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Add value to people’s lives. Affirm. Esteem. Encourage. Strengthen. Motivate. Inspire. Appreciate. Thank. Hug. Smile. Notice. Build up. Support. Empathize. Be kind. Be generous. Give undivided attention. Give friendship. Show hospitality. Love.❤️ ✨

Do small things with great love. ✨
You get what you give.

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What are the risk factors for paternal depression?
We tend to focus slot more on mothers but men also struggle with depression. Actually men are more likely to be silent when suffering from depression. Some of the known risk factors associated with depression in fathers (paternal depression) include: - a man’s partner experiencing postnatal depression
- a previous history of depression
relationship problems
- low self-esteem
- feelings of incompetence in the parenting role
- first-time fatherhood
- an unsettled baby.

Paternal depression can affect men of all ages, personality types and financial status.

"Nemu yg lagi syanthik"
Nama produk : eleny/amnety/esteem
Masa produksi : 1992 - 1994
Atpm : Suzuki indomobil
Suzuki Amenity adalah hatchback kecil yang diproduksi antara tahun 1990 sampai 1992. Masih dengan bodi yang sama, versi facelift mobil ini dikenal dengan nama Suzuki Eleny yang muncul antara pertengahan tahun 1992 sampai tahun 1994. Di luar sana mobil ini dikenal dengan nama Suzuki Cultus yang berasal dari bahasa latin yang artinya nyaman. Selain dijual dengan nama Suzuki, mobil ini juga dijual dengan merk Subaru Justify (Jepang), Changan Lingyang (Tiongkok), sampai Maruti Margalla (Pakistan). Karena pada saat itu Suzuki bekerja sama dengan General Motor, mobil ini juga dijual oleh beberapa merk dibawah General Motor seperti Holden Barina, Chevrolet Sprint, Geo Metro dan Pontiac Firefly.

Versi Indonesia hanya mendapat jatah 1 pilihan mesin yaitu Suzuki G13A. Mesin non interference ini masih memakai teknologi SOHC 8 valve dan memiliki kapasitas 1300cc. Untuk urusan pengabutan bahan bakar masih digunakan sebuah karburator dan pengapiannya sudah memakai CDI. Selain G13A ini, sebenarnya ada varian mesin Suzuki G13B yang sudah DOHC 16 valve dan injeksi. Sayangnya versi mesin yang lebih bertenaga ini hanya masuk sedikit ke Indonesia karena hanya digunakan untuk keperluan balap reli.

Sumber : https://www.mobilmotorlama.com/2016/07/suzuki-amenity-dan-suzuki-eleny-sf313.html?m=1
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How do WE keep from becoming "Somebody that we/they used to know"?...
Sometimes friendships/ relationships end for whatever reason. That can be a healthy thing or maybe you may still want to keep them in your life. Our lives should be enriched by those who surround us, as we reach out to them when we feel overwhelmed or just can't seem to get past a situation. When we experience loss, they wipe our tears, during our dark times, they become our light and when we reach out, we feel the warmth that only someone close can provide. Everyone needs somebody they can trust. Reach out today and thank them, talk to them and share your concerns. Maybe it was just a misunderstanding. Close friends or lovers don't come into our lives every day! If you've been fortunate to find that special person or friend who makes you feel alive, safe, excited or motivated, hold into them at whatever cost. Even if the Universe splits you both apart, let them know how important they are/were to you. WE are better people because of them, even if they no longer exist by our side. It didn't end because of you or them. It ended so that you could grow from this experience. Maybe to prepare you for the one who was made just for you. I truly believe in the following: "It's sad to belong to someone else WHEN the right one comes along". Believe in yourself like they did, see the beauty in yourself like they did and be kind towards them and others as only You know how. You once enjoyed their presence, smile, laughter and company. I don't understand how people who cared and loved each other can get to the point where they can't stand each other simply because they weren't everything you wanted them to be. Healthy and successful relationships exist and thrive when WE accept a person for who THEY are. Who are willing to adjust to us as we adjust to them: meeting in the middle. I'm not looking for perfect, just someone with a similar foundation and ethics, belief in God and a sincere desire to create a Life together as we embrace and include family. When did we forget how to love and value eachother?

로사언니랑 너무 잘 어울려 민정언니는。。。 가랴도 이뻐요 어쯤 ㅠㅠㅠ

왤케 일찍 인나요 ㅠㅠ

You are fearfully and wonderfully made!
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.
Psalm 139:14
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If I listened to what others had to say i wouldnt be doing what I love today. #dowhatyoulove

New Music coming through soon.

The quirky things that make you different are what make you beautiful 🌸

Ogni tanto un po’ di amore per se stessi e autostima ci vogliono.
Non condivido quasi mai mie foto, ma prima o poi vorrei avere abbastanza fiducia per farlo sempre. 💛

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Thanks @gabunion for your transparency about having #ptsd. Let's continue to speak about mental health ##breakthesilence #breaktheshame #breakthestigma. Seek help.
Go to www.esteemcounselingservices.com if you are in need of mental health services.

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Self Awareness of how adverse experiences shape our thinking, emotional, behavioral patterns.

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