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Soy un mentiroso #huyaaa#erickcruz 2017..

Rest in Paradise my nigga! Honored to do this on your moms! RIP to a trill ass homie i know gods with you #RIPslick #MoneyHungry #ErickCruz

Pool day🏊🏻‍♀️!! Starting the week with the right paw!! 🍣🐾 💜Happy Monday everyone💜#daycare #erickcruz #erickcruzhotelanddaycare #dogsofinstgram

Pinta para casa llena 😉👌 #ErickCruz Esta Noche en #RioNilo De Fullerton
#ElDeLaBarba #PrivilegioMarketing

"Todo lo que necesitas es Amor y un Perro" visitando #ErickCruz #DogLover

Fierro Plebes 😉👌
mañana Nos Vemos En Santa Rosa Ca. En " Casa Del Mar " Animo! Y Puro #ErickCruz
#ElDeLaBarba #PrivilegioMarketing

Lla estan advertidos no fallen #erickcruz


La musica El mejor alimento para El Corazon #erickcruz #oroverde.

Con mi compadre #carlossantana #erickcruz El rey de la guitarra

Pure power of will 🙌🏼🤣😜🐾

Vacations at paradise!

Max loved his fitst massage at the petspaw!

Post de MAMA ORGULLOSA!! Para todos los seguidores del pequeño Aquiles!! Aquí les dejo un día de Cole en @erickcruzhotelforpets Yo más que feliz, agradecida y tranquila de que me lo cuiden así todos los días mientras no estoy en casa!! Gracias!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
#bulldoglife #doglife #daycare #dogdaycare #erickcruz #aquiles #englishbulldog #learning #mibebe #dog #bulldog #bulldogmoments #proudmom #dogmom #bulldogmom #inlove #furbaby

Who let Lukas out?! 😎🐶

Luna's Spaw: complete 💯✔💖


Friendship isn't about whom you have known for the longest...it's about who came and never left your side 🐾♥️👣

5 facts about the Golden Retriever: ↘️
1️⃣ Ready to rescue: Golden retrievers have been incredible assets to search and rescue teams, hunters, and trackers. Not only great guides, they function as service and therapist dogs. If you question a golden’s intellect, you might be the one with half a brain. 2️⃣Natural born swimmers: Golden retrievers are instinctively fond of the water. This means that they’ll take your game of fetch into the pool or pond and burn off their energy with a water workout. Dog lovers who also relish days at the beach or lake, this one’s for you! 3️⃣ Cross-species compatible: The golden doesn’t just get along well with human families, but also socializes well with other animals. Whether you’re on a farm or at the local dog park, a golden retriever won’t be the angry animal causing a ruckus. They’re always looking to make new friends. 4️⃣True companions: This dog isn’t just obeying, snuggling, or licking your face because they know that’s how to ensure another treat. Golden retrievers crave companionship, particularly human attention, and every dog lover knows that kind of reciprocal affection can’t be beat. 5️⃣Real survivors: Although golden retrievers show up in a number of films, the long-suffering Shadow from “Homeward Bound” is a favorite. The recent true story of Murphy, a lost golden found after twenty months surviving alone in a California forest, is equally astounding. When a sighting of Murphy was reported, the family left Murphy’s old blanket at the alleged campsite…and this dynamic dog was found sleeping on it the next morning. Murphy’s memory and incredible endurance says just about everything you need to know about the breed.

If you want to see your dog with a smile as big as Luna's, bring your dog to the daycare 🐶👍🏼😁

Come on guys, one last posing and you will get the cake 🎂 🎉HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kaia 🎉We love you all 🐾

Happy birthday 🎉🎁🎊🎂 ABIGAIL!

What is better than a happy bully? 🐾😍🐾

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