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“İs it my phone?” Eskild was recording when they were shopping 😂 (Follow @skamedd for more✨)

This is one of the most beautiful scenes in skam,noora is really badass🤙🏻/Cidden skamdaki en güzel sahnelerden biri nooranın arkadaşını koruması çok güzel🤙🏻

Where's the lie

william? who is he? excuse me?

Have you ever watched SKAM?
[skam, 2015 - 2017]

it’s been onE year since this icONIC scene and I’m still not over it !!!!!

this is more beautiful than romeo and juliet #skam #evak #tarjeisandvikmoe #henrikholm


Hi, it’s been a long while since I posted my last post lol, anyways I did this portrait of Tarjei for class and I dont have anything better to post so... (I’m a little bit proud of it but compared to the original photo it has some flaws)
#tarjeisandvikmoe #isakvaltersen #skam #evak

i approve

Henrik es demasiado alto #aiuda

i want to talk about something I've never spoken about really on here. I know a lot of you love Skam for how they incorporated topics like sexuality and religion, but I also think their portrayal of mental illness with Even was so important.
So many of us are struggling everyday, we have thoughts and feelings that we wish we could rid ourselves of. I myself am struggling so much with this too, which is something I don't tell many people. I don't mind saying it now because im sick of people not feeling as though they can discuss this. You are not crazy, you are not mad. You do not need to be fixed. You are important, and even though it can feel like life is so shit sometimes, I just hope you all realise that you are so loved, that you are so worthy of having a beautiful life.

[let’s pretend this loops]

Guys I'm having the best time here in Oslo!! I'm falling in love with this city ❤❤ And I got to meet Henrik's dad yesterday at Ettbord which was great! I don't ever wanna leave norway #henrikholm #evenbechnaesheim #isakvaltersen #tarjeisandvikmoe #evak @henkeholm credits: @saetrevak

Pencils :)

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