We're getting closer! Some girls are so close to finishing their boards with only a few numbers left. You can be the first to finish a board! Or help fill a board in need of some x's! It's not too late to #jointhefun
Follow link in the bio to participate.

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Lizbee loves to find all sorts of things to use for dress up. She looks so sweet whether she's Batman or wrapped in a scarf. #playtime #dressup #creative #honduras #eternalfamilyproject #lifechange

Gaby looked great today at her Cultural Fair! This year, she represented Peru with ceviche, potatoes, and traditional clothing. Great job Gaby! #culturalfair #honduras #eternalfamilyproject #lifechange

Nahomy is so close! Only a few numbers left until some boards are complete. We are so thankful for everyone's generosity as we get closer to camp!
Follow the link in our bio to participate in the fun.
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Summer is here! And we are so excited for the opportunities it brings. We are always seeking new ways in which the girls can explore the world and their talents. 18 girls, and Bob, are attending summer activities and need your help to reach their fundraising goal!
Click the link in our bio to go to the website.

How it works: Each girl has a poster with 25 numbers; you can pick one or more of the numbers on their poster. For example, if you choose numbers 24 and 1, you will donate $25 to their summer experience. Once all the numbers are crossed out, that girl has reached their goal!

#donate #givethegiftofcamp #giveanumber #summercamp #fundraiser #honduras #eternalfamilyproject #lifechange

Happy Birthday Yuri! We love and miss you so much! Wish we could be with you to celebrate, but know there are many to surround you with love. Hope you had a special day! #birthdaywishes #love #honduras #eternalfamilyproject #lifechange

“When I first started volunteering for EFP, I assumed it would just be a fun home school teaching volunteer job, but it quickly turned into so much more than that. The girls made me feel so welcome from the start so that by the end of my nine-months, I felt that I was leaving my family behind. Allison’s daughters have the biggest hearts and have so much genuine love for each other and others. They are an amazing family, and I feel so lucky to be a part of their lives!” Taylor volunteered at 19 years old. She is studying Modern Language and Culture II Spanish, and continued her education taking online courses while volunteering in Honduras.
If you are interested in volunteering, contact info@eternalfamilyproject.org
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Our family visited Pan Am yesterday; we've been unable to schedule visits during this crazy semester. The girls were so happy to reconnect with the kids and babies there. They spent hours holding, playing, and loving on them. We are all looking forward to be able to continue our visits. #outreach #volunteer #love #relationships #honduras #eternalfamilyproject #lifechange

Ever thought of volunteering, but felt hesitant with all the questions? Throughout this month, we are going to be answering questions, sharing testimonies, and showing all the adventures in volunteering with EFP! Stay tuned for more information on short term, long term, teaching, mentoring, and impacting volunteer positions. If you have any questions now, don’t hesitate! Email info@eternalfamilyproject.org with any and all questions.
#volunteer #goabroad #teach #impact #justdoit #volunteermonth #summeropportunity #honduras #eternalfamilyproject #lifechange

Two more years.
Two more years until I can officially resign from my position.
I’ve been approached by many people telling me, Natalie, are you planning to make this your career? Retire? Do your full 20 years? Why not stay?
I want to settle down the rumors, the comments, or even those who may look down upon me for making this decision.
When I decided to join the military at the age of 17, a junior in high school, I wanted to leave the town I was living in and escape the environment I was surrounded by. I also knew I would need help going to college financially.
So it wasn’t this whole selfless, patriotic desire, but rather a selfish one.
But in my mind, I always knew I wanted to be married to the man of my dreams, have a family, and be there for them, and there was no place in the military for a woman to do that consistently and also move up the ranks, you had to choose-career or family, and I chose the latter.
I’ve chosen the latter for the last 6 years since I had my first daughter.
But I’m not one to pull out of a contract without any serious reasons, so I knew I would continue working and completing my time while also building the Dream life I’ve been wanting, and that entailed leaving the military.
I’m not putting down women or mothers who choose otherwise, it’s just not something I want for my family.
So three years ago when an opportunity came into my life to build an income and career from home and that would build over time to allow me to “retire” from the military while having an income to replace the little I received one time per month, plus replace my nursing income, I knew I wanted to develop myself even more as a leader!
So in the last three years, I’ve made it my goal to understand social media, to work on myself personally, while also helping other women develop themselves and become better personally as well as physically, and also create an empire that would allow other women to gain the same freedoms I was seeking, and now I’m here, two years away from my end date, dreaming about the even greater freedoms I will gain because of the opportunity that has been placed before me!
Now that is something worth fighting for!

Happy Birthday Yolani! This sweet and always laughing girl turned 15 today. We love you and the joy your smile brings 💜
#birthdaygirl #growingup #quinceañera #honduras #eternalfamilyproject #lifechange

It's Family Day! We are all having a sweet time watching performances, playing games, dancing, and of course eating.
#diadefamilia #walkingtacos #eternalfamilyproject #lifechange #honduras

We've got the cutest batman ever. Lizbee loves her new accessory! #i'mbatman #socute #honduras #eternalfamilyproject #lifechange

Jenci and Asly's science project won first place in their grade! Jenci's project was about all the germs on your cell phone. Asly's studied if birds were attracted to a certain color. Great job girls! #goldmedal #happygirls #honduras #eternalfamilyproject #lifechange

Thank you for all your prayers. Estrella is doing very well and is on track to get her stitches out Tuesday!
#bravegirl #grateful #allsmiles #honduras #eternalfamilyproject #lifechange

Happy Birthday Gaby! How has time flown by so quickly? 19 years old and preparing for University! God has big plans for you, we pray for wisdom and strength as you move into adulthood. #happybirthday #19 #cantbelieveit #honduras #eternalfamilyproject #lifechange

So proud of the hard work these ladies put into their science projects. They presented them today in front of judges. While some were quite nervous about presenting, they were each excited about the new things they learned.
#sciencefair #proud #projectlearning #honduras #eternalfamilyproject #lifechange

Estrella got a little hurt today, and needed 2 stitches on the back of her head. She was quite upset about, but after a lollipop, ice cream, and doll, she's feeling much better. And looks awful cute wrapped in gauze.
Tomorrow, she will go back for another injection. Please pray for quick healing and for the chocolate ice cream to keep that sweet smile on her face. #prayersup #fashionista #booboo #brave #honduras #eternalfamilyproject #lifechange

I am SO thankful for my beautiful mama. Her passion for kids in need has not only rubbed off on me, but given me the courage and support to love on kids so far from home.
Today was so full of love and laughs. My mini me even shared a sweet gift with me today. I adore being present in these lives as they grow and explore the world.
#volunteer #tia #mothersday #jumpertwins #Honduras #eternalfamilyproject #immeasurablymore

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