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Посетили выставку Степана Эрьзя, который долгое время жил и трудился в нашем городе. Его называют "русский Роден". Работал с деревом кебрачо и альгарробо. Художественная школа, в которой учится мой сын, названа в его честь. Всем советуем посмотреть🗿🗿🗿
#эрьзя #выставкановороссийск #музейновороссийска #erzia

Ещё разочек сделаю рекламу бренда #erzia
Просто очуменный кожаный кошелёк в ограниченном количестве😉 изготовлен специально к 140-летию великого скульптора 🗿

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Платье простого кроя - 1000 руб.
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Пальто с утеплителем - 1500 руб.
Комплект белье 2 сп. - 480 руб.
Одеяло пуховое - 600 руб.

This is absolute trash! Sorry it was suppose to be good 🙃🤷🏻‍♀️ #erzia

St. Erzia 'Leo Tolstoy', #erzia


This is absolute trash! Sorry it was suppose to be good 🙃🤷🏻‍♀️ #erzia

I'm currently working on another #erzia edit and it might take me 2 days before I post it because I'm trying really hard to make it good

#erzia #ariamontgomery #love #kiss #prettylittleliars x❤️🅰️💯🌎💙👑💋💜

#pll #ariamontgomery #erzafitz #aria #erza #erzia #pllaria #pllezra #pllezria. Please like and follow me please. Shoutout for shoutout ??

Pretty little liars ❤ eu amo essas duas. .
#andgame #prettylittleliars #aria #hanna #erzia #haleb #a

Ontem no altar

This may be corny and no one gotta read this but I'm going to really miss this show. It made my Tuesday's so much better. This show despite all the drama and A bullshit really went into social issues. It showed us that people can change. It showed us that being yourself isn't a problem. It showed us that no matter what you and another person may go through, friends stick together. This cast was so iconic. I'm going to miss their characters on my TV but I know they will all go on to do bigger and better things. But thank you @lucyhale @ashleybenson @sleepinthegardn @shaymitchell @sashapieterse27 @ianmharding @keeoone @tylerjblackburn @julianmorris @janelparrish @imarleneking for making a beautiful show.
#prettylittleliars #PLLEndgame #pllgameover #erzia #spoby #haleb #emison #wrenkingston #

Awww!! Im crying this is sooo cuuttee!! When i found out ezra and aria broke up on ep24 i died inside.. But seeing this is WHAALLA!!! ❤💜💚💙 credit to @troianxhale !! #binge #netflix #erzia #yass

Ezria😍❤ Just take a look at this adorable couple😍😍


Happy birthday @lucyhale My life wouldn’t be encouraged and touches height of success without your resilience and passion for life inspire me every day. I always follow your moves who teach me better ones. Everyday when i am watching you i leave challenging myself to be a better me, your heart is just as big and special as your talent, be as you are kind, humble and generous person.
Happy Birthday to a true role model You are a truly deserving person, I wish you the double of the best of everything. You are the most irresistible and coolest person. On your birthday do the things you enjoy most happy birthday Lucy. #happybirthdaylittleluce #ariamontgomery #erzia #lucyhale

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