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@everwalknation#everwalknation#everwalkusa 20 miles up the coast and feelin' good. What is your favorite music download for walking!?! #newhampshire #newengland #seacoastnh

Nothing stops the #EverWalkNation from walking, not even a little SoCal rain! Many thanks to our partners @24hourfitness for hosting us for a fantastic walk & cool down with the #24hourfitness trainers! Get out and walk!

Rain or shine... nothing keeps the #EverWalkNation from walkin!! What a fantastic day! Thank you to everyone who joined! 📷 @janadlc

We in WeHo salute you. #everwalk #everwalknation @janadlc @diananyad

Another week. Another city. Another parking lot. #lunchmeeting #everwalknation #everwalk

Just strolling with a hero #diananyad #everwalknation #everwalklariver

Celebrating the kick off of EverWalk Nation with Diana Nyad. Completing the first ever swim from Cuba to Florida was only the beginning. #everwalknation @diananyad

Day 3 @EverWalkUSA Recap, 24 Miles from Long Beach to Costa Mesa! #EverWalkNation!!!


If we hadn't mentioned it--walking is a GREAT exercise for your dogs as well. Bring them along for the epicness! #TBT RiverLA walk

Hampton Beach, New Hampshire will be another stop along our EPIC journey of the New England walk! Register today to be a part of the adventure! http://bit.ly/2rS3nyF

"If any of your muscles are feeling sore and achy, sometimes all you have to do to get rid of that soreness, is to do the same exercise that made you sore….muscle soreness is a build up of lactic acid. By doing the same exercise for those muscles, the lactic acid will dissipate." #TipFromBonnie

@everwalknation#everwalknation#everwalkusa 20 miles up the coast and feelin' good. What is your favorite music download for walking!?! #newhampshire #newengland #seacoastnh

"All of us suffer difficulties in our lives. And if you say to yourself 'find a way,' you'll make it through." - Diana Nyad

Here is a quote from our Everwalker Wendy Clarke! "I was a tenth of a mile short of my 31 mile goal for the week - LOL - so I headed down to the Squamscott River in Exeter (NH) for a 'stroll'. I had lots of family here this week so it was a bit of a challenge to get the walks in. Just having the training goals went a long way in getting me out the door! Exeter is home of Philips Exeter Academy so there are lots and lots of teenagers from all over the world here for summer school! Fun!!" #sharewhatyousee

Training Guide Tip: You'll find that longer walks require a slow build up of muscles in the hips, feet, knees, ankles, and lower back. Try and find the right rhythm that works for you.

Kennebunkport, Maine is a common vacation spot for all types, (even past presidents!) known for its secluded beaches such as Goose Rocks Beach. It also will be our day 6 achieve line! Have you registered yet? http://bit.ly/2rS3nyF

We are featuring this week's #TBT with some candids of Everwalkers enjoying the River LA walk! Motivation to get you pledging with us! bit.ly/EverWalkPledge

Welcome to beautiful Ogunquit, Maine! Our Day 5 achieve line! If you want to join in on experiencing these scenic views, register today! http://bit.ly/2rS3nyF

As a reminder #tipfromBonnie this week, "WALKING is a great, non debilitating form of exercise." So pledge with us & get started! bit.ly/EverWalkPledge

'Whenever you’re pushing through the tough moments, find a way. If something is important to you and it looks impossible and you’re up against it, step back for a minute and ask yourself if you have the resolve to think of every -nth degree to get through this. And most times, we do.'' -Diana Nyad

Enjoying Sheri Candler's view of Marine Creek Lake during her 6 mile walk! Share what you see with us!

Remember! Being in great shape doesn't equal being in walking shape! Continue with the training guide to make sure you're adequately prepped for the New England walk! http://bit.ly/2rS3nyF

T-minus 6 weeks until the EPIC New England walk! We are pumped! Register if you haven't already! http://bit.ly/2rS3nyF

#TBT to the smiling faces of the River LA walk! Pledge with Everwalk today! bit.ly/EverWalkPledge

The days are getting hotter as you are all preparing for the New England walk! This is a friendly reminder to stay hydrated! And to register if you haven't already! http://bit.ly/2rS3nyF

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