🔄 REPOST @DIPLO: @ericfuckingandre looks like me and @miamatangi had a baby and then he time traveled to the past to tell us to stop using plastic straws and also keep us from marrying Biff Tannen
Also you should go check out MIA's EXCELLENT DOCUMENTARY . Shout out @iheartcomix

TMNT Ice Cream Pin to keep the summer going!

Who #lactating today......
[Seriousl!? who...drinks cow milk? Your not A #cow🐄]
#ericandre the #🐐

Honestly, I wasn’t alive for countless lifetimes and everything was fine then, so dying won’t be any different.. just let me die after red dead redemption drops

Y’all ever think about the fact trump banned the CDC from using the words: science-based, evidence-based, fetus, transgender, diversity, and entitlement. We’re well on our way to a dystopian society folks... in fact regarding my last post, if I come out with a positive test for hiv or Aids ever in my life Imma track him down and spit in his eye.

If my punk rock pilot gets made, I’ll insist that @ericfuckingandre be cast as HR from Bad Brains.
#badbrains #ericandre #punkrock #tvwriting

I identify as machine learning

Never google your symptoms, You’ll end up becoming convinced you’ve got aids like I am rn even though I know I’m probably fine. But
s t i l l

“If you’ve got access to a microphone, please use it to say something.” Thanks to @miadocumentary & @miamatangi for bringing us on to help with their incredible project. Last night was an absolute dream. GO SEE MATANGI / MAYA /M.I.A. Sept 28 #MIADOC
📸: @jacquelineverdugo_

#mood humor is the only thing getting me by at the moment. I don’t think I’ll ever fully resonate with anyone who doesn’t share the same unorthodox sense of humor likewise love of Eric Andre. I don’t know, man @ everything.

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