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Check out this gorgeous #VengeanceRoad tote bag! A few of these beauties will be up for grabs via the #RetributionRails preorder campaign, which kicks off this summer. (Stay tuned for details, but if you preorder in the meantime, just hang on to your proof-of-purchase. You'll need it to enter!) 🛤 Art by @sarah_rebtine
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So lovely to finally meet @heyerin last night!! You did a wonderful job moderating last night's conversation and I am so excited to dive into your new book!! ❤️😍😘📚📖 #taken #vengenceroad #erinbowman #booksigning

Only 2 more days till I play @93qsyracuse Summer Jam! What song do you want me to play? 💁🏻💗🎤

Retribution Rails -Erin Bowman | Book Review
*I got an ARC from the publisher for a honest review*
Honestly, I wasn't very excited about Retribution Rails after the end of Vengeance Road. Becuse the end of Vengeance Road was feeling very end. Retribution Rails was companion novel, Erin Bowman said, but I had doubts about that. I was still expecting a re-telling of Vengeance Road, after 10 years later and new two main characters and their own POV.
It was true at the beggining, very similar to Vengeance Road. THEN changed. It was a fast-paced, like Vengeance Road, but better. Erin Bowman improved herself with sensible and strong main characters. And I realy liked that, they didn't play dumbs. Really, I got bored about that in nearly all of the YA books.
I liked Reece and Charlotte and their movements. And the main reasons of author's inspiration. It was like Vengeance Road, but has more reality.
I've got two problems with this book; first the end (not the 'very end' but close); second, the similarity with Vengeance Road- maybe because they were both Western and in the same time line.
If you like Western or liked Vengeance Road(they're both the same but anyway) highly recommend it. If you didn't read anything about Western... Well, you can try it with this series!
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So sweet having Erin Bowman on the show today, literally craziness OnAir! She's doing such big things like having songs on This Is Us on NBC and Hawaii Five-O. Check out her music you will not be disappointed 🙌🏽🙌🏽😁☺️😃 Love artists on the come up like you!!! #LAOnAir #OC104 #ErinBowman

I still can't get over how beautiful the cover for this book is 😍😍😍
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I just love the map in Vengeance Road. I haven't read it yet, but I'm excited too! There aren't many western YA novels and not only the cover but the synopsis peaked my interest☺️
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I "mustache" you a question....
Have you read Vengeance Road yet!?!
Because I finally did! And huueeyy, talk about a fun read!! I mean, who doesn't love a good western with a fierce female protagonist, some quick-action pistols, gold, and a story bent on vengeance???
And, of course, as I say that, all I can picture is Mushu from Mulan:
"Anybody who's foolish enough to threaten our family, vengeance shall be miiiine!!"
Oh, just me?
ANYWHO. I'm hoping to get my hands on Retribution Rails at some point.... it'll be great to continue on the Western track...
PS- Those are my cowboy boots from when I was a wee tot. Hard to believe I still have them!!
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I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on Retribution Rails next month. And how awesome is @heyerin for putting together this lovely pre-order package! 💕 I really love the stickers and signed bookplate. 😊
I was home sick from work today but hopefully I make it through the rest of the week alright. Does anyone have any special remedies that help them feel better??
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Hey bookies!! My review for Retribution Rails by @heyerin is up on my blog! Go click the link in my bio to check it out!!! It would mean a lot to me😊❤️
Also I received my rep package for @mywickoftea and have an unboxing video in my story😉 Every single candle I got smells delicious and you can't go wrong with buying any of them and make sure you use my code BIBLIO15 for 15% off!
Also the 2oz candle in this pic is Camp Half-Blood by @tookishcandleco and it smells amazing😍😍
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I’m going to admit that this book was a total cover-buy 😁 I mean, look how pretty it is! 😍What was a book you totally bought because of its cover? Apart from its cover appeal the synopsis sounds really interesting too and quite unique for YA. It has quite mixed reviews but I’m willing to read it myself and find out what I think 😌 Have you read this?

