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my hair is a mess, my body is covered in bug bites and my heart is full.
It's hard to believe we're leaving Honduras in just a few days.
#11n11 #theworldrace #EternalFamilyProject

After a 20+ hour travel day, we're so happy to finally be at our ministry site. We are going to be working with a school and children's home called #EternalFamilyProject. We'll be the first WR team to work here. God has continually been showing off and showing up by giving us such a great organization and a beautiful place to work. So excited for what this next month has to offer!! #WorldRace #11n11

its a happy tired. thank you for everything #eternalfamilyproject

Water wars as usual with Gaby. 😆 It's all out of love though. #miamiga #kayak #eternalfamilyproject

Field trip to the Bio Park. Loved the giant bamboo, the beautiful nature walks and the freezing river. Only drawback was that we had to leave again. #fieldtrip #learningcenter #eternalfamilyproject #lifechange #honduras

Our Lend a Hand mission group spent the day serving at our kinship care family's home. They began the interior and exterior painting of their home! We also spent the day with the #eternalfamilyproject being blessed by their sweet family!
Continue to pray that God uses the team in a mighty way in their last few days in Honduras!#IMserving

So hard to believe that @immeasurablymore_320 is working as a missionary in Honduras with #eternalfamilyproject and these girls, some of which we met 10 years ago on our first trip to Honduras! It's amazing what God can do through a single mission week. #v2hmission #v2hcreatour #nvcmission #nvcnextgen

Definitely learned a lot about life from this girl right here. Our time together was short, but very impactful. Gabby, It's not goodbye, it's see you later, Whether it's in this life or the next. #StaySassy #TheWorldRace #11n11 #EternalFamilyProject


These girls have been working hard all week in helping us prepare for the new school year! To help keep things cared for and organized, we are developing a library system. This involved a couple of days of organizing books and writing down the titles. As long as they've got some music, these girls are happy to help! #library #booksbooksbooks #readforlife #learningcenter #honduras #lifechange #eternalfamilyproject

12 of our dancers worked very hard for 2 weeks to choreograph and practice 2 songs: one of ballet, one of jazz and acro. They were invited by a local school to perform for independence day. It was not only a great opportunity to display their talent, but to share about the family and ministry. Each student and parent was silent in awe, expect for the moments they cheered. Hours and hours of practice led to a spectacular presentation. They were all thankful to have a break yesterday from their usual dance practice in San Pedro. We are so thankful for God's blessings and the talent he has given to these girls. #dancers #togodbetheglory #jazz #acro #ballet #choregraphers #talented #honduras #eternalfamilyproject #lifechange

We cheered on Gaby this morning for her participation in the Independence Day parade. Tomorrow's holiday is celebrated with much patriotism for days. Gaby looked graceful and beautiful, despite the heat. #parade #celebrate #independenceday #honduras #eternalfamilyproject #lifechange

Feliz dia del niño! It's Kids' Day in Honduras and we are so thankful to have a church that has so much love for kids. We had a wonderful time celebrating. Each girl enjoyed getting candy, dancing, face painting, and bouncey houses. #diadelniño #honduras #eternalfamilyproject #lifechange #thatbowthough #cuties #sundayfunday

Happy Birthday Sarahi! We love you mucho! We are so thankful to have you in our family for so many years. May God bless this next year in your life and all you do 💜
Sarahi, along with Elvira and Ruth, is in our University Program and looking for sponsors to help with their educational needs. Each is pursuing an ambitious career with the desire to help others. For more infomation on how to sponsor Sarahi, contact us on Facebook or info@eternalfamilyproject.org
#birthday #felizcumpleaños #lifechange #university #sponsor #honduras #eternalfamilyproject

¿Eres bilingue?
¿Te gusta enseñar a otros y servir aquí en Honduras?
El Centro de Aprendizaje de Proyectos de la Familia Eterna está buscando personas bilingües apasionadas por enseñar y compartir habilidades con otros.
En la escuela de Eternal Family Project nuestro objetivo es que cada niña sea
vista, querida, y enseñada en la manera en que ella aprenda mejor.
animada a estudiar lo que le interesa.
preparada mentalmente y académicamente para poder escoger la educación que a ella le guste.

