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SOLD. Barely a few days in the market and this 4rm unit pin Woodlands is officially taken.

Time for the owners to upgrade to a bigger space, nearer to parents. Lets see whats in the market.


Whats The Property Hype in Yishun Now? *** SIGNATURE EXEC CONDO *** ✔ Prices as low as $583,500
✔ Housing Grants of up to $30,000 avail
✔ Visit the actual site to have a better feel

The best part about this Exec Condo is that it has just obtained TOP! There are available units ready for immediate move-in. So, you dont have to wait!

Call me at 92388568 for any queries and for your free calculation :) #propertywithsofian

~ Hard Work; Satisfaction; Achievement ~

Give my best to all my Clients for one reason - they place their trust in me for a huge life changing decision.

Only through hard work and giving the best to my clients will I get the best satisfaction and sense of accomplishment. The smile on their faces at the end of the day tells me that it's all worth the hard work and sometimes, the extra hard work! Haha!

This I will continue to do - providing the best advice and solutions for every client's housing needs.

So a BIG FAT SINCERE THANK YOU again to all my Clients for believing in me. You guys are the reason behind my achievements.

And also, with this mid year review, it is timely to thank again my bosses at #ERASynergyPowerhouse Adi Mesti Jadi I and Rahayu Shariff plus my best manager Azmi Julie for their selfless and endless sharing and guidance throughout. Every single day is a learning process with here. It's only apt for me to dedicate my achievements to you guys too!



I remember the animation movie called The "Incredibles". Now we seems alike.... #rossaffa

Amidst a 2-day course at HDB Hub, managed to squeeze in 4 HDB completions for my clients along the way. ✔ Sale of 4rm flat in Punggol ✔ Sale of 4rm flat in Hougang and purchase in Punggol ✔ Sale of 3rm flat in Bishan ✔ Purchase of 4rm flat in Sengkang

Glad that all transactions went through smoothly. Thank you my dear clients!


Punggol Lovers! 5 room for SALE!
@ 638A Punggol Drive 💥 Low floor corner unit
💥 Approximately 110sqm
💥 Spacious layout 💥 Directly opposite Horizon Primary School 💥 Besides E-bridge Pre-school 💥 Near Kopitiam & 7-Eleven 💥 Simple unit, easier to renovate. 💥 Asking $390,000. NEGOTIABLE!
Call/SMS me to arrange for a viewing!
HP: 93840942
Nona Kirana ERA
ERA Realty Network Pte Ltd
#TeamNona #nonaejenrumah

Two sales listings SOLD! ✔ 4rm at 437 WOODLANDS. Owners will be upgrading to a 5rm or EA flat. Lets comb the market and see whats good for them! ✔ 5rm at 336C YISHUN.

Thank you dear clients for the trust. Any property queries? Call me at 92388568 :) #propertywithsofian

~ Selling one HDB flat and Purchasing Two Private Properties ~

CONGRATS to my clients for going for it! They sold off their HDB flat and purchased two private properties. One for own stay and the other for investment.

And after much consideration and discussion, they decided to book a 1+1 Bedder unit at QUEENS PEAK, located just just beside Queenstown MRT. Great development at a superb location with great investment prospect.

How did they do it? Will you be able to make the same move without touching your savings? Hit me up at 92388568 for a discussion.



Am blessed to be recognised in the Top 3 New Achievers Award category. Congrats to all Winners



Today I attended the 1st Division Director meeting since the promotion. ERA also awards the Top 100 achievers monthly. Congrats achievers. 👏👏👏 Looking forward to better & exciting things that's up & coming, in shaa Allah.


HDB 1st Appointment in Progress❗️Alhamdulillah, my 1st Timer Buyers managed to make it this Far. This is a case of a 2nd HDB Loan by the Wife but we SUCCESSFULLY appealed for the waiver so they no need to pay $50,000+ cash to HDB. Now they can look forward to their Key Collection soon ☺️ My Buyers Enjoyed:
🔸5mins walk to MRT
What a Good Buy❗️ ☎️ 9068 8244
Nazri Baobed ERA
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Spent 2 hours today for a contra case! Selamat ada baby comel ni to keep us occupied. I soooo gerammmmm! Cannot take it!!!! 😍 #nonaejenrumah #nonakiranaERA #ERASynergyPowerhouse #TeamNona #ERATop10thAchiever #ERATopNewAchiever2015 #kakakkakakejenrumah #mystorysg 21.8.17

R.I.P. Jerry Lewis.
I grew up with his comedy way back in the 80's.


