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Two dead American soldiers belonging to the 3rd Armored Division, lie crumpled in a ditch next to a hedgerow just outside of the crucial city of St. Lô, Normandy, France, July 1944. I'm not posting this photo to get likes off the images of fallen American soldiers but to spread awareness that not every soldier comes home alive, but in a casket. These soldiers, like thousands of others, lost their lives and made be ultimate sacrifice in the name of freedom. I'm assuming they were attacking the hedgerow just above their final resting place but were killed just before they got there. Hedgerows dominated the Normandy countryside and caused many problems for the Allies. They were ancient, thick with branches and vines, and formed walls everywhere you looked. You never knew who was on the other side of a hedgerow and this crucial factor is what most likely caused the death of these two American soldiers. The Germans took advantage of the hedgerows and slowed the Allied advance to a crawl whilst also costing them thousands of soldier's lives. Allied soldiers began to develop their own tactics like faking an assault from the front and sending a larger force to flank around and eliminate the target. This didn't always work and could create even more casualties making the tactic moderately risky.

#OnThisDay : In the final, however, Ciobanu fell behind with a bodylock takedown that drifted out of bounds and was ruled two points for Kabaloev. A rejected challenge made it 3-0 in the first period.
Ciobanu battled back for two and with only 10 seconds remaining in the bout, dove over his opponent, knocking him down and scrambling behind for an apparent come-from-behind 4-3 victory.
“I’ve done this technique in competition before, so I trusted it would work,” the 22-year-old from Chisinau said. But, the Russian corner challenged the call and a video replay was displayed for the entire arena to see.
As the video showed Ciobanu scramble behind at 5:58, the arena erupted in approval and Ciobanu was awarded a bonus point for the failed challenge.

The next U-23 #European #Championships Start On Tuesday!
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Ξαναμπαινοντας στους ρυθμους μας θελω να σας ευχαριστήσω ολους για την στηριξη κ θα ειμαι στη διάθεσή σας μετά το ευρωπαικο που ειναι κ ο μεγαλος στοχος σε 20 μερες !! Παμε δυνατα... #nextgoal #european #petrounias #hellas #gymnastics

I've share this #kitchen before but I can't resist... I need to share these #floors ! Aren't they perfect? The #hardwoodflooring is #European French #WhiteOak with a white stain and water based finish. Design by @artisansignaturehomes & the #fabulous @gretchenblack. #farmhouse #shiplap #kitchens #farmhousekitchen #whitekitchen #kitchengoals #goals #farmhousegoals #farmhouses #inteiroroftheday #inspo

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Pretty cool! #23andme #European

When you can't even do a handstand against a wall, but this guy can do handstands up AND down the stairs - who is this guy!?👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 @netherlandscircus #thenetherlandscircus #2017 #performance #acrobatics #gymnastic #love #thebest #europe #european #circus 🌷🌷🌷

This is the base to a very old wooden mirror found at a junk store. The shop owner said he got it in Europe. It was so pretty I didn't care what the price, I had to have it. But it was only $45! The worn tattered piece is one of my faves. I could have left it alone but decided to add real lavender and mmm it smells so nice. #decorating #farmhouselove #farmhousestyle #frenchcountry #frenchcountrystyle #decor #walldecor #wallart #vintage #lavender #antigue #handcarved #handmade #european

Milan, Italy🇮🇹

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