I ask him over and over again, "Where are you, why did you leave like that?" 17 weeks ago, it was a Wednesday night around 8 pm, he gave me a long hug and said, "I love you so much Mama." That hug has to last the rest of my life. Is that why this came through in my drawing tonight, or is it a fresh, new hug from the other side? I haven't thought about that night in a long time. I have some guilt about it. It wasn't like him to be so overtly affectionate. I knew something was up. Should I have stayed awake and followed him? How long could I keep that up? He said in his letter there was nothing I could do to stop him, he was smart enough to make sure of that too. I will live in this eternal hug for a bit and leave the "what if game" for a while. #griefjournal #nondominanthanddrawing #lefthandedcrayondrawing #missingyoujosh #eternalembrace

I have only a couple mediums and smalls left in The Eternal Embrace tee. Get one before they are gone! ************************************************
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Together Forever will feature two separatory funnels one containing my saliva the other containing my partner's. Dripping into a shared vessel, the two entities will be forever combined in a form of eternal embrace. This work investigates a threshold between co-dependency and intimacy. Work still in development.
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I may no longer have a choice on my ending. Because I no longer believe in that kind of neglect. I can finally deal with things and not give up. Finally having a habit of zero temptation to neglect a loved one already existing in a safe mindset nor my own life.
I am finally able to be more independent than ever in life. I have been capable for a few years now. But now I know I can do what's best for me. And I also know when to deal with issues and give them time. A world of nonsense may not make sense to me. Of course not but I know I'm not alone. Honest and Humble are my key Views on how to approach life. But with a heart soul and mind. It gets confusing having all three, all while knowing I am only one. I am blessed to reach out to ones who are as confused as myself. As well as frustrated. But you're not alone. And I tend to hope I'm not either still. Either way. You're safe. There are so many phases in life that help us get to our true inner understanding of this existence .... I am still going through this. It gets scary and irritating. But I promise you. That you have the ability to access the light of your soul with the decisions you make with your choices here. Learning to be intune with more than just this world is scary. You can still have goals and aspirations. After all, we are all here.
I don't expect anyone to agree with any or all of this. But I want you to know. That I will not judge you for you're strives to approach your own improvements.. anyways, since when should improvements, goals, and aspirations ever stop. Without those .... I would have been somewhere far darker and behind than where I am now.
I care about all of you. **#eternalembrace

"And now you're mine. Rest with your dream in my dream.
Love and pain and work should all sleep, now.
The night turns on its invisible wheels,
and you are pure beside me as a sleeping ember.
No one else, Love, will sleep in my dreams.
You will go, we will go together, over the waters of time.
No one else will travel through the shadow with me, only you, evergreen, ever sun, ever moon. / Ve imdi benimsin. R羹yanla r羹yamda dinlen.
Ak, ac覺 ve i hepsi uyumal覺, imdi.
Gecenin g繹r羹nmez 癟arklar覺 d繹n羹yor
ve sen dupdurusun yan覺mda t覺pk覺 uyuyan bir kor gibi.
Baka hi癟 kimse ak覺m benim r羹yalar覺mda uyumayacak.
Sen gideceksin, birlikte gideceiz, zaman覺n sular覺n覺n 羹zerinde.
Baska hi癟 kimse benimle g繹lgelerin aras覺nda yolculuk etmeyecek, sadece sen, daima yeil, daima g羹ne, daima ay." #PabloNeruda
#LoversOfValdaro #eternallove #eternalembrace

Unfortunately I Am All Sold Out Of These Eternal Embrace Ladies V-Necks......But There Still Are A Few Smalls And Mediums Left In The Unisex Tees. *********************************************
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Bender籀 i miei occhi
e ti vedr簷 oltre la vista
cugina, sorella, amica... ma tu
etichetta non hai
e riuscire a spiegar
l'amore per te
non so.
Ci immagino insieme,
affacciate in silenzio
alla finestra sgangherata
della nonna,
lo sguardo si muove
verso la ripida discesa
tra la piazza del paese
e la vita.
S'affollano i ricordi
nutrenti slanci
e chiusure
di spiriti bambini.
Guardo le nostre foto
mentre il tempo fugge
ma non sar cos穫...
per sempre.
Custodir簷 i miei versi
che raccontano di te...
e li terr簷 distanti
dai clamori
d'un mondo
che ha obliato la bellezza.
Non udiranno
le tue sagge parole,
per placare il mio sconforto.
Non sapranno
che anche il vento
si fece soffio
per sfiorare
la tua chioma di ricci lucenti.
Non scopriranno
come abbiamo
mutato il tempo
in particella d'infinito
incapace di scalfire
il nostro spirito.
Non conosceranno
l'enigma di due anime
annodate nei millenni
che ogni volta si ritrovano
e trovano risposta. 遊on Amore
Tua V. @francescaborze
Grazie per ogni singolo istante che mi hai donato儭
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And so this is what light is: an electric field tied up with a magnetic field, flying through space. You can think of the two fields as dance partners, wrapped up in an eternal embrace. #eternalembrace

Evidently you don't get footswitches with your 600$ amp anymore.. glad I keep random ass parts around forever.. lol #2018 @guitarcenter @acousticamps #diy #footswitch #eternalembrace @eternal.embrace.music # #heavymetal #diyfootswitch

This tea is refreshing af! This heat and humidity is kicking my ass.

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