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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Today we give thanks for our family. For their love, patience, and endless support. Through good and bad, they have stood beside us, and done anything and everything to help us follow our dreams of empowering women who have seen the worst of this world. There are never enough words to explain our gratitude, especially to our wonderful husbands @bengrantwoodwork and @joeyjchavez — without you, we never would have made it this far. And of course, we have to thank Miss Emmalyn for the joy and laughter she’s brought to our lives. She says our pouches make a good snack when you’re in a pinch 😂 We hope all of you are feeling loved (and stuffed to the brim) today! Don’t forget there’s only 5 DAYS LEFT UNTIL GIVING TUESDAY, where we will be donating 100% of our proceeds to @two_wings — we hope you’ll join us and empower survivors of sex trafficking as they pursue their dream jobs. Love, Fay + Michelle

I've been on the hunt for a good bamboo toothbrush for ages...
(sponsored post - we only work with ethical products we've tested ourselves)

Billions of plastic toothbrushes are disposed of annually - the amount thrown away each year in the United States alone weighs the same as 11,500 full grown African elephants!

It's such a simple product, but switching to an eco-friendly alternative could have a big impact if we all did it.

@woobamboo share the #EthicalHour ethos that "every person can make a difference in the world. Many small efforts lead to big change". The bamboo used in their brushes is sustainably grown, organic and BPA-free (a synthetic estrogen that is used to make certain plastics and resins - but has been linked to health risks). Plus it's panda friendly! Pandas don't eat moso bamboo – and that’s what they use for their bamboo toothbrushes.

Bamboo is natural and biodegradable, so when you're done with it you can simply throw it on the compost heap.

The bristles are made from Dupont Tynex nylon. This is one of the industry’s highest quality bristle materials. It's not biodegradable, but it is recyclable, and as they are tension held (not glued in) they can be removed with tweezers and put in the recycling when the brush is finished.

The problem with most environmentally friendly toothbrushes is that claimed “biodegradable bristles” either aren't, or if they are they actually start to decompose in your mouth with just a week or two of use. Another alternative would be to use boar hair. Yuck!

Woobamboo have gone for the best possible bristle for your teeth and the best handle for the planet, which is much better than the plastic alternative!

I've been using mine for a few weeks now and there's been no bristle loss. The handle is beautifully crafted and actually feels nice to hold. It's stylishly designed so it looks nicer in the bathroom than my old plastic toothbrush - plus every morning and evening when I'm brushing I remind myself that it's one less piece of plastic in the world - and what's better than that?

Head over to our blog where you could WIN a year's supply of Woobamboo brushes and floss 🐼💚 Link in bio ☝️

PART 2: This sick baby turkey went from dragging herself across the ground to playing with puppies at sanctuary.

Sign the petition to help us stop turkey torture. Link in bio 👆

'Just having us all in the same place resulted in the kind of jokes, love and laughter that encompass what I believe the holidays should be about' ❤️
#CollabOverComp #ContentRevolutionUK #SustainableSisterhood
📷 @flaco_d_oro

Lately I’ve really been struggling with the fact that I won’t be able to reverse the environmental impact I’m already responsible for at 28. I’ve always been conscious, aware, and mindful, but I’ve been reading too much for my own good recently and I feel that despite my best efforts through @thefashionadvocate to change the way people shop, my impact is just too little when I’m up against millions of people who don’t give a crap about the world and the way we treat it. So now, instead of stressing that no one’s listening, or worrying that @thefashionadvocate isn’t having any impact, I’m focusing on every little thing I have control over in my own little corner of the world. Once upon a time I believed that I could create a world without slave labour and completely eradicate unnecessary waste, but my glittering dream is so far from reality. Hell, it’s 2017 and plastic bags are still normal (seriously WTF). Obviously fast fashion has been out of my life for a while now, but in every corner of my home, I’ve been slowly changing the way I live so that I’m content with the positive impacts I can make as one person, and you can too. I buy @whogivesacraptp for a start. And yes, I buy this, I don’t get it for free as an influencer, and I’m proud to spend money on something that is making such a positive impact. 2.3 billion people don’t have access to a toilet, but @whogivesacraptp are changing that. Ever thought about what it takes to make new toilet paper, how much water is used, what bleaches you’re wiping your precious bits with, or where it’s all going? Read about it through @whogivesacraptp. Please start giving a crap about the things you buy, wear, use and dispose of - because we’ve only got one earth. 🌿🌿🌿🌿

