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Happy halloween! #ereshkigal

#ereshkigal #irkalla #ishtar #allatu #goddess
Peta Babkama Luruba Anaku . . .

ERESHKIGAL CROWN coming to the shop soon! This one might be my favourite crown I've ever crafted! #circleofwolves #ereshkigal #newzealandwitches #darkgoddess #moongoddess

🎶Autopacmanation 🎶
#divitius #ereshkigal #thearcadianparallel

Queen of the Night, the Babylonian goddess Ishtar, or some say her sister Ereshkigal. #ishtar #inanna #ereshkigal #queenofthenight #babylon #owls #dakinis #assyrian #burneyrelief

Got some legs n flowy shrouds here. Soon to be an idol of the goddess of a thousand names.
#hecate #inanna #ereshkigal #Kali #Persephone #cybele

Ereshkigal era uma das grandes divindades sumérias, filha de Anu o antigo senhor do Céu e Nammu, a senhora dos oceanos e irmã gêmea de Enki. O seu nome significa "Senhora da Grande Habitação Inferior" ou ainda "Senhora dos Vastos Caminhos", tal nome indica que é a rainha do inferno, pois "vastos caminhos" tanto como "terras vastas" eram eufemismos para se falar do Inferno, terra cujos caminhos são infindáveis e sem rumo certo. Assim, Ereshkigal é a rainha de Kur-Nu-Gia "A Terra do Não Retorno". Apesar de ser a rainha do inferno e governante dos demônios e dos deuses obscuros, Ereshkigal é uma dos grandes deuses Anunnaki, a quem Anu delegou o dever de ser a juíza das almas dos mortos. Ela é quem julga os casos dos homens e mesmo dos deuses, mesmo depois de já julgados pelo grande conselho dos 12 deuses, como aconteceu com Enlil, quando do seu crime de violentar a jovem deusa Ninlil. © Wicked Dolls com Nanda Barros #iamgodoy #wickeddolls #altmodels #halloween #ereshkigal


The Walk of Inanna
She embrace her fall, her descent of the unknown.
The brakes and the acceleration.
The readiness and the doubt.
Here without her jeweled robes to hold on to,
She was guided by her Shadow.
And walked her paths of broken glasses and charred embers.
Her head held high.
Even the summon of shame lingers
in every gash and bruises.
She rides in the push and pull.
Her demons and her heart.
The urgency to flow with the spin of the world.
And this world whirls within her.
Here she clambers in the abysmal pit.
Her reconcile with her depths.
Picture by fantasyorfiction.tumber.com
#begininemptiness #fall #ignorance #shadowself #breaktheviciouscycle #freedom #freshstart #humility #vulnerability #walkofshame #innerjourney #ajwwords #words #lifejourney #inanna #sumeriangoddess #ereshkigal

Karşı kıtanın sanço pançoları. Her nekadar şu black olayını güney ülkelerine pek yakıştıramasamda bu meksikalı yarmalar işlerini ehliyle yapiyorlar...
Adam bildiğin gırtlağından fırtına sesi çikartıyor hansndhshdbd...
#mexico #ereshkigal #shadowsland #visionariesforhell #black #atmosferic #metal #music #album #goodmusic #instagram #instagood #instavideo #like #likes #likerlike #likeforlike #crow #dasiy #kolumdakuşlar 🐦🌻🍺🍀☕️🍵🎼🎸🤘😈

Scorpio! Had to do it right since it's my favorite ♏ represented by the goddess of the underworld ereshkigal #illustration #astrology #mythology #occultart #artistsoninstagram #ballpointpen #ballpointpenart #bicpenart #instaart #zodiac #scorpio #sketch #pendrawing #instaartist #lilith #ereshkigal #goddess #darkart

Black metal from Mexico.

Ereshkigal: To the underworld. Make the descent.

Part II of The Divine Feminine Awakening Series premieres on Thursday, October 19th @ Mixx360.
Buy tickets here - https://www.rawartists.org/boston #ereshkigal @silaassad #divinefeminine #awakening #makethedescent #1kv #1000virtues #dancers #raw #savor #artists #bostonartists

Going through an Inanna/Ereshkigal phase as the journey continues to unfold. It's not one you ask for, but one that comes to you when it's time. I stayed up late writing but words fail when it comes to an experience that annihilates your entire being.
And in this time little Glo has been coming through like never before...reminding me of my precious gifts and talents. Ahhh! Feeling so much sadness for not pursuing her dreams, all she wanted to do was tell stories through dance... and I can blame the world for getting in my way but it was all self sabotage. ~

It is through the total loss of self
That we see who we are.
To see who we are requires the marriage of self, through thick and thin. We are here for ourselves.

It is a commitment that you have to declare, and it takes the craziest person to make such a vow;
because it is so easy to withdraw from yourself.

It takes courage, trust and love to be with yourself.
And to marry yourself, to make such a promise, is flat out crazy shit to do.

But this is the only way to live for me.
The flat out crazy path.
Because how else can you live your truth moment to moment? How else can you be radically natural?

We are not perfect. None of us.
And that is the beauty of it.
We do not need conformity in this world,
we do not need everyone enlightened in the same way.
We do not need to access God through the same path same doorway.
Each to our own doorway to God.
Each to our own expression of love.

