okay so, there has been something going on between k-army’s and black army’s. so apparently a girl sent a picture of her w/ BTS in a group char. and so, one of the people in the group chat has edited the photo and made her look white. for me, that would’ve hurt me so bad. because my culture is asian ( filipino ) . if someone were to that to me i’d be pissed, and i’d fall into deep anxiety / depression because people don’t accept for who i am. i mean, yeah we may look different, speak different, and act different, but we’re still humans. we’re all humans aight. there’s nothing wrong with being human. God made us all different and unique, we won’t all look the same so don’t expect that other people will be alike to you. if you don’t like someone keep it to yourself. don’t try to start a commotion because it’ll get out of hand. so to the k-army’s out there, please stop being racist. and no, not all of the k-army’s are, there are just some certain people. BTS loves us all equally, remember that k-army’s, international army’s, & black army’s. and army’s love them all, including you equally. 💗✨ #blacklivesmatter #blackarmysequality #bts2018 #bts #love #equallyloved

I love my momma and my sister equally so I sat on both of there blankets 😸👌🏼😽#equallyloved #chicagoheat #summercats #family #funnylove #chicagocats #blackcatsrule #catfamily🐾 #Thekittysday😻chicago #TashiandAroura

I just realized that the ratio of Abigail vs Sydney pictures that I have posted is very uneven. Mostly because Abigail is obsessed with me so it’s easier to take hers. So here is two of my Sydney bear 💞🐻 #nofilterneeded #fairness #equallyloved #sofluffyimgonnadie #tortiseshellcats #lifeofsydney #bff #love

To wake up to this beautiful message! Thank you sweetness! I won’t post who wrote it because my other students might feel bad. Protecting children’s feelings is, I guess, a part of being a fair ‘mother’. I love to remind my students that they already have a mother, and she is unique and no one can replace her. I’m just happy to be a part of their journey and to be thought of in such a loving manner! #loveallofmystudents #equallyloved ♥️

"Equally loved
Equally valued
Made in God's image

Thank you @elysienn for this beautiful design and thank you my Messiah family for giving me a second home. This was the perfect way to spend the last night of sophomore year.

#equallyloved #equality #equallyvalid #lgbtrights #lgbtsafeplace #allies #messiahcollege

I just want to say that I am very proud of all my babies, each in their own path have reached accomplishments, and I love them all equally, even though they might think I have a favorite, it’s not the case ( @maddlovee @_dgiii_ ) I show them my love differently because they are each different and unique... with that being said: today, I would like to celebrate my Noemi, she works very hard to excel academically but she also works hard to play sports and she was recognized for her hard work yesterday!! I love you my babies, I love you Mimi and keep on going!! #ilovemybabies #mymimi #proudmama #nofavorites #equallyloved #congratulationsmimi #blessedmom

Funny how some people just don’t get this or choose not to accept it.
#familyiseverything #acceptanceornot #treatpeoplehowyouwanttobetreated #loveourkiddos #equallyloved #alwaysandforever ♥️

My baby is officially bald! 😭
Off topic but.. I thought for sure I could never love another child as much as I loved Luke. Luke was my whole world for 4 years. He was my most prized possession. In my heart, the sun rose & set because of him. It was something I struggled with through my whole pregnancy. I never talked about it because I was embarrassed of my feelings. I worried I just wouldn’t have that “spark” for Ryan. Then Ryan came. Just ask Mark, this baby OWNS me! He just made my heart bigger! My love bigger! I love him so much. I actually hold him wayyyyy more than I did Luke, I baby him constantly, & I could almost cry just looking at him sometimes. Mark already says he’s a mama’s boy & I’m going to ruin him because I baby him so much. But I can’t help it! I see things so differently now - the sun rises because of Luke & it sets because Ryan. #equallyloved

Riding in style

Before saying "I do" abroad, consider these #destinationweddings tips.
1. Knowledge Is Key — Know Before You Go.
2. Send Your Save-the-Dates and Invitations Extra Early.
3. Make Travel as Easy and Smooth as Possible for Guests.
4. Be Clear and Transparent About All Costs.
5. Offer a Range of Lodging Options for Guests.
6. Lighten the Gift-giving Load.
7. After the Festivities, Plan to Get Away Gracefully.
Are you envisioning a romantic destination wedding on the beach? Share your comments below👇🏼

Here's to my Mama, as well as your Mama, their Mama, her Mama, his Mama, anyone's Mama. Happy Mother's Day!! Me love you long time ❤😁 But I'm sure you don't really care cos I am THE middle child after all. You know, the non-existent one. The one who puts in the most effort. But who cares ey. "A man has no name. A man is no one." Anyway, I just hope I look as beautiful as you when I grow up hehe 😊 Love you Mummy - The Invisible, Best Looking, Responsible, Talented Middle Child x

We adore love in any form. Congrats on your marriage! 💕May the years ahead be filled with lasting joy!

We love how the pearls accessories complete the bridal look…Simply Elegant!

Melissa and Natalie's rustic chic barn wedding was photographed by one of our preferred photographers, @loveintheory, and held at one of our preferred venues, @blenheimhillfarm
Florist: All Fresh Floral Inc.
DJ: @inthemix_dj
Invitation: @rollingpress
Attire: @macys, @demetriosbride and @jjshouseofficial
Attendant attire: Lauren by Ralph Lauren, Pea in a Pod, Bloomingdale’s
Videographer: @alekbelanger
Photographer: @loveintheory
Venue + Catering: @blenheimhillfarm
Cake and cupcakes: Cakes and More
Donuts: Catskill Mountain Country Store (@cmcs94)
Officiant: Moyet Maestri
Ceremony aisle decoration: Enchanted Garden
Melissa’s hair: Hair by Shirley
Melissa’s makeup: Diana Kathleen Makeup & Lashes
Natalie’s hair: Mane Street Cutters
Natalie’s makeup: Makeup by Baileigh

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