Another shot from the #banthebagnsw rally that I took part in last week. Just because you don't live somewhere doesn't mean you shouldn't care about what happens there. As someone who likes to travel and see the world I think it's only fair to give back to the communities we explore! Plastic pollution is a global problem and we have to act like a global community if we are ever going to help the planet recover from the damage we have caused!•

#ZeroHeroMovement #zerowaste #zerowastelife #zerowastehome #plasticfree #recycle #packagingfree #plasticpollution #litter #pollution #greenliving #ethicalliving #ecoliving #ecofriendly #ecolifestyle #sustainableliving #vegan #plantbased #plantbaseddiet #minimalist #minimalism #nomad #travel #conservation #plantpower #thinkglobal #byronbay

I just spent a few hours putting together our November newsletter 😳 Does it take anyone else that long? And I had an interesting moment in the midst of newsletter writing in which I thought “Am I including too much? Is this going to be inconvenient for my subscribers?” I think a common experience in growing up female and bicultural (Asian and American) is this sense that we’re not supposed to be an inconvenience. We’re not supposed take up too much room. And we’re supposed to help others feel at ease. This, at least, has been my experience...the paradox being that I was also raised to be empowered, highly motivated, and self-sufficient. Anyone else struggle with this confusing dichotomy? Well I said what felt right to say in my newsletter and I reminded myself that it’s totally okay to have people unsubscribe (I mean, I just spent part of my morning unsubscribing as I cleaned out my own inbox). Here’s to less moments of worrying about being an “inconvenience” and more moments of stepping into my worth and my power 💪🏽 And I hope the same for you 💗
Lovely photo of our signature, organic tee by @hannahgarvin 🙏🏽
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What are you conforming to this Black Friday? Do you NEED the things you’re waiting in lines and fighting people for, or are you participating in a fabricated sensation designed to encourage you to buy more? Be a conscious shopper and only buy what you truly need. Plus, staying home and watching videos of people making fools of themselves in stores is WAY more fun 😀🛍🛒 #forageandsustain

Luxurious, colourful oils in amber jars makes for a simple and sustainable skincare routine 🌍✨

🖤 B L A C K F R I D A Y 🖤 up to 30% off this weekend only! Or save your💰for our sample sale at our Winter Wellness Event! Head to our website to see what we have in store for you! Happy shopping! 💕 #lookgooddogood #blackfriday #ecoluxe #friyay #weekendvibes

PETA had an exciting session with the students at WLCI, Kolkata on cruelty-free fashion.
#AnimalRights #FauxFur #FakeForAnimalsSake #VeganFashion #PETA #EthicalLiving #CrueltyFree #LetThemBeFree #GoLeatherFree #FurFree #WearYourOwnSkin

Find yourself a housemate who’s made it a habit to cook tagliatelle with aubergine pesto and grilled vegetables for dinner. I love having warm, hearty food in the winter!
For anyone who hasn’t been keeping up with my instagram stories ( i upload daily), i’ve been struggling to stay ontop of deadlines and person life things lately so apologies for not posting as regularly! My sleeping schedule’s been affected by everything that’s happened which has had an effect on my productivity as a human. I’ve also been getting throbbing headaches and this is coming from someone who rarely gets headaches, so i’m not too sure how to deal with them either 😐
Having said that, i think it’s important to turn this into a #lifelesson 😂 without meaning to be pretentious in any way ... Obviously this’ll be quite general bc there’s certain things that aren’t mine to share, but i hope that it’ll all still make sense..... The fact of the matter is that sometimes certain issues are out of our control, especially if it’s events that have happened to others but have a knock on effect on you. As human beings, we have emotionally wired connections to so many people; friends, family, loved ones etc. and sometimes their suffering will have an impact on us. There’s nothing wrong with this and we shouldn’t try to prevent it from happening because we’re made to feel and should never try to numb our emotions. SO... If it’s something you can’t change, don’t try to change it.
If it’s something you can’t control, don’t try to control it.
But if it’s something you can accept, live with, and show compassion/ understating towards; them DO THAT.
Things take time, healing takes time, acceptance takes time. But what we can do to speed up the process is to change our perspective on things and accept that sometimes things happen so we can adapt and shift our mindset on situations and therefore hopefully improve as human beings. There doesn’t always have to be a struggle to get to the 'light at the end of the tunnel,’ so long as you make the whole journey a lit path and acknowledge that we’re on this earth to be happy- think about it, why do people do anything ever, if it’s not for happiness.

