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Holiday treat of time to refocus and get inspired.
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Fancy an instant feel good? Stretch 🙌🏻 Whether it’s 30 minutes at the gym, 10 minutes at home or even 5 minutes at your desk - it feel amazing both physically and mentally, releases tensions, lowers stress levels, improves your mood, increases flexibility, stamina, energy levels and decreases your risk of injury 🌿

I was thinking of doing a video on my favourite stretches if anyone would like that? I have some for post-workout and others for the morning, when I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed and they make me feel amazing!

When your lip color is called Peanut Butter Cup you know you’re going to love it!!! #dynamicbydanessamyricks #limelifebyalcone #everydayamazing #peanutbuttercup

Guys it’s the end of #EAYDigitalDetox and I thought I’d finish on a simples one - day 14 - your tv digi box!
Once the kids are down tonight or you’ve settled down after work to watch your favourite shows; spend a quick 5 minutes clearing out your downloads and recordings!
Anything you’ve watched but don’t plan to watch again and more importantly anything you haven’t watched and still don’t plan to watch!
It may seem insignificant but clearing your digital space means every last corner of it and how amazing will it feel to scroll through only a small selection of films, shows and documentaries that you want, love and need to watch!
Once you’re done, as a bit of a treat, find three things to download that will make you excited for a bit of you-time! Something that you’ll learn from, something you’ve been meaning to watch for ages and something lighthearted 🌿 Just don’t forget to recommend them to a friend and then clear them out!

I also want to say a huge thank you for those of you who have joined in with this challenge! I’d love to know in the comments if you joined in and if so did you complete it and how did it make you feel? If you didn’t get a Janice to join in the. Don’t worry because it’s all in my highlights and can be done any time, picking and choosing which spaces you’d like to work on!
Also if you have any ideas for future challenges do let me know! #everydayamazingme #everydayamazingyou #everydayamazing

🐠 키야...이제야 정우가 물고기를 쳐다봐주고 좋아하네 ㅎㅎ 신기한 육아...나날이 변하는 정우😘 매일매일 사랑스러운 요~노~옴!! #my14monthbabyboy#everydayamazing#oceanaquarium#shanghai#changfengpark

Introducing the newest range of Nano Keratin Smooth, our in salon service catering to all types of hair, with 0% formaldehyde and aldehyde, your hair will be left feeling silky smooth, stronger and frizz free, cutting down drying time down and making your at home hair routine a breeze, day in and day out. Call today and book your complimentary consultation! #nanokeratin #nanosmoothpure #antifrizz #everydayamazing #goodhairday💁

Professional makeup! Get a little bit of everything for a great price! Eeeek! And look how gorgeous this looks 😍

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#EAYDigitalDetox Day 13 - kindle/ tablet/ iPad - basically any device that isn’t your phone, desktop or laptop 🌿

Go through your kindle downloads, iPad apps, photos and videos. As with the other days, stick to what you want, love and need, organise what is left into clear and manageable folders and breathe a happy sigh of relief that there is only one more day to go until your whole digital space is minimised to the max 🌿
#everydayamazing #everydayamazingyou #everydayamazingme

Sure there I am!!!! My first time down at the @nationalploughing championship and I’m here with @aldi_ireland . I’m going to be show casing all their Le Mara products today so if you’re out and about pop into the aldi marquee and say hi! #ad #everydayamazing #nationalploughingchampionships #nationalploughingchampionships2018 #lemara #skincarethread

Day 13 of our #30DaysOfBip series: Been doing a lot of #biking lately, so decided to mix things up a bit and do some #climbing at a nearby #gym. #BelayOn! Bip battery: 61%

Try the Bip #smartwatch for yourself; only $79.99 on Amazon - https://amazf.it/2QAxft6

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Yorkshire sculpture park, Barbara Hepworth, breathtakingly good

Naomi and the girls have been out all day, so I got to spend it with this plum. Big plans, but in the end we just went to a playground and then hung out... #ladsladslads

#EAYDigitalDetox Day 10 - Files

That should be your phone pretty much digitally detoxed by now so let’s head over to our desktops/ laptops whatever place you store your larger files on and give them a cull!
Don’t worry about music, photos or videos as we’ll do those on other days so simply go through things like contracts, invoices, bills, pieces of work etc.

The best way to do it is to get rid of anything that you no longer need eg a contract for an old job when there’s no outstanding work to do and you’re all paid up. (Never get rid of something you may later rely on)

I then tend to store any files I want to keep in Google Docs as it’s easy to find and use and doesn’t use up my desktop storage! *tip* Use an accounting app like Wave to create your invoices as they’re stored online rather than on your desktop! *Quite often things like phone contracts are stored in your online account so you won’t need to save them digitally or print them.
Let me know how you get on and most importantly I hope you’re enjoying your weekend after your 9 day digital detox so far 🙌🏻🌿 #everydayamazing #everydayamazingyou #everydayamazingme

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