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#tbt to filming @realblackcoffee earlier this year 🎥 its been one of the most successful parties in Ibiza 2 years running. I think because the music is just too good and the crowd is so diverse. I don’t film many parties anymore but this guy is one I’m always happy to as he’s such a nice man. Also a sober raver like me so lots of respect 👌

Tummy time!! 🤗 #ardenanne

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Working out used to look a lot different 🧡 But I wouldn’t change it for the world.
I won’t lie this momming solo ( even though I’m with family ) is harder than it looks. It’s not for the faint of heart and I have SO much more appreciation for the single parents out there who do this daily. It gives me an extra ounce of gratitude for my sweet hubby than I did before. 🧡

Both boys have colds, Aiden isn’t sleeping well at night ( time to start sleep training ), Alex is super grumpy most of the time, having daddy gone has been rough on him, the holidays are getting closer which makes that sadness of him not being here extra hard, living with my parents and in a home that’s not mine is rough, and the nights are lonely without him with us. As for me, I get a little closer each day to wanting to either hide under the covers all day and stay in bed or hitting my head on the wall 💁🏼‍♀️
BUT then I have moments like this in the picture, I get done with a hard workout and I see Alex had come in the room to be with me, and sweet baby Aiden is all about the giggles and smiles for mommy. So although it might be hard, stressful, sad, and hard waiting for the day I get the call he’s coming home, I know each day we get closer to the end, each day I get stronger even if I don’t know it yet, and each day is a blessing I get to be these boys momma 🧡

Whatever you’re going through I promise you will get stronger, whether you feel it now or not. This season will pass, you will grow and mature through it, and before you know it, God will be showing you the light through the darkness. 🧡

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I just updated our main website (link in bio) so that the pages will load faster (OMG yay!) and things will look nicer. Wanna take a peek, and let me now if you see anything wonky?⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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When creating our products we asked ourselves what scent would people expect a baby product to be... and then we did the opposite 🤪 All of our products are light and calming with a subtle earthy vibe. And we never use synthetic fragrances. EVER! ⋒ Photo via @alilabelle

We love target!.. Who doesn’t? • But believe it or not I do have a serious complaint. • The other day we were there I needed to nurse Alyssa and Johnathan needed a diaper change. • Mickey took Johnathan into the men’s restroom to change him and I was walking into the women’s restroom to help Alyssa latch. • As I was walking in Mickey stopped me and said there wasn’t a changing station in the men’s restroom. • I said, “oh yeah, I forgot they never put changing stations in the guys bathroom.” Before having kids I never thought about how wrong and unfair that is. • Mickey was pretty upset by it and said a few choice words, but I completely agreed with him. • There NEEDS to be changing stations in men’s restrooms too. Not to be dramatic or anything, but it really is sexist. • There are single fathers just as there are single mothers. And it’s not just moms who change their baby’s diapers, but also dads. • @target you are better than that and I hope you can set an example for other public places.

I have no amazing watch my belly shrink week by week transformation photo.(which I love and think are super cool)I cannot even tell if I have diastasis recti. (Lots of cushion still lol) This is me four months postpartum. And no complaints here AT ALL. I’m so thankful to God for my body and that it carried our sweet boy. I’d do it all over again and again! (And hope to!) And even though I truly feel that way I have been hesitant to post a full view pic. This is me though right now!! I don’t need to wait and post pics until I’ve lost more weight. If you’ve followed me for a bit you know my weight has always been a struggle for me. This is just the beginning. I’m so excited to work hard and lose my extra weight again. I’m trying to exercise when I can because one, it makes me feel amazing (afterward!) and I want to take care of myself. Two, I love being able to lift my 16 lbs boy in the air and seeing him smile back at me. I need and want to be strong. Three, I want to be able to run around with him with ease. And last, but not least, superficially, it would be so nice for me to not be in my pregnancy jeans! 😁👊🏻 Go me, go!

Exciting news!! I have a holiday dress that will be releasing on Nov. 19 also. The fabric used is from an upcycled curtain. It has a very nice texture and weight that I thought would be a perfect holiday dress. Check out my stories to see my little model wearing it. 😍 #littlekinshop

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