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Shakya Bratabandha!
Shakyas are a sub-caste of Buddhist Newars. They are believed to be direct descendants of Lord Buddha, since Buddha was a Shakya king from the Tarai town of Kapilvastu. It is due to this heritage that every Shakya boy is made to live the life of a monk for at least five days. These five days and the rites and rituals preceding and following it are known as a Bratabandha ceremony. #Nepal #Culture #Newar #everydaynepal #everydaykathmandu

Kids hang out while dog watches them. #Nepal #everydaykathmandu #everydayeverywhere #kids

Last #Mandu-erang: @ruddyroye in all his glory. @whitney_rich, @malinfezehai, @sarahninon - you've got competition. #photoktm #everydaykathmandu

A Nepalese woman walks at a field as morning winter sunlight seen piercing through the trees in Sakhu,Kathmandu. #everydaykathmandu #niriphotos

I've seen this game played in different parts of the world. What do you call this game?
#hoopandstick #games #everydaykathmandu #nepal #streetphotography

Basantapur vibes #everydaykathmandu

That's how I feel when I take work home. #kathmandu #hustle #streetphotography #everydaykathmandu

A decade after a civil war, and six months after a catastrophic earthquake, Nepal ushered in a new constitution. India the big brother has some reservations against it ! Hence it has blocked all essential supplies to this mountain kingdom ! Am I a part of this India? Did I vote in a government that makes people queue up for hours all night to fill 5 litres of petrol. The blockade is on from September,. I am again amazed at the resilience of the people! This scene left me thinking , when will this dam break, when will the patience evaporate, when will this country see peace again! #nepalphotoproject #everydaykathmandu #iphone6splus #shotoniphone6splus



शुभ दिन 🙏#everydaykathmandu #sunrise🌅

Be careful, someone is watching you!!! The most excited part was me and my friend surrounded by the police.
Because the entrance fee is 400 rupia, but there were so many free entrance instead. So I went and asked my money back!!
The very educated lady ( who insulted me a lot ) didn’t want to gave me anything. So i stop in the entrance, saying to all the tourist about the free entrance. In 5 min we were surrounded by 10 policeman...and all the free entrance were blocked ahaha.
After 20 min of playing we were escorted inside the temple by 3 police. Was worth to spent those 400 rupia!! 🤣🙈

latergram- Janku celebration marks the 77th birthday in a Newari's life. Before the availability of modern medicine in the country, the average life expectancy of the people was 60 to 65 years and reaching the age of 77 and beyond was similar to getting a new life. The title of Thakali is given to the senior member of the community after their Janku and they are considered as a god or goddess. The person is treated like a bride or a bridegroom and is carried on a colorful chariot around the area in a large procession followed by the family members. Afterwards, doorways of the Thakali's home is decorated with a mural to mark "god's presence" in that particular home. #everydaykathmandu #everydaynepal #janku #traditions #newari #culturalheritage #patan #nepal #vsco

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