May we all change our perspective to an “even-if” kind of perspective. ✨ #keepthefaith

"I have had days over the past few years where I was tired of being alone. Tired of waiting and praying for the same thing for years without any answers. Days where I was mad and said 'God...I thought you had more for me than this?' My life isn't perfect and never will be. BUT...my God is perfect! And I learned that EVEN IF I am still waiting and EVEN IF I have no idea what comes next...HE DOES! The God who created the Heavens and the Earth knows every detail of my life and HE ISN'T DONE YET!
I know if I'm still breathin...you're still working!
#evenif ---Share with us your "Even If" story and use the hashtag #evenif! We'll pick one each day to share. You never know who might be in the same place you are and needs some encouragement today!

I just want to take it in. Take in every last moment I get here and remember it; the good, the hard, the fun, the adventure... Uganda, I love you so much...I’m not sure how to leave ❤️🇺🇬 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

I’m trying to remember there is a season for everything. The Lords plans are better than mine and trusting in his desires for my life is the greatest joy imaginable. It’s really hard having your heart in multiple places, but I’d rather experience the OVERWHELMING happiness amidst the heartache that comes from knowing and falling in love with another “home” than not know it at all

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Jezelf verdiepen en onderdompelen ter voorbereiding op je bevalling helpt je om angsten los te kunnen laten. Kennis geeft je vertrouwen. En zoals we allemaal wel weten: angst is een slechte raadgever, doorgaans hebben we meer aan de keuzes die we maken in vertrouwen, vanuit ons hart. Die keuzes brengen ons werkelijk verder. Omring jezelf bij de bevalling met mensen die vertrouwen hebben in jou, in jouw proces, in jouw natuurlijke kracht om te baren. En geef zelf ook dat vertrouwen aan jezelf. Hoe meer in verbinding met jezelf, het proces en de natuur, hoe beter je naar jezelf kunt en durft te luisteren en hoe soepeler alles verloopt. "Wat als" = angst. "Zelfs als" = geloof en vertrouwen.
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Here is our Music & Worship Pastor, Robert Smart, singing Even If by @themercyme . Robert has had some serious health issues and this song is another example of how he’s trusted God throughout this situation. Continue to keep Robert in your prayers. #mercyme #evenif #conroetx #firstbaptistchurch #cancersucks

Through any circumstances, we can be confident that "in all things God works together for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." - Romans 8:28.

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I used to live on Fear. Now I live on FAITH. It is no less scary but it is A LOT more hope filled.

Isaiah 23-27
Perfect peace.
Take a moment and think about your first thoughts around the word peace.
Maybe you're thinking it has been so long I don't even know what that feels like anymore.
Maybe you're wondering if in the chaos of life...is peace attainable?
The answer is YES.
And not just peace... Perfect peace.
But when?
You maybe wondering...
When can I have this? Not now, surely not in this life...
YES even now.
But we just got word that a friend at work died and I heard on the radio that a child was taken from their family in a car accident...(true things I heard today)
Yes even so.
Even now.
In these chapters we are seeing a look into the future. The promises about victory and when Christ comes again. The beauty of chapter 26 where we find this perfect peace, is that this is also "in that day". The same day we had just read about in chapters 24-25.
God is always our refuge - 25:4
And "on this mountain He will destroy the shroud that enfolds all people, the sheer that covers all nations; He will swallow up death forever. The Sovereign Lord will wipe away the tears from all faces; He will remove His people's disgrace from all the earth." 25:7-8
What does this sound like?
Revelation 21:4, remember the new heaven and new earth?? He will wipe every tear.
But get this, He is our refuge now!
He is our perfect peace NOW!
"You HAVE BEEN a refuge..." 25:4
We keep in perfect peace when our minds are on Him. BECAUSE He is our refuge!! "Trust in the Lord forever, in the Lord, the Lord Himself, is the Rock eternal." 26:4
How with all this chaos?
"Yes, Lord, walking in the way of Your laws, we wait for You; Your name and renown are the desire of our hearts." 26:8
We can have perfect peace now because we have Him NOW!
He promises to be our refuge now and to wipe every single tear. This doesn't mean no heartbreak because the world is cursed (24:6) but EVEN SO, He is enough! We can trust that He is who He says He is, that He is a good Father and that He is GOOD at being God.

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"I know the sorrow & i know the hurt, will all go away if u just say the word, but even if u dont, my hope is u alone." These lyrics in this song are so profound. God wants us to trust him, even when he doesn't take the pain away when we want him to. When he seems far, will we still believe & have faith that he's with us? Even if he doesn't ease the pain, but rather it's intensified, can we still kno that it's for our best & be able to praise him? 🙏😢 #mercyme #evenif #song #lyrics #christian #music #gospel #worship #praise #sing #glorify #holy #trust #hurt #pain #tears #suffering #faith #hope #godisable #jesus #walkbyfaith #walkwithgod #refined #tested #trial #holdon #nevergiveup

I’m reminded your grace never asked for perfection, I’m restored cause I’m yours and I stand forgiven...Even when it feels like my world is shaken, Even when I’ve had all that I can take I know you’ll never let me go 💕🌼 #Evenif #Forgiven

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