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This EMA is from Akiba Shrine in Akihabara, Tokyo. (link in bio @fromjapanwithlove )

Almost everyone in Japan knows Akihabara, but not many people may know how it came to get that name, let alone that it was all the result of a misunderstanding. The story goes that there was once a shrine called Akiba Shrine near Ueno station. This shrine burned down in 1869 in a great fire in Tokyo, and by decree of the Meiji Emperor, a new shrine was built near what is now Akihabara station called “Chinka shrine” (“Chinka” meaning “put out fire”). Enshrined here were three gods that were also worshipped by the imperial family, gods of fire, earth, and water. However, the local people thought that the shrine was built for the worship of a more well-known god of fire prevention, called Akiba-Daigongen, whom they called “Akiba-sama”. The area around this temple then became known as “Akihabara” (“Akiba’s field”). The Kanji above the picture of the building says "akiba shrine" and "getting rid of bad luck". It is from January 1st in the 61st year of the Showa Era (=1986)

It measures 13.5cm x 10.5 cm x 1mm.

Backing some pretty gingham bows with bobbles/ hair ties/ hair elastics? What do you call them? #workinprogress #whatdoyoucallit

Sunday vibes 🌞 fot. @babie_lato

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