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This little man is the cutest thing. Can’t get enough of him. He’s a baby and I gotta snap pictures all the time #mybaby #etcq #lovehimtobits

#etcq Regram from @energon_terror_claws.
Been thinking about this most of today.
1. Hellscream
2. I would have begun life as a Decepticon but realised eventually that they're nothing but hypocrites. I would have my insignia forcibly removed and realigned myself with the Autobots. If I had to choose a side, I'd want to choose the side who tried to save innocent lives, not destroy them.
3. Siege Tank
4. Leftover artillery cannon from my time with the Decepticons. However I would prefer not to fight if given the choice. I would also use a mighty Siege hammer for close encounters.
5. Purple and black. They will always be my favourite colours.
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@energon_terror_claws Omg been thinking about this all morning I think I have turned crazy ig roll playing fan girl creating my own oc. Urh every thing I hate. 😖😖
1⃣pistol whip.
2⃣Female con
3⃣Some sort of Nissan figaro looking Car slash Hoover car. I just like the car it's cute but not very con like. Has a cool retro feel to it.
4⃣Umm I'm not sure what weapon I think I would be more of a medic. Scrapling around dead bots for parts. So basically what I find.
5⃣A dark racing green I think with a slash of black.
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