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Penetrator chris is bae Cr;@hermanrussia

I can't understand anything but she's so gorgeous / She says "Is that my phone?" 😻🙆.

I miss these three!! 😭💙 #skam


lmaoo I'm scared of all this versions of Skam but at the same time I'm hella excited and I want new content
(I found these funny hope they don't offend anyone 😬💕)
all pics from @ifitsgayishipit

This look

public transportation goals😂


everyone talks about how pretty noora is, but damn, eva is just gorgeous. most underrated season of all, but 1 i enjoyed very much. even more than season 2...
#skam #evamohn #skameva #skamseason1 #lisateige

Good morning, Isak is Even's baby in case yall forgot ✨

Goooooood Morning


what a cutie i love her

S1 was so so gorgeous and I don't know if it's because we got a lot of Jonas in season one but I feel like if he had his own season it would have gone back to this sort of hipster aesthetic and I am bitter that we never got to see that ☹️

the scariest monsters are the ones that lurk within our souls... -Edgar Allan Poe 🖤

i love


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