Whole new eyes, whole new world.

And in this new world I DANCE 💃🏻 #youngfrida

Jeden z najbardziej znanych wizerunków bogini Ereszkigal znajdujący się w British Museum. #goddess #queenofthenight #ereshkigal #ereszkigal #witchcraft #bogini #krolowanocy

This is Ereshkigal. I just connected with this energy FULLY tonight. She's an ancient Sumerian/Mesopotamian Goddess. She's sometimes described as a woman in agonizing labor who never gives birth. This Feminine archetype is a woman who experiences the collective consciousnesses agonizing emotional heartbreak constantly. She allows herself to experience the pain fully. The symbol here for me is that for my entire life I've been running away from the raw agony that exists within my solitude. So I manifested relationships, friendships, and sexual partners hoping they could make me forget about it, cover it up, or love me enough so I won't have to feel it, but they did exactly the opposite.They lead me right back to that dark sore loneliness I tried desperately to avoid. I've never been taught to allow pain to exist, I was taught to ignore, suppress, and cover it up. Even in the spiritual community, we're constantly pushed away from our darker emotions, to be more positive, to be more optimistic, to be anything, but to feel these darker sad pits of despair. But this Goddess, She feels DEEPLY and FULLY. The way the Divine Feminine is coming into this reality to help human ascension take place is by putting us in situations where we will no longer have a choice, but to surrender to the agony that's within. When we're in spirit form, we're always connected to source and God and Goddess and everything is always happy,l and beautiful, but we chose to incarnate here to experience everything in physical form that we can't experience in spirit. The good, the bad and especially the ugly. Appreciate and allow yourself to completely digest the pain. Comfort your body through it. Hold space for yourself. Those are labor pains before you give a new birth to yourself. In order to give birth, the woman must surrender to the experience in totality as a force greater than herself that passes through her like an open channel. Surrender to your pain. Nurture it. The only way out, is through.

The bass was reverberating on my back, I was taken down and in. There was fire, blood and fluids. She was there, wearing a mask, tongue wagging, inviting me to dance in the flames. In my self indulgent guilt I apologized to her for how we had debased our sexuality, and abused the gift to the point of our own extinction. She laughed and said "these are my realms, no human can own them. There's nothing to reclaim because nothing was stolen. The fire in the womb never went out. It's always there, ready to burn away your guilt and your shame and your self serving judgement." I stepped into the fire and started dancing. The bass is me and I am free.

#Armada #Khafra #Warsenal #dewofnothing #Ereshkigal #StrikeMaster
Realmente son pocos,pero mios💟💜💝

Sweet Dark Goddess ... always there, always present, never weak, instead your wisdom enlighten my path. People fear you, instead of allowing themselves to know you, to take your hand and embrace the side of themselves they are missing. If I haven't fully embraced my darkness I wouldn't have been able to truly know my light 💛
#darkgoddess #hekate #kali #ereshkigal

She has come to me too, I call her the #Goddess of #death.. she has and is helping me transform my #pain and #darkness into #love and #life.. -me #blessedbe ❤️🔥👁🎆🎶👅⬆️ #rideyoursexy #wholenessiswhoyouare
#Repost @sarahdurhamwilson
This is #Ereshkigal, Dark Goddess 👑 Queen of the Underwold🗡 sister to Inanna. She holds the pain of the world, the shadows in human nature we have repressed since we buried the Goddess underground at the dawn of Patriarchy. **
She is the wise woman she is the witch she is the fertile wise deep darkness we have denied in ourselves that has wreaked havoc on our lives. As we repress our shadow into the earth of our bodies we repress it into the earth. It boils up & over & now the Dark Goddess rises in fury the way Sally Kempton describes the fury of Kali & Mother Earth, the victim who rises & fights back. ** Ereshkigal demands we face our selves & turn our wounds into wisdom & our wisdom into gold, healing for ourselves & the world. This is the work of the heroine: the path of the sacred healer, the witch. **
7 years ago in the aftermath of my Saturn Return I awoke as a Daughter of the Earth. But I was still an unhealthy Maiden, I was tempestuous, dramatic, selfish, vain, dependent, fantastical & reactive. I could not hold my center / my throne in times of chaos or temptation. Ever so often I tantrumed beneath it.
I waited for others to guide & lead.
The Teachings of #Inanna offers the #Medicine of the Mother #Awakening, where the daughters of the earth become Mothers to the Earth.
We rise now to guide & lead.
As we heal the wounds of our own body we rise to heal the wounds of the world. **
The only way to change the word is to change ourselves. **
Inanna & Ereshkigal hold you through your rebirth for the earth. The Goddess used to whisper "hush, don't rush." She now urges, "don't hush & please rush." **
Empty the vessel of your body & let the Great #Mother fill it with her #strength & #wisdom." From @sarahdurhamwilson

Buen día a todos, hoy le deseamos un feliz cumpleaños a @Katereshkigal #Ereshkigal que después de una larga recuperación a vuelto para seguir con este sueño llamado #RollerDerby. 👑👑👑💪🎆 💜💜 Gracias por esa buena energía y esas ganas de seguir adelante, un abrazo grande de tu familia roja. 🌼🌌 #RRQdeCorazón #SiempreQueens

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