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happy 15th bday Ryan! @ryan.maw tonight was so fun with you guys! #escapology

We escaped!🏃💨 One of the coolest experiences I've had here in San Diego🌴 #escapology #th3cod3 #escaperoom #springbreak2k17

I've accepted that, in my life, I'm going to be "That Guy" in any normal situation. In this case, I'm that guy that does crazy crap at the gym that no one in their right mind does for fitness.
In this case, it's hanging myself upside down without assistance to prepare for an inverted escape. It's the first time I've ever tried even practising for something like this and it's been in my head for a while. Long story short? Be THAT person. Be weird. Be fantabulous. #PerformerLife #Fitness #Kinda #Ginger #Escapology

Let's escape
Photocredit @songilangeni #escapology

Infiltrados en el despacho de Fidel Castro, logramos escapar #Escapology :)


When bestie and I escaped Antidote. #escapology #antidote #bestie

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