Do something today and you will be surprised at how your future will change.
1. Work on your speaking skills. It's scary but incredibly useful🗣
2. Learn to program. Computers will not disappear in the future. Therefore, the ability to handle them is a very good quality for your career in any case👨‍💻
3. Listen to podcasts. They allow you to learn without using the extra time. Therefore, when you work at home or are stuck in traffic, you can explore the widest range of topics🎧
4. Be interested in psychology. It is a discipline that has the best means to understand our own thoughts, actions, and motivations📚. 5. Choose a sporting hobby that you can practice for years 🚴🏻‍♂️. Office work is trying to kill us. Our task is to prevent this.

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It's contest time!!! We've borrowed some supplies from our Mob Barbershop for this one... TRUST US YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS OUT!! Guess how many combs are in the jar! The winner will receive TWO FREE tickets to any one of our escape rooms!!
The rules are simple:
1. Make sure you follow Staten Island Great Escape Room
2. Must Tag 2 friends in your comment
3. Leave your guess in the comment section below!

The winner will be announced on September 15th at 12 pm


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