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Itty bitty.
Playing with some broach ideas for make it

Itty bitty teeny tiny.

Itty bitty stitches in itty bitty hoops.

I have been having a reoccurring dream lately that I go to volunteer on a farm. All the root vegetables we pull out are just giant bloody eye balls. I've been stitching a lot of veggie eyes lately.

Just like grandma used to make.

Boo fucking hoo. . I haven't stitched in so long. It feels good to get weird again.

Happy holidaze everyone. 🌲🎅🏻🌲

Rick, florals and social anxiety. Thank you for all your support this year. Thank you for making it possible for me to take a summer off to just stitch weird garbage. Looking for are to getting weirder in 2018.

Endless Christmas commissions. 😴🌸😴🌸

Look at me morty. I'm.. I'm a sampler morty. I'm a Christmas gift morty. I'm embroidery Rick! .
. .
Christmas commissions and my very well loved @sayabellstamps

No more fake friends. 🗡 . . .
Reworking this little guy from a couple years ago because it seems I'm having this conversation with people a lot lately. People who are only around when it's convenient to be aren't people worth having around.

🌲 more snark after Christmas commissions 😴

My baby sister turned 13 this week and I gave her my favorite project box filled with fabric, thread and a set of my favorite needles. I taught her a few basic stitches and left her to her own devices. She just sent me this picture of her first ever piece and I am exploding with pride. Pass on what you love, teach those you love and foster community. #communityovercompetition always.

So many wittle florals for Christmas.

I want to take a page out of @hooopthereitis_ 's book and take this Sunday to thank all the amazing artists who have let me stitch their designs/words. I have had the opportunity to collaborate and trade with some extremely talented people during this weird little thread painting journey I am on. I have been so overwhelmed with the supportive and collaborative nature in the fiber art community and beyond. Thank you for warming this dark surly heart of mine. 💕☺️ #communityovercompetition

So many Christmas commissions, So little time. 🌲💡

I get hardly any stitching done for myself in November/December. On top of crazy Christmas commissions I also crochet a blanket for each of my friends, I'm 23 going on 93. Ricky is going to be so pissed when she realizes these aren't for her. I still have enough space for a few custom pieces in time for Christmas but you would need to order soon.

9 shades of blue and 7 needles later... 😴

Shipping this little hoop to North Carolina then I only have enough fabric for one more of these blasphemous Christmas ornaments. 😭

There's snow on the ground, that means I can start working on my favorite Christmas tradition. 5 years ago I cros stiched my mom a nativity scene Christmas ornament with "go shorty it's yo' birthday" across the top. Over the years the lyrics have gotten shittier and more offensive and the it's one of my favorite gifts to give Christmas morning. I am planning on having a few of these hoop babies listed in my etsy by next week.

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