Evan Felker and the Turnpike Troubadours(@turnpiketroubadours) revolutionized the Red Dirt Scene with their high energy show and hard-hitting lyrics. Y’all need to get to a show soon if you haven’t already, get your tickets early because they always sell out.
Turnpike Troubadours // Whitewater Amphitheater // New Braunfels, TX

Miranda Lambert's Ex Evan Felker Not Getting Back Together With Jilted Ex Staci Nelson #EvanFelker, #MirandaLambert, #StaciNelson

Miranda Lambert Dumped Evan Felker For Breaking 'Her Rules’ - Details! #EvanFelker, #MirandaLambert

A Low Singer


Singer: Miranda Lambert

Well, that didn’t go as planned!

Singer and man-eater Miranda Lambert and her married boyfriend, musician #EvanFelker, have just broken up!

Let’s go back to the beginning.

#BlindGossip told you that #countrysinger #MirandaLambert was dating married tour member Evan Felker before it became public.

Evan’s wife was totally blindsided by the affair.

Evan left his wife and filed for divorce.

However, Evan and his wife continued to call each other multiple times a day, much to Miranda Lambert’s chagrin.

Instead of wearing a t-shirt that said “A Low Staci”, Miranda started calling Staci Felker ten times a day to try to get her to back off. Didn’t work.

The Felker’s #divorce was finalized on August 17, 2018. Evan Felker left Miranda Lambert’s tour a few days later. On August 23, 2018, Lambert announced that she is “happily single.” Yes, they broke up.

So, all that turmoil… for nothing! Well, except Miranda will probably write a song about it.

Congratulations to @nancyguzmandc for the correct answer!

Miranda Lambert confirmed that she has split from boyfriend Evan Felker in a new interview with The TennesseanOpens a New Window.published on Friday, August 24, in which she described herself as “happily single. #EvanFelker #MirandaLambert https://www.fashnal.com/miranda-lambert-and-evan-felker/

Miranda Lambert And Evan Felker Are Over Just Six Months After Starting Controversial Relationship #EvanFelker, #MirandaLambert

Miranda Lambert's BF Evan Felker Leaves His Ex Homeless As He Finalizes Divorce #EvanFelker, #MirandaLambert

Miranda Lambert's BF Evan Felker Leaves His Ex Homeless As He Finalizes Divorce #EvanFelker, #MirandaLambert

Miranda Lambert And Evan Felker Ready To Wed? His Divorce Drama Is Finally Over #EvanFelker, #MirandaLambert

Finally got to see @turnpiketroubadours 🤘🏻 honestly probably the best concert I’ve been to, such an unbeatable experience 🙌🏻 @austinlucasmusic was a great opening act too 👍🏻#TurnpikeTroubadours #EvanFelker

The Troubadours encore. The Bird Hunters. My life. Great song Great show. Can't wait until tomorrow. Day 3. #turnpiketroubadours #BBR #shotguntoshoulder #shotgunsaresinging #reddirtmusic #reddirt #evanfelker #theboycanwritesongs

Last band day 2. Turnpike Troubadours singing the song that will br played at my funeral. Ha. Unbelievable show. #turnpiketroubadours #reddirtmusic #braunbrothersreunion #BBR #closetostage #evanfelker #eastonandmain #morganstreet

Lord I love you
I wish you only knew
Well I wish you had a clue
I wish you had a clue you know..... 😓🖤 #turnpiketroubadours #countrymusic #iloveyou #evanfelker #fridayvibes #🤠

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