Alhamdulillah! After exactly 7 days of marketing, this unit with such an awesome location is optioned! Many manyyyyy buyers came for a first and second viewing. But rezeki my Sellers that we managed to close this deal very quickly at a reasonable price. It's been a long day for me. Notice my two budak baik behind? They followed me for a second viewing and we had dinner at Bukit Panjang Plaza. Then buyer called me to make an offer. I negotiated between sellers and buyer. Then zoomed back to the unit to close the deal. This is the life. Hangkut satu keluarga pergi buat closing. 😂 But anything for my clients!!!! Cos I appreciate your faith in me! 😘 Alhamdulillah. Time to go shopping! If you have a nice 5 room flat at Senja Link for Sale, please text me at 93840942 Ok! #nonaejenrumah #nonakiranaERA #ERASynergyPowerhouse #TeamNona #ERATop10thAchiever #ERATopNewAchiever2015 #kakakkakakejenrumah #mystorysg 20.8.17

Alhamdulillah! After many rounds of "shopping" my buyers have finally decided on a beautiful driver facing 3-bedder at Kingsford Waterbay! I am sooo excited and happy for them because initially they wanted to purchase an EC. But after much assurance, with detailed calculations on their mortgage management, they are ready to stretch and take the leap of faith! Condominium units are private housing and my buyers can do much more with their property as compared to an EC, which needs 10 years before it becomes a Private condo status. And dah jodoh! The unit they wanted was reserved by somebody but was eventually released while we were at the showflat. Facing the river lehhh. Everyday also macam at a resort!!! 😍 So yeayyyyyyyyy! Congrats! You and your family truly deserve this upgrade! 😘 #nonaejenrumah #nonakiranaERA #ERASynergyPowerhouse #TeamNona #ERATop10thAchiever #ERATopNewAchiever2015 #kakakkakakejenrumah #executivecondominium #kingsfordwaterbay #mystorysg 20.8.17

Good Afternoon Everyone❗️I am here with my Buyers for Inspection. Alhamdulillah, smooth sailing so far, looking forward to their Key Collection in 2 DAYS❗️ ☎️ 9068 8244
Nazri Baobed ERA
#ERASynergyPowerhouse #inspection #resale #pmkasut #agentmeowmeow #agent #realtor #purchase #property #HDB #90688244 #nazribaobed

Earlier today
EA unit for SALE!!!
Blk 223 Pasir Ris St 21
Superb Renovated unit.
Only 4 units per storey.
Let's view and appreciate the unit & atmosphere of the area.
Amenities nearby
Near to 24hrs Giant, wet market, Pasir Ris Community Centre, Pasir Ris Neighbourhood Police Centre.
Pasir Ris Pri & Greenview Sec School.
Asking $660,000/-. For any enquiries
Feel free to call/sms/watsapp
Sedah Tentu Ardi Rohman
@9699 9419
Cea. no R019465H
ERA Realty Network Pte Ltd.

Jalan-jalan carik condo! Symphony Suites at Yishun! This project has one of the lowest psf around! A 3-bedder premium apartment from $985,000 only! High floor some more! Served 2 sets of buyers today. One is considering to purchase a smaller unit just nice for herself and her son. Another is a first time buyer who sees potential in purchasing a Condo instead of an EC.. If you are keen for an upgrade, let talk! 93840942 😎 #nonaejenrumah #nonakiranaERA #ERASynergyPowerhouse #TeamNona #ERATop10thAchiever #ERATopNewAchiever2015 #kakakkakakejenrumah #mystorysg 19.8.17

THREE cases of selling and buying this evening. ✔ First one is a case of wanting to sell and move nearer to parents. ✔Second one is a case of selling above 55 and downgrade to a smaller fully paid unit. ✔Third case is to sell current flat under mother and son, then son to buy a resale flat with wife. Alhamdulillah. I'm blessed to have been given the opportunity to meet many many many people from all walks of life. I have to thank my social media followers for their trust in me. Thank you for giving me this chance to be able to assist you. Tanpa sokongan dan kepercayaan anda, siapalah saya. Hehe. 😊 Anyway kalau you all nak jual beli rumah atau Mak Bapak you all yang nak jual beli rumah, call me ok. Buat appointment awal-awal untuk elak sebarang kekecewaan ye. 🙈 93840942 . Terima kasih! 😘 #nonaejenrumah #nonakiranaERA #ERASynergyPowerhouse #TeamNona #ERATop10thAchiever #ERATopNewAchiever2015 #kakakkakakejenrumah #mystorysg 18.8.17

🏠 Rumah Impian Anda Bermula Dari Saya 👱👶Brothers for life

My Boys, my Silent motivators 🏃


zamryMaX ERA
Senior Marketing Director
ERA Top 200 Achievers 2015
ERA Asia Pacific Winner 2015
Synergy Powerhouse Division Top 20 agent 2015,2016

