywithreay

Hummus, you make my heart skip a BEET. Whipped up a batch of beetroot hummus and couldn’t help but knock up some sweet potato fries for dippage. I blended a 400g can of chickpeas, 1/2 beetroot, 1 clove of garlic, a (big) glug of olive oil, the juice of 1/2 lemon and seasoned to taste. 🍴 #everydaywithreay

Adding some sunshine to a drizzly day in the form of an Açai Bowl with only the best toppings. 🥄 #everydaywithreay

How has it taken me this long to try/make Dahl? It was the easiest, yummiest, healthiest, cheapest quick dish to whip up and I can tell I’m now going to become obsessed with it and make it 15374803 times until I get bored. Who wants the recipe?! 🍴 #everydaywithreay

Everything happens for a reason ⭐️⭐️⭐️ You know what I mean ~ when something unexpected happens in your life (be it good or bad) and then it turns out there’s something perfectly lined up for you round the corner that balances things out, almost as if it was just meant to be. Do you believe in this? Or is it just a little phrase we like to comfort ourselves with because we’re so scared of the unknown? I like to believe things do happen for a reason, but you’ve got to MAKE them happen instead of just expecting something or someone to just jump out at you and hand you what you want on a plate. You’ve got to work hard, be persistent, keep going, and not be disheartened when things don’t go your way, because the chances are that big break you’ve been waiting for is just around the corner. Keep chasing your dreams. ☀️ #everydaywithreay

When you don’t know what you want for lunch, have a bit of everything 🤷🏽‍♀️ We’ve got olives, we’ve got avo, we’ve got hummus with sriracha, we’ve got flatbread, we’ve got roasted chickpeas and most importantly, we’ve got a selection of @strongrootsuk frozen goods. I had the kale and quinoa burger and some of their beetroot wedges➖they were soooo yummy and really convenient for a quick and easy meal. Keep doing what you’re doing guys! 🍴 #everydaywithreay

Creamy oats made with soy milk and a scoop of @pureblendco vanilla whey topped with stewed raspberries and dried goji berries by @forestfeast 🐻 Start your day right everyone. 🥄 #everydaywithreay

Giant cous cous, olives, tomatoes, chilli, edamame beans, red onion + a big juicy salmon fillet. 🍴 #everydaywithreay

I was inundated with messages yesterday saying that Cavolo Nero actually didn’t taste like feet and was really nice, so I must have done something wrong. Attempt numero dos took place today and ohhhhhhh my god, BOY OH BOY WAS I WRONG! Loads of you said to boil it and then blend it with various ingredients to turn it into a pasta sauce, so that’s what I did! I blended it with garlic, rocket, basil, pine nuts, olive oil, seasoning and a big dollop of @nushfoods cashew butter. Then I mixed it in with some spelt spaghetti and topped with black olives, pine nuts and a sprinkle of feta. Now I’ve got leftover sauce for ages and can proudly say that I am a Cavolo Nero ambassador. Thanks for following me on this cabbage journey xxxxx 🍴 #everydaywithreay

So last week I got myself out of my comfort zone by going to a gym class (@un1t_london) every day. Their classes genuinely scared me and I didn’t think I’d be able to do them, but low and behold they got me feeling more motivated and more energetic than ever, and I’ll definitely be back. THIS week though, I’ve got uncomfortable in the kitchen, which is normally where I feel most at home. I’m trying to buy some ingredients that I’ve never tried and experiment with some recipes. I often find myself eating the same things over and over just because I know how to make them. Anyway, if you’ve watched my story today, you’ll know that everything on this plate got eaten EXCEPT the ingredient I was experimenting with ~ Cavolo Nero. It genuinely tasted like grass, so someone PLEASE enlighten me and tell me how to make it taste nice so I can be #health 🤷🏽‍♀️ I’m thinking in a soup, where the taste is overpowered by much yummier stuff but the health benefits are still there. Think my next trial ingredient will be something a little tastier. Other than the grass though, this dish was a solid 10/10. Seabass, tomatoes, olives, red onion, broccoli and red peppers. 🍴 #everydaywithreay

When @nushfoods send you some of their dairy free yoghurts, there’s only one thing to do ~ MAKE BREAKFAST IMMEDIATELY! I whipped up my fave 5 minute overnight oats using oats, chia seeds, coconut milk, a drizzle of honey, stewed raspberries and a big dollop of yoghurt. Mix it all together, pop it in the fridge, leave it overnight, and thank yourself/me in the morning. 🥄 #everydaywithreay

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