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Hand VS. Grenade!
This patient was rushed to the hospital with an injury that most of us have only seen on the TV.
The incidence occurred in close proximity to the patient, who suffer large lacerations and comminuted fractures but fortunately some vital structures remained intact, leaving the possibility of reconstruction still available to save his hand.
Hand grenade blast injuries can cause singular or multiple organ injuries, they are complex to approach and involves various surgical disciplines and extensive radiographic imaging to identify the extent of the damage.
This emergency situation is dealt by stabilizing the patients vital signs followed by an extensive reconstructive surgery to allow the patient to regain a proper range of motion, either partial or full.
Photo by @steph.bltji

💥 Happy Saturday 💥
Mindset Reset
This past week has been a test. One I don't think I did so well on. After spending six plus hours in the ER, no longer really being able to use my leg, and no actual help to get better; I really feel defeated. 😔

I'm pretty good at faking it till I make it and while I usually find the positive in most instances, I've been really struggling with that this week. This is me after a long day of pain 😶

Well; it's time to reset and change my mindset. It's ok to have slip ups, fall down, or have a set back, as long as you get back up. 🤙🏼
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Turn away if you're squeamish😱 well, today we braved the Tulip festival at thanksgiving point and yes it was pretty. And no I won't be back. My kids didn't give a rip about the flowers and I was plowing through people with my stroller, infant baby, toddler son and invalid 4 year old who injured her foot yesterday. On our way out, Ari was sitting backwards in Treyu's car seat in the stroller (my fault) and the weight of his body pulled the car seat down over the stroller and he nailed his head on the asphalt. What you see is what I saw. I thought it was internal bleeding and was so concerned. Adanna was bawling out of fear and it was next to impossible to comfort her when Ari is spewing blood all over me. Gratefully my sister was with me and I dumped four kids on her and drove through the turning lane for like a mile in between bumper to bumper cars going both ways-I probably saw 5 middle fingers🖕🏼🙄) I was worried about concussive symptoms and after looking a little better, I knew he had a gaping hole in his mouth. His bottom lip was stuck in between his teeth. I literally had to pull his lip up and out from his teeth-it was lodged! Sad day. Why does no one run to you in the ER like they do in the movies? I was the only soul in the waiting room while the silly receptionist was asking for my address and phone number and blah blah blah. I get that they need it, but my kid needed attention and I was getting torqued off. I was begging for ice for his head and a pain killer but it took forever for a nurse to come. And no, it was not busy. The parking lot was empty. They had to sedate him and sutcher his lip and I felt so bad. It puts things into perspective quickly😔 it was really odd seeing him sedated because he was GONE-I didn't like it. Anyway, he's in good spirits, lip is stitched and he got some ice cream. Never again tulip festival. I am exhausted. Over and out. #theboyefamilyjewels #er#tulipfestival#thanksgivingpoint#blood#stitches#sutchers#hospital#doctors#nurses#lehi#toddler

مايحلي دوامي الا زملاء الدوام من كل التخصصات ... ياخي كل اللي بمستشفانا عسل😬💙
المهم بالنسبة لسؤال السناب:
موقف جريئ سويته بدوامك سواء ك طالب او ك موظف ☠️ أتحفونا
#hospital #er #emergencyroom #greysanatomy

Primeiro dia aqui no @sescpinheiros com a turnê #CoisasDoMeuImaginário e participação ilustre de @lenineoficial! Obrigado a todos que colaram, amanhã e domingo tem mais! Ingressos esgotados 🙌🏿 #ER

Semoga hari ini tidak ada pasien IGD.. Semuanya sehat sentosa damai sejahtera aman tentram.. #doctoronduty #ER


Last night in the RE

#er #emergancyroom #pain #hospital

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Уважаемые подписчики
Напоминаю вам, что до окончании предсезонной скидки осталась совсем считанные дни😮 успейте забронировать свою дату!
28-30 апреля офис не работает (мы на выезд.оформление свадьбы )
Торопитесь🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 #erkemustafa_decor

"The eyes 👀 confess in silence the secrets of the heart ❤️" #JE #mc #lmc #ER #JR 💫✨

Defiantly not how I wanted to start my week. #hospital #ER #possibleappendixproblems

Hands up who's been through these doors at some point in their life? 🙋🖑🙌 #goodbyePMH #helloPCH

Today didn't quite go as planned... gashed my leg open while at the gym this morning and ended up at the ER for several hours to get stitched up. Spent most of the day on the couch but still got my meal prep in thanks to my amazing girlfriend who took care of my meal prepping for me. She was there every step of the way today.

Mud season work got me all like
#worklife #graveyardshift #work #er #boring

我不想看診 只想躺床休息 - 請問急診是旅館嗎?
我不想看診只想拿藥 - 請問你知道外面有藥局這種店嗎?
走著進來 打點滴時問可否幫忙倒水 - 請問你是在餐廳嗎?啊你要給我服務費嗎?
為什麼急診要等的跟門診一樣久 - 你第五級的前面3級的都沒說話你在靠貝什麼?
你家人發燒 別人就沒有不舒服嗎?
檢傷分類的號碼牌你跟我說為什麼檢傷完不是照那順序看診的 請問有事嗎?那請問你懂為什麼看急診一開始要檢傷分類嗎?
在怎樣也要有常識好嗎?! 健保完全養出一堆廢人😤自以為有錢來看醫生就是大爺哦!
#ER #work #erlife
#一瓶飲料從上班喝到下班還沒喝完 #춘추이허 #比想像好喝

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