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Not even sorry for uploading another video. It was honestly one of the best nights of my life |-/ #twentyonepilots @twentyonepilots #tylerjoseph @tylerrjoseph #emotionalroadshow #ersadelaide

the best of nights with the best of people #ersadelaide #emotionalroadshow

Please use discretion when you're messing with the message man #twentyonepilots #ersadelaide

emøtiønal røadshøw ❤🖤 @twentyonepilots #ERSAdelaide #AdelaideRoadshow

fun fact: I burnt a hole in these stockings yesterday via hair straightener and that was a secret I kept with me up until now. so if you saw me at the #ersadelaide #AdelaideRoadshow #twentyonepilots concert, there was indeed a hole in the ankle of my stocking but you never knew. crazy

adelaide with my frens. |-/

Hindmarsh, Australia
Entertainment Centre
Wed, March 29, 2017


I HATE PEOPLE I HATE PEOPLE I HATE PEOPLE. Why does everyone have to start shit for no reason. Like honestly who gives a shit grow a pair and if you don't like someone just ignore them it's not that hard.

What TØP song/s help you to
fall asleep/relax?
-personally, hometown (sleepers version) with rain helps me but just hometown in general helps me to calm down

Bby boy 3/3

New theme 2/3

My bby 💖 1/3

My parents surprised me with this beautiful cake for my 16th and it was honestly one of the best cakes I've ever eaten 💕
Also rip the old logo.
-also if you live in adelaide message me if you want a tøp cake I can get you in contact with the creator-

Ded account soz 😬

10 more weeks of school for this year ❤️

{SWIPE} this is so cool, you guys are amazing also most of you are from Houston and my prayers go out to you all 💕💕

Just blessing your feed (shit this is my 100th post)

I'm staying home from school today cuz I'm sick, yay let's procrastinate for another full day I love it.

I'm so inactive yay 😊

GUYS okay!!
So I woke up this morning and was like "I'm so proud the boys won the best rock video WITH HEAVYDIRTYSOUL!!". Then later in the day I saw some youtuber's snapchat story at the VMA's and I checked if they had announce the winners AND THEY HADN'T EVEN STARTED THE AWARDS YET!
Legit this has happened to me before, idk I think I'm psychic or maybe just crazy.

This egg

Hey guys it would be really helpful if you could just comment a few things you enjoy seeing on your feed eg. Memes, confessions, fetus tøp, lyrics, art.
I wanna know what stuff you like seeing so I can post more content that people enjoy.
At the moment I'm just busy with school so I don't post much. But I want to change that and post more but I need to know what stuff you guys like seeing. It would be so helpful if you could just take a minute to leave a comment. Love you all so much 💖💕

I never post SORRY ILY

David dobrik and Liza koshy are coming to vidcon Australia, but it's only coming to Melbourne and I'm from Adelaide. It's pissing me off because the one time they come to my country it's not my state #firstworldproblems

I feel like I don't post enough ugh school is stressing me out so I forget to go on Instagram

'Cause Sunday's are my suicide days'

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