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Hey, Iโ€™m Rebecca A. Ballesteros. I want to be clear that you know what I do. โ€ข

Do you know anything about the company I promote? โ€ข

Okay, so for those who donโ€™t know... WE DONT JUST SELL SHAKES. In fact, I personally donโ€™t like to hear โ€œshe sells shakesโ€ Because again, we DONT JUST SELL SHAKES.
We sell nutrition programs for all kinds of health which include : -1 on 1 wellness coaching (to keep you on track an accountable) *which includes* a complimentary weigh in
-Group fit camps -Individual workouts -A community of happy , healthy beautiful humans.
We brand a company who has been around for 37 + years and is #1 in the world for the our products.
We have specialized nutrition for - Digestive health - Heart health - Sleep relaxation - Immune support - Mens health - Womenโ€™s health - Childens health - Healthy aging
Energy - Sports line (for all you athletes)
- Energy and hydration
Skin and health care - Healthy skin - Acne solution - Bath and body
We have 310 products and Iโ€™m sure that youโ€™ll find one or many that you can just fall in love with โค๏ธ We also have an amazing business opportunity and if you definitely keep your income options open, would like to make some extra cash; please reach out โค๏ธ I want to personally invite you to an amazing opportunity for you to hear live testimonies ๐Ÿ˜
Itโ€™s time for you to stop making excuses on why you canโ€™t do it and SPEAK IT INTO EXISTENCE ๐Ÿ˜ I CAN!
Are you willing to learn about how nutrition is a key factor in this lovely thing called life?
What was your take away about what you just read above?
Do you have questions that need answers to?
Are you ready to give it a TRY?
Walk with me side by side on a never ending journey with amazing friends and an out pouring amount of love โค๏ธ In closing, Iโ€™d like to say Iโ€™m happy, healthy and I love your support

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