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칭찬 많이 들었던 의상ㅎㅎ
#감사합니다 #에트레
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Online & In-stores this week! 🙏

étre shoes
프라다 페이던트 슬링백보구 넘 예뻐서 제작한 에트레 페이던트 슬링백! 😘✌🏻원하는컬러와 페브릭으로 원하는 스타일에 맡게 디자인가능해요 👍🏻
굽높이 : 6cm
수제화로 전 사이즈 주문 가능합니다!

#수제화#뮬#봄슈즈#봄신상#스웨이드뮬#수제화#에트레#에트레부티크#etre #etreboutique


Online & In-stores this week! 🙏

칭찬 많이 들었던 의상ㅎㅎ
#감사합니다 #에트레
#etre #etreboutique

Weekend Ready! With days like this, it may as well be Summer ☀️

• Monday Inspiration • We have some stunning new styles online now & in-store this week.

Introducing Madly Sweetly, a stunning new range fresh from NZ. Hitting stores next week and online now.

New styles to die for from Fred Sabatier. In-store & online now! www.etre.com.au

What a stunning day! Make the most of our Queensland "winter" with the gorgeous @cestbeaulavie_officiel range!

• Epitome of Chic • New Season Hatley is here and it's gorg! @hatley

• Denim Days • It's amazing how a perfect fitting pair of jeans can make you feel.

Let's just pretend it's still Sunday. Keeping the weekend dream alive with @icaftanidirobyzu 😍

• Spring • Where are you? We're dying to wear our new season styles! New styles from @hatley online now www.etre.com.au

• Is it Spring yet? • who else is excited for the gorgeous new season styles?! @icaftanidirobyzu

A little sneak peak at the stunning new iCaftani range. Online & In-stores soon! www.etre.com.au

Introducing another fab label to our New Season collection. C'est Beau la Vie. Trust us....you're going to love it! Online & In-stores this week xx

• Where are your jeans taking you this weekend? •

• Mid-Week Vibes • @newlondonoz

• UNISONO • The new season release is now in-store and online.

Friday feels, let's forget about the rainy weather and day dream about the weekend! @josephribkoff

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