Common mistakes of first-time homebuyers! -
In fact, these mistakes are done by even those who are not buying their house for the first time. To overcome this, you need to ensure that you are following the right procedure and keep an open mind.
If you need assistance in your housing matter, you may contact me @ 9459 2866. I will be more than happy to assist you.
Do like and share this video to your family and friends! Check out my Facebook page (link in bio) for more updates! -
Firdaus Z
9459 2866

Alhamdulillah, another 1st appointment completed. Client doing contra, upgrade to a 4rm flat in Yishun. 6 weeks to 2nd appt & I know our client tak sabar nak dapat rumah baru hehe. Glad to serve them coz they are nice client to handle.
Yesterday 1st appt, client bought unit in Yishun, today 1st appt, client sold & bought unit in Yishun. Yes, now we have 1 more unit, very new unit in Yishun on sale. 4A Blk 442 Yishun Ave 11. If u need more detail or want to view this new unit in the market, calling calling ok. ✅SELL ✅BUY ✅RENT ✅ HDB ✅ EC ✅ PTE
AgentWOW - ready to assist
Halmi Sukor @ 81802808
Sharifah Kamariah @ 96553710
Division Director
ERA Top 174 Achievers 2015
ERA Asia Pacific Elite Award 2015
ERA Million Dollar Club
ERA Synergy Powerhouse Division

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Personal coaching with Ejen FHM. Fairos Hitam Manis. Polishing on his contra case knowledge. Most clients opt for contra as it is a much cleaner and smoother process for selling and buying. Clients sell and buy simultaneously. A good agent will ensure the process is seamless so as to make the transition for our clients a much more pleasant experience. Nak jual beli? You can call FHM! 👍 #TeamNona #kakakkakakejenrumah #abangabangejenrumah #nonaejenrumah #nonakiranaERA #ERASynergyPowerhouse #ERATop10thAchiever #ERATopNewAchiever2015 #mystorysg 17.8.17

DOUBLE Property Consultation to end the night. Alhamdulillah, it was a busy and VERY Fruitful Wednesday, insyaAllah, more come 😉

Case 1:
Wants to Sell and Buy due to Personal Reasons. CAN THEY DO IT❓Upon Detailed Financial Calculation, Unfortunately they are facing a Negative Sale and may have problems in Purchasing. Therefore, NOT ADVISABLE to proceed.
Case 2:
Wants to Sell and Buy due to Financial Constraints and solve a very big headache they are facing. BIG Family. CAN THEY DO IT❓Upon Detailed Financial Calculation, they can. Contra also can. This will not be a straightforward case as they need to Appeal to HDB Branch and another Appeal for a HDB Loan. One Step at a Time... So how was your Wednesday❓ ☎️ 9068 8244
Nazri Baobed ERA
#ERASynergyPowerhouse #consultation #resale #pmkasut #agentmeowmeow #agent #realtor #buy #sell #rent #property #HDB #90688244 #nazribaobed

It's been a reallyyyyy longggg dayyyyy. Super exhausted. But that's what makes me a highly driven self-employed individual. It's not easy because we don't have fixed working hours. I don't want to paint rosy pictures for those who are keen to be successful in this industry. It takes alot of effort and also passion. I love what I'm doing and despite the long hours, it's always a joy to serve my clients. Alhamdulillah. I'm thankful for what Allah has given me. This level of endurance and determination to always want to be the best. From going for a doctor's appointment, to HDB appointments, to spending a bit of time with my boys after they are done with school, to bringing my buyers around for home shopping, to showing tenants around at my landlord's unit... It's been crazy. But sooooo worth it! 💪🙈💆‍♀️ #nonaejenrumah #nonakiranaERA #ERASynergyPowerhouse #TeamNona #ERATop10thAchiever #ERATopNewAchiever2015 #kakakkakakejenrumah #mystorysg 16.8.17

"Knowing trees, I understand the meaning of patience. Knowing GRASS, I can appreciate persistence"

While waiting for my appointment, managed to catch a wonderful creation of the Almighty. SubhanAllah.

#effandetiptop #HDBsquaremetre #ERASynergyPowerhouse #agentrumah #jual #beli #believeinyourself #selfmotivation #fun #positivevibes #syukur #alhamdulillah

2 clients having their 1st appointment today.
One of them sold their 3 1/2 room flat in Bedok & bought a fully paid 2 room flat in Bedok too.
The other client bought a 3 room flat in Yishun, viewed 1 hse only & bought it.
Alhamdulillah, smooth transaction for both.

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