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New litter in Betelges kennel #dog #betelges #bestdog #eurodoberman #dobermann

Rogers dope Grandfather Redbull King of Darkness 😎

#alldoberman #dobermanpride #doberman #dobie #eurodoberman

Joy Justice Betelges, Vanja Betelges, Esmir Betelges, Irinland Barcelona Betelges, Panama Betelges and Maksa... #dobermann #eurodoberman #bestdog #betelges #dog

Wild beast of the forest. #doberman #eurodoberman #forest


When your dad checks the security 🎥 because he keeps thinking he hears a car with loud subWOOFers in front of the house 😋 p.s. You might have to turn the volume up!

My ears are looking good! Wish we could stop posting them already but my parents said we can't stop until my adult teeth grow in 😫

Conquering the stairs💪🏼

How about this picture? Do I look bad and boujee? 🤓😋😎

I'm literally scared of nothing....except my mom's purple monster friend named Dyson. I don't get why she follows Dyson around all the time like he's so great. He's always screaming and racing around my bed, driving me nuts. My mom wants us to be friends so she asked Dyson to give me hotdogs (my fav). Still not sure if I trust her sketchy friend!

My siblings get to do all the fun tricks....
Sorry for the crappy quality video! My dad sucks at taking videos 😋

Cali of Evry K9. #Doberman #Eurodoberman

First bath🛁

Car rides ain't so bad😎

Head bonks

Big bowl for a big pupper

Life's rough

Figuring out the new surroundings🤔

Sittin' pretty😍

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