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"Ladies and Gentlemen" (swipe comic 👉)

We live in a world where Tripple Talaq is still frivolously used to divorce women.

Where women are being pimped & sold in the name of religion, we call them Devdasi's.

They're also being used & abused in the name of more religious scams - Nikah Halala.

A 12 yr old is raped on her way to Independence Day celebrations. Happy Independence to you too. You'll hate Britishers & Chinese & Pakistani's for everything they've done to you - but you fail to see the harm people in your own country cause you. Your blind patriotism is all yours to keep.
Where the people in power think the biggest issues concerning women are our reproductive organs, the ability to afford Sindoor/Bindi tax-free & fulfill our roles as wives & mothers before anything else. #MaternityLeave #LahuKaLagaan

A World where creating human life consists of two but contraceptives are invented only for one. Because obviously.

Where child marriage is illegal but still continues as a cultural tradition.

We look down upon women from lower castes but for Prostitution & Slavery - they're on top of the list.

Where in the name of religion - patriarchy & misogyny is 'protection & care'. Speaking of protection, we cage our women to protect them from Beasts outside, yet most girls are raped by someone in their own family.

Where Marital Rape is NOT a crime.
You speak of a woman's purity & power as of a Goddess, Bharat Maata, Mother Nature - but femininity is looked down upon & the only go-to for humans to insult each other involve them fucking their mothers & sisters.

When do we ever refer to a woman without stating her relationship with a man? She is someone's sister, mother, daughter, wife... A world where we are so busy protecting the strength & power of men, we forget that men too can be sensitive & vulnerable. That not all men are answerable for the well being of an entire family.
So busy trying to suppress women that we overlook the crimes/rapes committed on men cause we're no longer Men vs Women, we're a bunch of human beings fighting a fight to sustain a culture & history that oppresses all of us from being who we choose to be.

Yet you so ignorantly ask, why I need feminism?

#educate #india

My name is Amy Elsegood. I was born with a port wine stain birthmark covering the left side of my face, I was always really shy and insecure about showing my face with no makeup. One day I just thought, you were born like this, there is no reason to be ashamed, so I posted a no makeup selfie and my photo went viral. I now feel comfortable in my own skin and like to use my birthmark to inspire others and teach them that it is okay to be different.
I feel like I've lost myself a bit recently, constantly comparing myself to others on social media, thinking why am I not at that stage yet? Feeling like I'm so behind all my friends, they are all moving forward and I'm at a standstill, why am I not in a successful job with a nice house? But I've come to realize that I'm not the only one who feels like this, we all put so much pressure on ourselves to have the perfect lives because of what we see on social media. You are not falling behind just because you don't have what they have, do what they do or look like they do. They were equipped with the tools they need for their path just as I am equipped with mine! So I'm back with a positive mind and remembering my time will come and so will yours!
Sometimes its hard to be positive when some people can be so negative but I just keep doing what I'm doing and read all the positive comments I get. I just believe that if you do good things for people then good things will happen to you. Just be yourself and the world will love you for you.

Nipples N' nipples. Same same but... (different?) @vitestam.hedda

In case anyone has questions on where I stand ✊🏾. It's time for #equality and #civilrights to be a reality not a #dream#whitesupremacy #kkk #neonazi #altright #trumpsupporters whichever you wish to call yourself, you hold no power over us so the efforts to bleach our existence is futile because #melanin has staining power. #Diversity is the bullet that will end your reign of terror.

Today we take a moment to remember perhaps the most OG Fight Club of them all—the Suffragists, who paraded and picketed, lit bonfires, had fingers broken by police, and were jailed and tormented demanding women be granted the right to vote. It was on #thisdayinhistory that those early crusaders would finally win that right—with the ratification of the 19th Amendment, in 1920—but it would take many more years and many more battles to overturn state laws and policies that continued to disenfranchise black voters. As we remember these early crusaders—as well as those who continue to fight for equality every day—we also remind ourselves: At a time when so much of what we value is under attack in this country, *we will not take our voting rights for granted*. #PSA #VOTE

one last time
i need to be the one who takes you home


We all are equal humans. There is no ethnicity, religion, sexual preference,or gender that is best. #equality #loveoneanother #love #fuckwhitesupremacy #fuckracism #onelove #noracism #unity #diversity

and prohibit
to kiss lips of people the same sex
and they give me a rifle
telling me to shoot people of another faith

This is all that matters. I loved and still love good luck Charlie. I miss watching it for this exact reason. Thank you Disney for this. -🦄
#LGBT #LGBTQIA #gay #lesbian #pansexual #bisexual #transgender #nonbinary #transrightsarehumanrights #trans #lesbihonest #asexual #queer #genderfluid #ace #agender #bigender #abrosexual #FTM #MTF #intersex #loveislove #lgbtsupport #gaypride #demi #pride #equality #goodluckcharlie

When the storm comes, seek shelter from the rain.

#change #changes #storm #equality #one #america #rain #umbrella

I Stand with Yassmin. @yassmin_a #equality #australia

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Happy Feminist Friday! At NYMM we celebrate feminism every day but on Fridays we celebrate it with an empowering quote! Thanks to our design intern, Kianna Gonzalez!

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