Buscamos a dos que hablan Inglés,
Beneficios del trabajo:
Pequeños clases (cada aula de clase tiene de 3-5 niños).
Conocer a el país y la cultura participando en las excursiones semanales de la escuela.
Casa para maestras y maestros cerca a la escuela.
Almuerzo gratis en los días a la escuela.
Puede ver más en www.eternalfamilyproject.org ywww.facebook.com/eternalfamilyproject
Si le gustaría ayudar a nuestra visión, contactenos en info@eternalfamilyproject.org

#ensenar #learningcenter #lagodeyojoa #maestros #honduras #eternalfamilyproject #lifechange

Anyone who is still wanting to donate to these beautiful girls please let me know! Cut off date is September 10th so that I have time to organize it and get it where it needs to be! Pretty much anything can be used! School supplies are a big need for so many girls. Clothes, craft supplies, backpacks, I'll take anything! Thank you!! #eternalfamilyproject #honduras #pucha

Happy birthday Nahomy! Yesterday she turned 9 years old. She is becoming a beautiful young lady, with a talent for acro and gymnastics. She is very close to accomplishing a cartwheel with no hands! We love watching her grow in age and confidence. #birthdaygirl #family #lifechange #sweet #eternalfamilyproject #honduras

Our family has one more teenager! Aracely turned 13 yesterday. She spent some of her birthday doing one of her favorite activities, playing violin. She is becoming quite the musician and shows so much enthusiasm for learning new instruments. We can't wait to see where this passion takes her. Happy birthday, Ara. We love you! #teen #birthdaygirl #13 #musican #lifechange #eternalfamilyproject #honduras

We had to delay our end of year party, but that didn't take away from any of the fun! The girls had a blast trying to eat doughnuts with no hands. It was messy, but nothing a water balloon fight couldn't fix! #messydays #waterfight #funday #doughnuts #honduras #learningcenter #lifechange #eternalfamilyproject

We had great presentations this week for the close of our summer semester. Each class worked hard on their project, whether it be the history of typical Honduran dishes, science experiments, a play, or dancing to the vowel sounds. Time for a break, before beginning the new year! #learningcenter #presentations #lifechange #eternalfamilyproject #honduras

Just 2 days until our performance! The cast is getting very excited now that most of our setting is complete thanks to the help of 7th and 8th grade. Off to get a few more props today, so we can do a full run through tomorrow. They are each so uniquely animated and energetic, it is going to be quite a show. 💜 #drama #excited #honduras #volunteer #creativelearning #buildingconfidence #eternalfamilyproject #immeasurablymore

Moon art as we learn about the eclipse. Too cloudy to watch the partial here, but Facebook live was a good substitute. #eclipse2017 #nasa #moonart #artists #prepa #eternalfamilyproject #honduras #volunteer #immeasurablymore

Happy birthday Elvira!! We love watching your enthusiasm for your studies at the hospital continue to grow. May God bless this next year in your life. We love you very much! #birthdaywishes #love #family #ambition #eternalfamilyproject #lifechange #honduras

Music - Teaching - Sports - Cooking - Art - Kids - Adventure
What's your passion?

Whatever it may be, we would love to use your talents. Our family invites you to come laugh, play, sing, dance, create, explore, and outreach with us. In other words, we invite you to be a volunteer! There are many needs within the ministry, and so many opportunities for you. Whether you are interested in long or short term volunteering, our ministry asks you to partner with us in sharing God’s Kingdom in Honduras. You will be immersed in a culture, surrounded by our Father’s glorious creation, engaged in building relationships, and inspire lifelong learning.
If you would like more information, or feel called to volunteer, contact us at info@eternalfamilyproject.org "Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth." 1 John 3:18

#volunteer #opportunity #joinus #teachabroad #inspire #love #honduras #missions #family #adventure #lifechange #eternalfamilyproject

I am so excited for our project in 2nd and 3rd grade. We are doing a skit based on one of our favorite books 'The Little Old Lady Who Wasn't Afraid of Anything'. It is such a great experience with these girls as they work on reading, drama, creativity and their confidence. We have just 2 weeks until the presentation! But, I need your help. We need to get supplies for costumes, props, and the backdrops. I would like to raise $50 for all our supplies so this can be a truly exceptional experience for them.
There are many ways to donate at www.immeasurablymore-320.weebly.com/donate
#drama #bookstoplays #creativelearning #eternalfamilyproject #donate #honduras #immeasurablymore

On Saturdays, some of us dance, some play tennis, others become lions. #roar #lion #fierce #imagination #honduras #eternalfamilyproject #lifechange

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