I hope everyone’s week has got off to a good start! I’ve actually been super productive today. ☺️

Did you know KATE & JESSE is a 70p novella available ✨exclusively✨ to folks who preorder #RetributionRails? There's still time to claim your copy! Just fill out the form on my site (link in bio) and follow instructions there to receive the novella and other cool swag. You have until 11:59pm ET on November 6th to get your entry in!

Friends, if you pre-order #ErinBowman 's newest novel, Retribution Rails, and send in a copy (or screenshot) of your receipt, you get this awesome novella that picks up after Vengeance Road ends. If you love Kate and Jesse as much as I do, do not wait! There are only about three weeks left to preorder and that is the only way to get the novella! 🌵🐎🔥🔫💰

Finished copies of #RetributionRails have arrived and they are drop dead gorgeous! 💙🛤💙 Look for this beauty on shelves November 7th! Maybe I'll see you on tour too (graphic with stops on my profile). And don't forget--there's still time to preorder and enter the preorder campaign to claim lots of swag. Details on my website!

I picked up this book because of how gorgeous it looked. At first I had a little hard time to get into the story... but soon I was taken aback with the characters and the writing. The plot itself started to get very interesting. Now I’m so glad I got this book because it is absolutely amazing ☺️
It’s basically an old Hollywood western. Except the protagonist is a biracial cross dressing woman. And it actually tries to show the lives of Native Americans instead of exploiting it.
Vengeance Road by Erin Bowman is not only a story of revenge... it’s a story of family and trust, of greed and betrayal, of love and heartbreaks 💛
This wonderfully written novel also references one of my favorite classics and the sentiment attached to it made me all giddy and emotional 🌹

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Howdy everyone!
May I show you my current read 😎🌵
I don't know what took me so long to get Vengeance Road by @heyerin but I'm so glad I finally did!
It's seriously so good 😃
I'm about 1/3 in and it's really fast paced and the atmosphere is awesome!
I never though I'd be into Western, but this book seriously got me in the mood to watch some dusty, cowboy, gunslinger movies 😂
Any recommendations?

Day 10 of #godsofoctober17
Leo Valdez - Bad Boy Supreme
I feel like there will be a LOT of those in this book 😎

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First, I have to say again how extremely lucky I was to receive Erin’s last ARC from her at TTBF on Saturday! I’m so blessed to have already been able to read and absolutely fall in love with this FANTASTIC book! ❤️
I will never adequately be able to express just how much I love this book. If I could, I would give it FIFTY MILLION STARS but alas, I had to settle for 5🌟 since that’s the highest Goodreads will go. (Short spoiler free review below!)
With this being a companion novel to Vengeance Road (which if you haven’t read yet, I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend), we get a whole new storyline with new characters but still do get to see some familiar faces. Charlotte and Kate are completely different as our main female protagonists, yet also exhibit the same raw strength and determination. Reece (MY POOR BABE) is so misunderstood and his interactions with Charlotte were some of my favorite parts in the book! Charlotte and Reece are overall such amazingly well written, complex, and strong protagonists. With this being 10 years after the events of VR, Erin did thorough research to encompass the new technologies (the introduction of the railroad system plays a major role!) of the time and ideas for her plot in RR.
Again, I cannot speak highly enough of this book (and VR) so whenever November 7th comes around, do yourselves a favor and go pick up a copy!

"Help is light years away." 🚀 Feast your eyes on the just-revealed cover for CONTAGION, my sci-fi thriller out July 2018 from HarperTeen! For more info about the book and to learn how the cover art came to be, be sure to check out the interview linked in my bio!
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There is no such thing as posting too much about your underrated faves! If you haven’t checked out Vengeance Road yet, I HIGHLY suggest you do! 🐴 It’s full of action, bad-assery, revenge, deception, and yes, even some romance!
I finally started RR a few hours ago after a busy day of family stuff. I’m only just over 100 pages in and I am already IN LOVE! I’m just so so so happy that I was lucky enough to get Erin’s last ARC yesterday because I was dying for more in this Western world after finishing VR!

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