Get handsy. Spend time enjoying light arousal even when sex isn’t on the menu. Too many couples only bother to get excited together when they’re about to have sex ― as if feeling aroused is some kind of unpleasant state that has to be relieved as quickly as possible by having an orgasm. The happiest couples enjoy feeling aroused together even when there’s no time or opportunity to have sex ― just because it feels good. It doesn’t have to be full-on arousal ― maybe you’re just playing footsie under the table at a restaurant. Sometimes it can be nice to just feel a bit turned on ― then to let it pass, without having to drive it to a conclusion.

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Develop a signature move. “One of the things that makes sex with a special someone leaving you wanting more is their signature move. If you think about the best lovers you’ve had, they’ve all probably had one. Pick what you love to do that drives your partner wild and do that often, with slight variation or in new environments. One of the hottest things in having sex with the same person is that you learn an unspoken language that only the two of you share, full of hot secrets.”

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Have oral sex without the expectation of an orgasm. “Get past intercourse-focused sex and get passionate about oral sex. Instead of the same licks and tricks, try different techniques to stimulate your partner orally including long strokes with the tongue, sucking lightly and gently on all parts of the genitals and exploring your partner’s body with your mouth. Take your time and don’t focus on an orgasm. Instead focus on pleasurable sensations for your partner. ” ― Shannon Chavez, a psychologist and sex therapist in Los Angeles

Don’t ever fake it, ever

I’ve faked a lot of orgasms, and many of you reading this have too. Why did we do it? Is it because we were afraid of hurting our partner’s feelings? Because we were afraid that they wouldn’t see us as sexy if we couldn’t climax? Because we knew that we just weren’t going to get there, orgasm-wise?

There are a lot of reasons that people can’t go all the way. Prescription meds are sneaky culprits. Unknown to many Americans, even simple over-the-counter allergy medication can have an adverse effect on your libido. But your doctor won’t tell you that. And some people rarely orgasm. And that’s fine too. Just because I’ll never win the Super Bowl doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy tossing a football around for fun. If you know that you aren’t going to peak, kiss your partner on the cheek and say, “This feels really good, I’m not going to be able to finish this time. Can I take care of you?”

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Know your “likes” and share them

This means, be familiar with how you masturbate, and feel zero shame about it. Do you rub yourself? Hump pillows? Use lubricant? Like things a little dry? If you prefer to tug or tickle on the left side of your compass, put that in your mental bank. If you don’t know your body, how can you expect anyone else to? It’s easier to show your friend how to finish a Rubik's cube, when you’ve been doing it for years. Your body is a game, and sometimes a puzzle. But if you already know how to unlock your body, you can certainly instruct your lover to do the same.

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