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Danica said: I wish we had a slogan like, “Hugs Not Drugs” and Everley said, “Too Cute To Shoot.”

She’s right - and it was written - and it’s kinda that simple.

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. 🎄

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This is the face of a girl who has worked every day for 4 months on a 2 minute cheer routine - and just found out she placed second in regionals, which means she’s going to Florida in a few weeks to compete in Nationals.

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The mandatory first day of school photo.

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Last week #gavindangerrussell & #everleydarlingrussell got to do their first reading of #ALittleRadical @mountainfilm

We are planning a book tour! So, if you are interested in us coming to your school, conference, or ice cream shop, email: hello@ALittleRadical.com

We are beyond excited to road trip to one of the most stunning places on the planet: Telluride.

Every year a few thousand people make the pilgrimage to this tiny town surrounded by sky scraping mountains to attend @mountainfilm - which curates the most beautiful and true stories about environmental, political and social justice issues.

This will be the first official @alittleradical Book Faire! We couldn't dream of a better venue. Honestly.

We are also so proud to be executive producers for one of the films in the festival: A Field Guide To Losing Your Friends. It was made by the uber-talented (and fellow Broomstick Engine storyteller) @chadclendinen *so much hard work!
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She's the best storyteller, writer, logophile, ideator, improviser, rabble-rouser, artist, humorist, actress, mimicker, photographer, photoshopper, essayist, counselor, lover, fighter, instigator, companion, dreamer, thinker, planner, chef, designer, crafter, friend, and sommelier I know. But above all else, her mothering skills should be studied. And I certainly don't tell her enough how blessed I am to follow her parental lead. #mothersdayeveryday
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Happy Easter, Love The Russells
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The first shipment of #ALittleRadical books are on the way! 📚✌🏽😎#gavindangerrussell #everleydarlingrussell

So fathers, be good to your daughters
Daughters will love like you do
Girls become lovers who turn into mothers
So mothers be good to your daughters too #womensmarch #girlsjustwanttohavefundamentalrights #feministfather #everleydarlingrussell #alittleradical

‪We are printing 3,000 A Little Radical books this Friday. We only have 378 signed copies left. Order your book before they run out!‬ link in bio: alittleradical.com #everleydarlingrussell #alittleradical

S is for SPARK, the start of a fire.
How one little life can ignite and inspire.
Strike when you’re hot, even if you burn out.
You may never know what your glow brings about.
Most people are afraid of the dark,
For the world to light up, we just need your spark.

Happy New Year! 2017 best buckle up! #alittleradical #gavindangerrussell #everleydarlingrussell

Total Christmas Meltdown. This is how Virtual Reality makes you feeeeeeel. #MerryChristmas2016 #everleydarlingrussell #gavindangerrussell

Merry Christmas. Love, The Russells #gavindangerrussell #everleydarlingrussell #alittleradical

If you blink you'll miss the head twirl at the end. #everleydarlingrussell

#everleydarlingrussell takes "Wacky Wednesdays" dinner in our home seriously. At school she's been studying the life of the legend Helen Keller. So tonight she decided to blindfold herself & her brother and roam around the table in hopes to empathize with the blind. To try and eat food you can touch but can't see. *don't miss her t-shirt: ONLY BORING PEOPLE ARE BORED.

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