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Bandagen on fleek 🐴 welcome to @equestriandagobertshausen 😻 Wölbchen und Canto sind gut angekommen und haben sich direkt wohlgefühlt. Mir wurde für das Shooting mit @equest_by_hoelscher ein eigener Pfleger zur Seite gestellt und mir war ziemlich schnell klar dass ich ihm ganz genau auf die Finger schauen werde und in Sachen grooming alles aufsaugen werde was ich kann 😂 Ich dachte immer ich wäre penibel aber das was Stefan hier zaubert ist next level 😻 Wölbchen und Canto stehen unter dem Solarium, werden gekrault, umsorgt und gepäppelt wo es nur geht. Ich bin restlos begeistert und freue mich wahnsinnig auf die Tage 🐴💕 Trense by @stuebben_eu #testprodukt #anzeige #equestrian #equine #horses #perfection #wölbchen #canto #ponyliebe #groom #grooming #perfectcare #loveit #impressed #beauty #dagobertshausen #luxury #happy

Brownies on tour!! 🇳🇱..👉🏻..🇫🇷 #enslooptweertetrollen #trollenkoning #armemachie #france #soon

Heart Horse. Best Friend. Teammate. Soulmate. Adventure Buddy. Partner in Crime. Keeper of Secrets.
. . .
Today marks 4️⃣ years with my most special friend, and here is a compilation of our progress throughout the years from Beginner Novice to Preliminary. We have made some slight improvements since Oct 17, 2013 (😜), and as the jumps grew a whole lot bigger, so did our confidence and trust in each other. When I bought him, I never imagined he would be my Prelim horse, but he took me to my first ever horse trials (BN at Galway 2014), and from there we completed our first Novices, AECs, Trainings, T3Ds, and Prelims together. And since this season got cut short, in Year 5️⃣, we will aim for our first FEIs.
. . .
Our journey has not been without struggles, but every moment with him has taught me something. He is my best friend and partner of a lifetime. From the moment I met him, I knew he had to be mine forever. In our future, I see many more adventures and goals being met with Louie eventually retiring in my backyard, where he is now, as a spunky little old man pony ❤️
. . .
Check out my stories for more throwbacks of our 4 years together 👆🏻_______________________________________________________ 🎶: Beautiful Trauma by P!nk #usequestrian #jointhejoy #hearthorse

This was the very end of my lesson from the last two posts. This ended up being one of my favorite rides ever. After a pretty grueling lesson I finally felt that things were coming together. For the first time, Willa and I truly clicked and I got a glimpse of how our future would be.
It was a beautiful day; it was warm but raining lightly. I'll always remember it.


Neli iludust ❤️🐴 📸:@tartu_ratsakool

Another fun weekend at the Carolina Horse Park!

🎀Since I haven’t posted any Interior Pics lately and got these gorgeous pink flowers yesterday I decided to use this post for a very important and serious cause🎀 We probably all have either suffered ourselves or seen loved suffer from cancer.. All the more reason to spread the word and support Mika from @rideagainstcancer 🎀 and lovely @nicolabaur 🎀and to stand together and fight cancer in any way we can🎀💪🏼 #pinkoctober #weridetogetherwefighttogether #raiseawareness #spreadthelove #rideagainstcancer #cancersucks #pink #breastcancer #awareness #breastcancerawareness #cancerawareness #equestrian #interior #love #flowers #dalia #saddlesandstories #flowerstagram #interiordesign #horselove #pferdeliebe #saddlesandstories #rosa

Keys are locked in the car again 🙄

Fast ein halbes Jahr mit dir ❤💍

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