It’s September 14th.. that’s 914! Here’s a really nice GT 914 to enjoy
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Happy 914 Day!
My 914 at Summit Point WV
#porsche914 #914day #eurotechclassics

Always cool to see a flat cylinder engine out of the car, on Aircooled Porsche’s the cylinders move in a horizontal motion rather than a standard engine moving vertically. Here is a 1970 Porsche 914 1.7L w/2.0 heads and Downdraft Dual 36 Carbs. We have been dealing with 914’s since the beginning so it’s only natural to have some in the shop here at Eurotech.
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Out here at the Mason-Dixon Maryland VW Aircooled drags 🏁🏁
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Had a blast out in Sturgis SD for the rally this past couple of weeks, sneak peak of what’s to come for the next Season of Garage Rehab!! Riding through the Black Hills with some absolutely amazing fans and Discovery Channel Talent🏁🏁
Bike: BMW GS1200R
Photo: @hsanders903
Truck/Cameras/Skills: @advrider99

I guess it’s Friday the 13th Selfie Shenanigans with all 3 Garage Rehab peeps. I think you have my seat @rrrawlings

#gasmonkeygarage #eurotechclassics #garagerehab

Traveling all over the country you meet lots of talented people and make new friends. If your ever in the ATL area go check out the dude @stevewest who makes his own custom jewelry and his photo skills are killer too. See his work with @Porsche from the Atlanta Porsche Experience Center. 📸: @silverpistonphotography
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Our 79’ 911SC Porsche Euro market coupe. We just finished the 930 Pop Out window conversion which helps move the air inside the cabin.
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Had a blast last weekend at @twiggindianmc @twiggcycles open house in Hagerstown Maryland. Took my 1979 911SC out there to check out the @indianmotorcycle new line up! Only a couple more weeks until Sturgis and getting hyped! Thanks for the hospitality @jmiller_937 and the parking spot 😉 •

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Happy July 4th everyone! Enjoying the sights and sounds of West Virginia 💙💛
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Back in Maryland for the weekend, come on out this Saturday 6/30 to Twigg Cycles in Hagerstown MD for this rad open house! I’ll be there checking out some bikes and talking shop! @indianmotorcycle
#gasmonkeygarage #garagerehab #eurotechclassics #indianmotorcycle

ONLY 1 more day until our SUMMER OPEN HOUSE. Come out and JOIN US as we will have a SPECIAL APPEARANCE in the early afternoon by Chris Stephens from Discovery Channel's hit TV show Garage Rehab along with his brother Marc from their own shop in Frederick, MD, Eurotech Classics with their 1977 Porsche 911.
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I would love to be a part of this great brand soon, a company that I have such a long history with. Back in the early 90’s I lived close to the Indian Motorcycle Museum outside of Springfield Massachusetts and frequently visited the place with my late Father and older Brother. Here at our shop @eurotechclassics we build and show a lot of cool pieces of automotive classics. Our shop still has lots of the literature my brother and I collected at a young age thanks to our supportive parents. Many books and wall art with little notes written to us from Mom and Dad. It’s amazing how much influence your parents and older siblings can be! I will be participating in my first Sturgis event this summer and it makes me look back at the path I took to get to this point in life and feel so grateful to be continuing doing what I love and follow my true passion ❤️ @indianmotorcycle
@hypeprojectsagency @discoverychannel @pilgrimmediagroup @hypeprojectsagency

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Happy Father’s Day to all the car Dads out there! Here’s our old school friend @micahmholmes with his son visiting the shop and checking out the Triumph TR3. Starting em young!
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Hold on Season 2 of Garage Rehab is coming back very soon! It’s gonna be a wild ride for sure.
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Another British Car Show at the Lilypons here in Frederick Maryland this morning. Here is a early 70’s TVR Vixen, definitely one of my favorite cars. We own one very similar to this but a 1969 Vixen. A couple months ago I was shopping for my aircooled Porsche and was offered a 74’ 2500m, I passed but still think about that car often. The 911 has been such a fun car and proved to be very reliable. The TVR I own now use to be this metallic brown shade but is currently yellow, hopefully soon we will be able to bring it back to this shade. TVR is a British made car company out of Blackpool England.
@eurotechclassics = TVR in our showroom

#tvrVixen #TVR #lilypons #britishcars #eurotechclassics #frederickmd #shoplife

Our Mom bought this book for us back in 1993! Can you tell how much we love Indian Motorcycles. We use to visit the Indian Museum in the early 90’s when we lived near Springfield Massachusetts. Today we stopped by the local Dealer and checked out the 2018 line, very impressed. We also still have our vintage Indian Dirtbike on display at our shop.

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Mesh highway haulers are a must for the summer 🔥
New designs and styles coming out next week but still have a few of these in stock.
#highwayhauler #truckerhat #eurotechclassics #asSeenOnTV #garagerehab #prototipo

One of the coolest signs I stumbled on while exploring Bishop Arts area this weekend in Dallas TX. I need to bring this back to Maryland for my shop @eurotechclassics

#garagestyle #shoplife #garagerehab #eurotechclassics #vintagesign

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