:::they’re coming to get you, barbara!::: #nightofthelivingdead #evanscitycemetery

Here’s a highlight from my trip to Pittsburgh. @thechatnoir and I went to the Evans City Cemetery where they shot the opening scenes for Night of the Living Dead. So cool to see this location in person! 🧟‍♂️ #georgeromero #livingdeadweekend #evanscitycemetery #nightofthelivingdead #notld #theyrecomingtogetyoubarbara

Evans City Cemetery filming location of Night of the Living Dead '68 and '90. #nightofthelivingdead #georgearomero #filminglocation #evanscitycemetery #theyrecomingtogetyoubarbara

On the way home from Living Dead Weekend at the Monroeville Mall we stopped by the Evans City Cemetery where the legendary opening to Night of the Living Dead was shot. It was an overcast day which was perfectly gloomy and we listened to Danzig’s Black Aria II as we made our way along a long winding road which made for great atmosphere. Here you’ll see the Kramer tombstone Judith O’Dea famously leaned against in terror. Also featured here is the chapel that was slated for demolition before a successful campaign lead to its restoration. Funny enough “Myers” is buried right in front of the Kramer tombstone. The caretakers were very friendly and helped us find everything we were looking for. This experience only made me a bigger fan of this movie, one that I will never forget seeing for the first time as a kid! #kramertombstone #evanscitycemetery #horrormovielocations #nightofthelivingdead

Capped off the amazing adventure that was Living Dead Weekend with a trip to the iconic Evans City Cemetery to see the graveyard location from the beginning of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD. How’s my Barbara impersonation? Do you feel like they’re coming to get me? Also pictured from the movie is the Blair gravestone, the now-restored chapel and the cemetery sign, which afforded @ghoulishgary, @avlupton, @whyhorror and I yet another opportunity to play zombie. For horror nerds like us, this was a weekend of bucket list fulfilment. We just kept getting up and walking around... #livingdeadweekend2018 #livingdeadweekend #georgearomero #livingdead #zombies #evanscity #evanscitycemetery #theyrecomingtogetyoubarbara #movielocation

It’s been one hell of a ride! Got to see visit some of the locations from the Living Dead Films.🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️Now it’s time to go home. Got a plane to catch!✈️ #amovieguy14livingdeadweekend2018 #LivingDeadWeekend #LivingDeadWeekend2018 #GeorgeARomero #GeorgeRomero #NightOfTheLivingDead #EvansCityCemetery #EvansCity #Cemetery #Zombie #Zombies #Horror #HorrorMovie #HorrorMovies #InstaHorror

We found all the tombstones from the opening scene in Night of the Living Dead. #evanscitycemetery #nightofthelivingdead #livingdeadweekend #georgearomero #westillremember

Yesterday @dr_pusmort and I made our way to the Monroeville Mall and the Evans City Cemetery. It was akin to a religious experience. #georgearomero #monroevillemall #evanscitycemetery #livingdeadweekend2018

They’re coming to get you Barbara. Standing where George Romero filmed Night of the Living Dead 50 years ago. #notld #georgearomero #zombies #evanscitycemetery #movielication #theyrecomingtogetyoubarbara #vegansofig #xvx #veganzombie #theveganzombie 🌱🧟‍♂️


So this morning after breakfast, Dawson and I decided to head over to the Evan's City Cemetery from the Opening of NOTLD '68.
Upon arriving, it honestly felt like I was in a time capsule, as the area looks essentially the same as it did in the film (minus the fall weather). It was a pretty nostalgic feeling to say the least.
I took a plethora of pics (probably too many, but what the hell). We met a Great couple, ironically also from Onrario Canada, Chad and Jennifer. We were the only 4 people there at the time. Of course, Chad and I went off on our Romero films, and talked about how old we were when we saw 'Night', 'Dawn', 'Creepshow', etc. He actually pointed out to us where the main grave markers from the beginning were. We took a bunch of pics. Chad had his wife do the 'Barbara' bit, where she's kneeling at their Fathers grave, while he stood off to the side as 'Johnny', looking impatient; "Hey Barb, Church was this morning, huh?" When I finished taking the pics for him, he said "Do you wanna do the same for your pics?" Of course I said yes. His wife Jennifer was a great sport, yet at the same time I'm sure thinking that we needed psychiatric help, lol. I know Dawson probably felt that way.😁 Looking at my pics with 'Barb', I think I look more like a zombie ready to attack. I was trying to look 'irked'. Chad did it better.😉
That's the thing that I Love about these kinds of shows. You meet people for the first time, and within minutes, you're talking to each other like you've known one another for years. It's Fantastic man. I Love Every Minute of it.
#nightofthelivingdead #georgearomero #russstreiner #johnrusso #billheinzman #judithodea #evanscitycemetery

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