Starting my Friday with this Tetley Beauty Tea 😍 It's Apple and Cucumber and totally yummy! Tastes a bit like watermelon bubblegum.... 🍉 Anyway, 16:8 is still going well, despite my beer binge last night🍺Today I'm down to 52kg which is great as last Friday I was 52.8 so woo hoo 🎉😄
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We’re going against the grain this year for Black Friday ✖️ As a business that tries to be as ethical as possible, we feel Black Friday doesn’t fit into our ethos and morals. We want you to purchase from us because you love what we do, you love our products, and you want to purchase something you will truly enjoy using because it makes you feel sassy and confident 💅🏻💃🏼We would like our integrity to remain intact throughout this crazy sale season, so we have decided to donate 10% of each sale we receive today and until the end of the day on Sunday 26th to WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) to help support the work they do to fight climate change, inspire young people to make a difference to the planet, help businesses lessen their impact on the planet and SO SO much more! 🌱🌿 By shopping with us on Black Friday, your 10% will go towards a better cause than just lining the pockets of the already rich and privileged CEO’s of the multi billion pound corporations that are offering crazy discounts (which, by the way, are not even that good because they probably hiked the prices up before even offering the discount 🙄) • We have some treats in store for you for SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY which is next Saturday 2nd, so if you are looking to shop with a discount, keep an eye out for those offers coming soon! 👀 AND by the way...we also have some ongoing offers all year round:
• Sign up to our mailing list for 10% off your first order
• 20% off your next order when you purchase sample items
• Supermood skincare is also currently on sale at 25% off • AND we are giving away a FREE Itha Organic Lip Conditioner on orders over £20 placed today, tomorrow and Sunday! 💕🌿 For more info on why we are donating and not discounting, head to our latest blog post (link in bio) 🌱✨Happy Friday everyone! 💕

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Cheers and cherishing such an abundant week ✨
Days have rolled into weeks, then into months. Before we know it a new year unfolds
Toasting and THANKFUL for all of the TRIBE today across the oceans and on our lands for your continued support 🙏🏾
This weekend after a seed was planted months ago @_consciouscinema_ 010 with @permaclub sprouts 🌱🎥🕉
New seeds being planted for 2018 .
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Support ETHICALLY MADE SHOES by Caplait - a Pakistan-based brand preserving a traditional handcrafted sandal called Peshawari Chappal - a man’s shoe, designed in plain, dark colours. Caplait adapted the shoes into beautiful, colourful designs that can be worn by women! Go to https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/caplaitshoes/caplait-shoes-help-support-ethical-fashion and help this beautiful cause 👡#shoes #shoe #ethical #ethicalshoes #ethicalliving #ethicalfashion #fashion #shoewear #pakistan #caplait #kickstarter #cause #worldfriendly #handcraft #handmade #tradition #traditional #pattern #women #support #ethy #slowlife #beautifulshoes #peshawari #peshawarichappal #footwear #heritage #buty #sandals

No surprises we're not advocates of Black Friday and it's been interesting to see more and more brands stepping away from this trend for heavy discounts and huge sales. So, here's the lovely lifestyle store @wearethemethod from our visit to Edinburgh last week, which we were delighted to discover stocked some of our favourite ethical brands including @honestskincare and @madeofmargate #boycottblackfriday #morethis_lessthat

Friday Feelings buff.ly/2iNvBVV

Dayyyy 80, anyone else getting that eye twitching, wtf why is December so busy feeling? 😬😬

How gorgeous is this recycled rug? 💙✨

Available from @recycledmats

Choose sustainable and ethically made products for your home 💕

#blackfriday has made huge waves even in the UK, but it isn't a bargain if you didn't need it in the first place!
#buysmall #buyindependent #buylocal #givebacktothecommunity #givebacktosociety #plasticfree
Join the non consumer protest of Black Friday and #buynothing
#ecoliving #nonconsumer #reducewasteuk #ethical #ethicalliving #itsnotabargain

Black Friday Madness. Is shopping worth it? Will it really make you happy? Aren’t there other alternatives? What happens behind closed doors of shiny shops? Marketing gimmick? - People feel like they are missing the opportunity to save money when, of course the whole point is to get them to spend more of it. @fash_rev #overconsumption #blackfriday #whomademyclothes #zerowaste #ethicalliving

Calling all designers: Established, emerging and students (school, colleges and Uni)....Prices start from £50 to feature up to 10 designs on the catwalk and a hall of fame stand/exhibit. All profits raised with be donated to @fash_rev #FashionRevolution

Visit @sustfashwales or contact sustfashwales@yahoo.com for more info and to book!
Visitors see the FB page for more info and tickets etc. link in bio☝ .
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