Ah, missing those carefree days in Penang.. #everydayiscarefreetho #everydayaplayday

Mmmmm, summit turns and sunburns. Up to no good with @timmmcch •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #playtogether #staytogether #whipyourhair #freshair #dustonthecrust #meltme #everydayaplayday #bishredual

#TBT This time last year we were in London eating our picnic lunch from Pret a Manger by the Poseidon statue in Trafalgar Square. As much as we loved all the “things we did” in London, my favorite times were wandering the city and hanging out in the squares. What sticks in you mind a year after a trip?

Stone Age dress-up day for mini man today... #uugg

New pack... new adventures..#mowglilovinglife #everydayaplayday

Awe yes...The sun is out☉

Spring is about three weeks early here in North Devon. What's it like where you are? #spring #globalwarming #flowers

The boys and I doing our grocery shopping on the High Street. Love having a produce store and a natural foods shop within ten minutes of our apartment.

Walking up the stairs at the British Museum to the ancient Britain exhibit. One could literally spend over a week in this place and not do it justice. It's an amazing museum.

It's springtime in Devon! Strolling the wooded paths at the Broomhill Sculpture Garden and my attention is grabbed by the flowers as much as the art. #sculpturegarden #art

Don't think I've ever met a friendly swan this one in Hyde Park was merely tolerant and hoping for food but it came close and the light was nice.

We were told over and over to try the Devon cream tea. And they were not wrong. It is delicious! Have you had cream tea?

The boys looking out at Tower Bridge on a beautiful afternoon from the Tower of London. We had such good weather while we were in the city.

I love how @andersabroad is always up for anything. He's one of my favorite walking partners these days. Don't you love when your kids are also you friends? #momofboys

Obligatory photo op. He looks like we locked him in but he went in willingly. These phone boxes are still around in a few places but largely irrelevant in the age of cell phones. At least until the fall.

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