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Overpriced on eBay but I couldn't resist adding these mini erasers to my collection... they're like Pokémon, gotta catch 'em all! Wish I would've found these when they were in store and cheaper/could've grabbed more!

Erasers from dubai UAE😍😍

What? So I have a problem with erasers. Everyone has their thing. #nss2017 #erasersaddict

the #cactus🌵 #succulent #erasers are just the right size for 1:3 & 1:6 scale dolls 🤓

Update : its finished and up on my TPT store, link in profile!

Swipe left to see more. Currently working on... summer measurement activities with these adorable mini erasers! I'm making paper rulers if people weren't able to get their hands on the erasers (took me a lot of begging to get some). Question - do I include the rainbows as a "ruler", they're smaller than the other 2? And also, this helper cat is making my legs go numb!


Erasers from dubai UAE😍😍

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