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'Nothing can dim the light which shines from within' -Maya Angelou 📸:@Kelseypagephoto

So happy my first tattoo is honoring 58 beautiful souls that were taken too soon on 10•1•17 💕 @shaaarleen23 thank you so much! #honor58 #route91harvest #countrystrong #ericchurch #whyyouandwhynotme

Smiling cause of Route 91 harvest tour in Vegas this weekend! 4 days of non stop country music? Yes please... #route91 #vegas #lukecombs #ericchurch

Please check out @ericchurchmusic newest song regarding the Vegas shooting, very touching!Link below https://youtu.be/fwDZ8uhqJg0 #prayforvegas #ericchurch #whynotme

Hail to the Chief🤘 #SinnersLikeMe #EricChurch

Owning the path we're walking in #EricChurch

Many of us have that one artist or band that we followed from the beginning, way before they were famous.. the one you were a fan of before anyone even who knew who they were.

For me, that artist was Eric Church. I saw him perform before he even released an album and watched him play in the smallest of back road bars. When I first listened to him, many of his songs were covers of older famous country artists because he didn't even have a ton of his own material yet.
I watched him progress to larger venues, touring like crazy, and slowly gaining mainstream popularity. I saw him grow further and open up for Kenny Chesney, and eventually co-headline with Kenny. All the way now where he selling out football stadiums himself and is among the top.

Following Eric came full circle last night in Nashville. At a bar last night, I saw a singer doing a cover of one of his songs. I had that "moment" where it hit me because here this is a singer who is in Nashville trying "make it". This is an artist, grinding it out playing for tips, in the same stage of his career when I first started following Eric Church... and this new artist is playing covers of the now famous Church to get his name out there and be heard.
It was pretty cool seeing the entire process of the growth of an artist go full circle starting again with a next generation of someone who may one day make it. @ericchurchmusic #ericchurch #ericchurchmusic #country #nashville

“On the day I die
I know where I'm gonna go
Me and Jesus got that part worked out
I'll wait at the gates til his face I see
And stand in a long line of sinners like me” -Chief #ericchurch 📸 @passiontopixels

“If the world comes knocking tell 'em I'm not home, I'm finally holdin' my own”-#ericchurch #family #shesakeeper


Uploading a new country #coversong to #youtube tomorrow night. Any suggestions as to what to make?! #nashville #ericchurch #jasonaldean #jonpardi

Harrison is @ericchurchmusic BIGGEST fan! All he wants to do is listen to him and dance... won't let you listen to anything else... and we aren't complaining! #ericchurch

"Here's to the long line of sinners like me." #ericchurch #country #photoshoot #modeling #Colorado

Street signs up...Wailea and Maui getting ready for the BMI Maui Songwriter Festival.
Nov 29-Dec 2. It’s going to be the best so far.🎉🎶
#bmi #bmimaui #wailea #mauisongwritersfestival #maui #waileamarriott #ericchurch #marenmorris #jonpardi #randyhouser #bobdipiero #edroland @waileamarriott @ericchurchmusic @marenmorris

Poor Chief...cone of shame after surgery today. Listening to his namesake play a concert at Red Rocks (Eric Church). 🎤😻💕 #ericchurch #coneofshame

Yeeaaaah! Looking forward to this gig

I cover my heart with my hat when they fly my red, white and blue
Just like my Daddy taught me
How 'bout you?

Rocking my #ericchurch shirt today! Found it BRAND NEW at the thrift store! I consider that an awesome find! Can’t wait to go to one of his concerts next year! #goodgirlsnevermisschurch #thechief #lovecountrymusic

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